'The Fall' Remains a Modern Sci-Fi Classic, But Its Sequel Misses the Mark


The first story I wrote for Waypoint, then VICE Gaming, was about how The Fall was one of my favorite sci-fi stories in gaming. When people are looking for something new to play, I always point them towards The Fall. (Also, The Swapper. You should play The Swapper.) You can imagine my continued anxiety over the nearly four-year wait for the second part in a proposed trilogy about A.R.I.D., an artificial intelligence whose world is turned upside down when forced to break the rules of their rigid programming to comply with said programming.

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This is disappointing to hear; I also really enjoyed the first and was looking forward to it.

I was going to go out of my way to play this next week, even though I’m already neglecting things like Monster Hunter due to being busy personally, but… I guess I’ll wait for a sale and get back to things like that instead, now. I’m happy to hear that it apparently comes around a bit at the end, at least, and I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to a 3rd part as well. I’m just not going to rush to play it if I’m just going to be disappointed for most of it.


Very disappointing, but not at all surprising.

Back when they were showing early bits in the development blog, the red flags were apparent. I do hope there were more folks telling the devs that a bunch of combat is not what we want from The Fall 2. But either way, they apparently didn’t listen.

So I suppose I’ll treat this game the same way I do the Star Wars prequels—just ignore that part and pretend it doesn’t exist to bring down the rest of the whole.


That too many sad robots in a pretty downer game.


Aw dang, say it ain’t so!

I was trying, (and failing!) to make time to replay The Fall and dive into this soon. Not sure my views will align with Patrick’s but given he’s an even bigger fan of Part 1 than I am…

This sounds like a classic case where limitations benefit art by constraining it. It’s entirely possible that Over the Moon WANTED much more shooting and combat mechanics in The Fall: Evaluation, and lacked the time or funding to develop them. “Painting with a limited palette” often has the side effect of focusing and strengthening art, after all.

I’m reminded of the jump from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City, where Rocksteady was clearly excited to broaden the environment and scope in ways that I don’t think actually served what made the first game great.


it’s a shame that this game ended up not living up to its predecessor but on the bright side, now i know the fall exists & it sounds right up my alley so i’ll have to give it a shot sometime


The Swapper is indeed extremely good. You really should play it.

It’s been on PS+ and Xbox GamePass (and cheap in sales everywhere) so you may already have access to it. It’s one of the very best puzzle games with an amazing look and just enough story to always feel satisfying (and bonus references that you don’t have to get to enjoy it). In every room you’ll be able to look at the space and come to understand why every single element exists, hints for the intended solution.

A shame the momentum from the first episode of The Fall doesn’t seem to have been maintained.


There is a “minimal” mode that has less combat. I didn’t really enjoy either of the combat types, but with the shooting parts you get a certain ammo type that makes it go by faster. I’d still recommend just using the story mode though.

I think the Fall 2 is on par with the first game and I really enjoyed the new characters more then I was expecting to.