The Expanse - It's Always Terrible In Space (Show/Book Discussion *Spoilers*)

I’m really enjoying this show about everything still being awful many years in the future. I hate Miller’s hat with my life and I want to get beaten up by Bobbie Draper. I really really hope there’s a third season and that more people get into this show!


I really wish the global deal SyFy made with Netflix wasn’t for delayed streaming. Seems crazy that neither company realises this is going to push piracy.

(Season 1 is great, once it was finally made available to most of the world; we’re still waiting on season 2 to become legally available.)

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You can just watch it online? Here in Canada at least it’s available for free on Space. ( maybe?)

It’s a fantastic show. I saw the first season last year and instantly sought out the books to tear through them with a hunger I haven’t felt in a long time.

As far as I’m aware, if you’re not in North America or New Zealand, the exclusive rights are with Netflix.

Access to the show has been (legally) zero for anyone outside of those territories as Legendary grabbed the rights in 2014 and sat on them until Netflix purchased them at the end of 2016 (yes, we only recently got to legally watch season 1 of the show). That purchase included global rights to season 2 but as of right now the show has still not appeared on Netflix so they certainly don’t have weekly simultaneous rights and we are just waiting to find out how long the SyFy exclusivity is (note only in the regions I noted above - there is a SyFy UK channel as part of NBC Universal and they do not have any streaming rights and do not carry the show).

I was totally unaware! Those are some bogus and bad decisions. But business is business I guess.

It’s such a good, grounded show. Which is crazy given the bonkers plot moves that are about to happen in season 2 (which I haven’t finished watching) and the eventual season 3.

Haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet, but if they follow the books’ plotline, it’ll be crazy seeing them make it. I’ve heard great things about the show though and it’s definitely on my watch list.

Yup, I’m waiting for Netflix to get it. Absolutely loved the first series, and only heard good things about the second. Not sure if there’s been any indication of when it might become available?

Just finished episode 6 of the first season. Steven Strait pains me to look at, I would go ice mining in the belt for him

I saw a thing from Syfy about how it’s getting a third season, so that’s fantastic news.
Miller’s ridiculous hat and haircut were one of my favourite things about the series because he’s such an old world Private Eye pastiche but his fashion sense has these nods early 21st century teenagers because of course it does, it’s the future.

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The first season was kind of slow, but it was really just setting the table. They blew me away with how much they capitalized on season one’s promise all throughout season two.

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With all the expanse talk on waypoint lately thought I’d post this here.


I was very glad to see this news - everything I hear from friends that are current with the series tells me it just keeps getting better. I wish the women in the series weren’t so siloed away from one another in the first season, but that gets better in S2 from what I have seen. And Avasarala is amazing.

We might have to have a discussion about Miller’s hair.
Because it has really grown on me over the course of the show (no pun intended).

Eventually comes to represent his acceptance of being a Belter. In the beginning he obv has mixed feelings about his roots, even feeling like he is the “token belter” on the police force. But eventually he ditches the hat and goes full mohawk.

After hearing about this show a fair amount recently, I finally decided to check it out this past week. I’m now hopelessly enthralled by it, and after just seeing the episode with this scene (S2E9 spoilers), I have to reiterate just how GOOD Avasarala is.

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Bringing in Avasarala in ahead of schedule was one of the smartest things they ever did on a very smart adaptation. And getting Shoreh Aghdashloo to play her is a massive fucking coup, because she’s perfect

Tom Jane’s version of Miller grew on me very rapidly. In the books he’s kind of a generic noir cop guy, Jane brings a real melancholy sense of personality and life to him and I don’t even mind the hat.

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Sooooooo glad this show was saved by Amazon! It’s such a fascinating vision of the future. I’m constantly surprised by how much I find myself saying, “I could see this happening in 200+ years.” Especially with the spacecraft. The Epstein drive is pretty much what I studied in grad school as part of my fusion propulsion class. To see fusion propulsion visualized like that (albeit much more powerful and efficient in the expanse compared with the sort of “dream scenario” efficiency we ran our simulations for), it really gets me excited to jump back into it someday, hopefully. Who knows, maybe Mr. Bezos will take that project up later a-la Blue Origin. The show is a pretty fun start though.

One of my favorite bits of Expanse lore is that somebody asked the authors once “How does the Epstein Drive work?”

and they said “It works very well, thanks.”


That’s hilarious! I think it’s best to sometimes leave technical stuff a little bit of a mystery. When there’s too much detail, they get stuff wrong, and it takes away from the experience a little. There’s not a lot of info on the Epstein drive but I did see that someone did a basic delta v and velocity of the propellant at the exit of the magnetic nozzle. And I have to say the author is correct. It works very very well.

Those authors seem to be quite alright. I recently read a tweet from Daniel Abraham saying something along the lines of “The Expanse is basically about how annoying it can be to have a paladin in your party”. Good way of describing Holden. :smiley:


There is a notorious moment in one of the books where they fire the railgun to get some delta V, but make the mistake of telling you the weight of the projectile, meaning that you can work out that the amount of delta V that they could hope to get with a sub-relativistic projectile was something on the order of a half M/s