The, Er, Fallout of Fallout 76


in the sunset-hued safety of the Fallout 76




Somebody get this as a tattoo.


It’s not a bug, it’s secret political theatre about gun control!



Only if it’s accompanied by this picture of Todd b72


The latest mess: it seems that anyone who submitted a support ticket through Bethesda’s site was able to see everyone else’s tickets. Since that’s the system Bethesda was using to handle replacement requests for the collector’s edition bag, those tickets contained stuff like photos of receipts and home addresses.


I was coming in just to deliver this news.

Holy shit. I don’t think anyone else in the industry has fucked up this bad yet this year, and there ain’t much year left. This has been a fucking event.


This is way worse than any of the other shit around this game. But what a trainwreck, just wow.


This is fucked way beyond any of the other messes around this game.
They will need to do more than give out fake currency to set this straight.


48 hours from now: “We are happy reward our loyal fans with 500 Atoms to those in our great community whose credit card and personal information we publicly leaked.”


Remember when the biggest shit in this burger was a simple case of some false advertising? Those were simpler times…


I’m not sure this ranks up there with “years of systemic sexism and transmisogyny” to make it comparable with Riot but sure, whatever.


Actually, it was a bug that reinstalled the game an entire second time for no reason.




oh lord I can point you to a lot of very angry people who would argue that very point

they’re wrong though, Tactics was fine


Yeah Tactics is a straight up very good game (though it was also subject to an at the time insanely extensive patch to get it in good working order). If Fallout 76’s underlying game was well thought out and good no one would care about the lack of NPCs.

I mean some people would care, just like people cared about Fallout Tactics itself, but you wouldn’t see the wide backlash 76 is getting.


The real question is: Does 76 top Brotherhood of Steel as the worst Fallout game?

I know BoS had some absolutely dreadful advertising and is evidence that landing in Bethesda’s hands is actually one of the better possible fates for this series, but isn’t the core sense of humor and storytelling still kinda there?


I’m old enough that I remember playing Fallout 2 on the release version, when late-game savegames could take upwards of 30 minutes to load

and let me tell you

when Fallout Tactics was announced instead of Fallout 3, the fanbase was incandescent with rage


I remember when a friend gave me his Fallout Tactics disc. He was sort of quiet and sort of ashamed to be telling me that it’s a really good game and I should play it. He was right. I loved that game. It wasn’t the same thing as Fallout 1 or 2, but it was really fun just to focus on Fallout combat for a while.

But if you said that too loudly in the wrong places at the time, and there’d be judgement all over the place.


At first I’ve wanted to say that I am honestly more worried about the canvans bags thing that I was over the bugs cause, I mean any game would have them, especially a bethesda one but seeing how it keeps escalating and escalating. I do think it can end up being a completly fine game given time but woof, I am amazed just how fast on track bethesda is on losing faith of their fans.