The eternal search for character creators with good black hair


As you probably assumed by reading the title, I’m black. As it happens, I’ve been both black and a gamer for as long as I can remember, yet I don’t have any fond memories of a playing a game where they really nailed the hair for a black character. This has put a huge damper on me fully immersing myself into some games. Sometimes I just want to see someone who actually looks like a real black person on screen. I guess there are some sports games (Madden, NBA 2K) that do well enough, but I’m mainly talking about RPGs and non sports affiliated games. Has anyone else been luckier than me and found some games that get the looks right?


Hair is tough thing in games, because it doesn’t translate well to polygons. I have long curly hair, like Slash or Jesus, and haven’t found a game that can do that hair right either. The closest you’ll find is a sprite based character creator, like Stardew Valley.


True. Stardew actually has good hair for black characters as well. I completely forgot about it.


How do games like The Division do? I hoped it’s contempary setting would allow it to do better than how badly Destiny dropped the ball.


I would give the Division a C. They have basic straight back corn rows, terrible short dreads, and a fine fade. Nothing spectacular. Luckily, you’re always wearing a hat in that game, so it’s less of an issue.


Yeah that feels like PS2-era thought not great


The Sims4 engine doesn’t really have great support for it by default, but modders have done some decent work:


This a thing I’ve never even had to consider before as a white gamer. Really interesting insight. Thank you.


So we’re going to need a separate thread for character creators with good black colored hair? Cause that’s more hit and miss than you’d think. Dragon Age: Inquisition knows what it did.