The Extremely Rare “Nintendo PlayStation” Prototype Just Sold For $360,000

There’s an alternate universe where Nintendo and Sony weren’t competitors but collaborators, and for a brief time, it was true. Before there was the Sony PlayStation, there was the Nintendo PlayStation, a CD-based add-on for the SNES. The collaboration went far enough to result in actual prototypes, most of which have been completely lost to time.

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…I know this is gonna sound like a goof, but…

This really should be in a museum.


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Sorry Indy, it really should be repatriated to Japan and returned it’s traditional owners, Nintendo.

Good news: Kotaku says “He tells Forbes that he plans to create a museum featuring his vast collection of video game consoles and arcade machines.”

Double good news: Palmer Lucky didn’t get shit.


Wait a minute
So you’re telling me that the Nintendo PlayStation sold for 3 6 0 k ?

What is this, some kind of crossover episode

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Whether or not this is a goof, it does occur to me that some folks might not be familiar with this legend.

I think this video gives a pretty good overview of its history!

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We’ve been hearing about this thing for years and its still hard to believe. It sounds so fake “my uncle at Nintendo” type stuff but here we are.

There’s something deeply distressing about that controller