The Expanse - It's Always Terrible In Space


Isaac Newton strikes again!


This perfectly describes why I frequently both love and hate Holden.


I mean, it’s a lot of napkin math, because we don’t know how much the Rocinante weighs, but I think the railgun fires a 2kg projectile, which just ain’t enough even if we assume it shoots it at something absurd like 0.2c


I’ve only watched the show and not read the books. The only things I’ve seen fired on the Rocinante are the chain guns and missiles. Are those chain guns supposed to operate like rail guns? I mean on one hand firing in a vacuum is hard without an oxidizer. Not so with electrically propelled objects. Assuming fusion reactors are providing the power to fire those cannons at that rate and assuming technology has improved to harness that much power (the Epstein drive is already ridiculous), you still have the problem of rail gauging. As far as I know, there is no conductive metal that could withstand that rate of fire even more than a few rounds without the thing breaking apart. The heat would create a bootstrap effect that would cause the cannon to break apart. They would have to have extremely high control of the Lorentz forces for perfect frictionless expulsion of the projectile (I mean, they already have a fusion reactor so probably). And even then propagation of the electric field up the rails would produce more heat than is surviveable of any conductive metal that I’m aware of. In that case the canon would melt. I wish I knew more about graphene. It’s supposedly resistant enough to heat that folks want to creat a space elevator with it. But it’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard much about advances manufacturing or forming the stuff. Anyway… I’m supposed to be designing decals for a simulator. This is more fun, though. But money is good too for survival in capitalist society. Guess I gotta work.


They don’t have the railgun yet in the show, it’s a spinal mount that they get added on later.


Ah. That’s going to be interesting to see. But yeah, definitely a single shot from a rail gun isn’t going to be enough for a significant change in velocity. I’m assuming that the divert and attitude control thrust wasn’t enough to provide the necessary delta v then? Nevertheless, cool ships. Cool tech. Probably what I would imagine in 200 years or so.


season 3 is done. give me season 4 already. thank u.

i am very grateful this thing is in television form for me to watch because i’ve seen excerpts from the books and. oof.


The whole thing started from a tabletop game that the authors were playing. That’s why (Early season 1 spoilers) The medic dies so unceremoniously early on, the player with that character had to quit the game.


Has anyone here noticed how (MASSIVE THEMATIC SPOILERS FROM THE BOOKS) The Expanse and Gundam have strikingly similar themes? BIG SPOILER ==>> Complete with massive objects being hurled into the Earth by disgruntled space-dwellers?

I’ve read all the novels and I just started the second season last night. I am very surprised I didn’t put this together sooner.


That’s probably a reference to a similar answer Time magazine got when they asked how Star Trek’s Heisenberg compensators work.


That’s probably why Holden is such a fucking Paladin.

That makes me curious… If I were a part of a tabletop game, and my improv material was used as a novel series that made a significant amount of money by the DM, would I be entitled to some royalties of that money?


Holden eventually gets a little better. But he remains a paladin to the end (of book 6 at least).

Fascinating question. I have no clue!