The, Er, Fallout of Fallout 76


Capitalism is bad


More than that, the inevitable thirst for resources kills off everyone. From 1 to 76 everything revolves around reclaiming what is lost.

The same mistakes happen as humans are always the same.


I don’t think that the bugs, instability, or crassly implemented in-game purchases would have struck such a nerve if the base game appealed to people. They’re all worthy of harsh criticism, but not the root cause for complaint.

It’s a really bad case of Bethesda not reading the room and recognizing a nascent apprehension for their design hangups, as demonstrated by FO4 and its mechanics-focused priorities.


If I were a part of the modding community for Bethesda games, this would probably be the last straw for me on this fiasco. This could be a hoax, but they’re trying to be snarky towards people being banned for cheating and modding. Like I understand that cheating is bad for in game economy, I assume microtransactions, and maybe other gameplay reasons, but the people who care about your games the most are cheaters and modders.


Yeah the high school essay thing is just…

I’m like weirdly worried about Bethesda. Do they need help? Do they want someone to sit in on their meetings and just let them know “yo, man, that’s a bad idea” as needed? Because I charge very reasonable rates.


If you can condense it to 4 responses which boil down to more caps you’d make design lead at this point. There really has to be some irony with dead money message of letting go of greed.


well they didn’t play that one, so :joy:


Well it seems little was learned from 4 even though this is a side project. The 3D/2D/3D trees are just weird. Least there’s more weapon variety from 4 which is something.


The game that keeps on giving…


I beginning to think that Bethesda’s E3 conference this year is going to be all videos, no Todd on stage.

I mean… How do you address people after this terrible year?


I’ve been wondering there actually exists a Fallout 3 remaster that they’ll unveil as some kind of “remember the good times, forget about this fiasco” type move.

Maybe wishful thinking.


I feel like dropping Fallout 3 & New Vegas on the Switch would get some people in forgiveness mode.


If only they acknowledged New Vegas at all.


With all the (well deserved) shit this game is getting, I think it’s worth highlighting this story of a woman and her husband who came across six dudes playing, who then decided to… play Property Brothers and help her upgrade her camp and turn it into an outpost for newbies.

As I mentioned in her thread, it seems like the best way to get a positive community nowadays is to launch a broken game to a bunch of bad press.


This is the kind of stuff I wanted to hear about in FO76. They really need to encourage creativity, faction play, and roleplaying to give this game new life.

Also, I once saw a property brother drunkenly at a diner at 3 AM, and so I screamed, ‘THAT’S A PROPERTY BROTHER.’ to my friends.

He didn’t get swarmed or anything, but I felt bad.


That is a legitimately cute story in that thread and I appreciate when multiplayer games allow for that kind of co-operative play, though I couldn’t help but laugh in bewilderment that this wholesome story of people hanging out & being kind to each other more or less starts with, “…and we all agreed to launch a nuke”.


The MGS V disarmament scene sprigs to mind.


When I originally saw the headline about the nukes I thought it was some kind of thoughtful if misguided statement about how we all should be starting the new year. Then I realized that it was a bug and they did accidentally. I can barely deal with how ridiculous the press cycle on this game is. It’s just so much.


Oh man, I know this topic is old, but I have to tell someone about this. Like holy shit the dungeon for the automatron dlc for fallout 4 is still completely broken. The wall textures disappear and some doors have a weird kaleidoscope effect that halves the framerate.


Meanwhile at Bethesda… “At least it doesn’t crash, ship it”. Post game stability updates for dlc are pretty rare for their dlcs.