The Duckfeed Podcast Boix


Are there any other Duckfeed fans in this forum? I adore their weirdo off-topic ostensibly-about-bad-games-but-actually-just-about-life podcast Abject Suffering, and Bonfireside Chat was the thing that got me into the SoulsBorne series after bouncing off of Demon’s twice.

Despite having enough money for decent mics, their network feels very late-nineties-early-aughts indie rock, in that there’s a ton of care and a specific voice running through all of their podcasts but it still feels scrappy and specific to the perspectives of Gary and Kole and the other voices in the network.

(Who is Vicedog?)


I have been listening to Bonfireside Chat for the past year, I was turned onto it when Austin guested for the DSIII season. I really like the rapport between Gary and Kole, even if I don’t always see eye to eye with their views on the game. It seems they may have gotten a lot of negative feedback for their own not so sunny outlook on DSIII and I don’t want to pile on, but I’ve generally enjoyed the game a lot more than they seemed to. I haven’t checked out any of their other stuff - what would you recommend?


I would be stoked to get your reaction for the upcoming final season of Bonfireside Chat, which is going to be a celebration of all of the games in reverse release order, which should wash some of the bitter taste of the DS3 season out of people’s memories!

Watch Out For Fireballs is probably the best produced and most similar stylistically to Bonfireside Chat, but because their grumpier episodes are just one-and-done instead of an entire season, they can be insightful and entertaining instead of just sad and exhausting. And when they’re excited about a game you can’t find a better fan-led deep dive. It feels like a retro games book club.

My actual favorite podcasts of theirs though, are Teenage Dirtbags, which is a REALLY funny discussion on a different nineties-to-early-aughts music video each episode, and Abject Suffering, which spends about 15 minutes being about bad games before digressing into weird earnest sexchat, goofs, and heart-to-hearts.


i’m a recent listener and even though i heard of Bonfire Chat a long while ago, i actually got into them because i was looking for podcasts on Starflight and they did a Watch Out For Fireballs ep on it. Dipping into their other stuff, i’ve really enjoyed Abject Suffering for the reasons listed here so far.

also, what’s with the “who is ‘dog’?” reference? is there a source for that?


It’s the Zoo Race episode of Abject Suffering, which is an all-time great. This episode and the Tom and Jerry episode ( are the two crucial episodes for what little Abject Suffering “lore” that exists.


I reallllly want to get into Duckfeed. I’ve yet to check out Abject Suffering so maybe that’s my ticket?


Abject Suffering is fun. The GameFAQs gold segment is my favorite.

I’ll put a plug in for the Duckfeed patron Slack as the least bad place on the internet.


Monster in My Podcast is one of my favorites, and I think a great first show to check out. Each episode is about about a creature from the 2nd Ed. Monster Manual. They run about 5-10 minutes each, so it’s a pretty low commitment.


I’m a Duckfeed patron! I’m listening to each show a lot less than I used to (there’s been a long strech of WOFF and Bonfireside Chat games/discussions that just don’t appeal to me at all) but I really do like Kole and Gary and hopefully will be more into future discussions.