'The Dream Machine' Was Supposed to Take One Year to Create. It Took Eight


An adventure game sculpted in clay, cardboard, and dreams has been the passion of two designers since 2010.

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Eight years, my god. I get exhausted and antsy just a few months into a project. I can’t imagine how difficult this must have been to develop, esp considering the slow and tedious work of all that stop-motion animation.


Oh man, I thought Telltale were bad about getting episodes out in a timely manner.

I hate waiting a week for the next episode of the Game of Thrones HBO show. Waiting 2-3 months between episodes of the Telltale game was excruciating until I forgot what happened in the last episode just in time for the next one to come out. I don’t know how fans can remain interested for a year between episodes!?

Well done to these guys for finishing their game though. The Dream Machine sounds interesting, I actually might check it out since there’s a complete experience available.