The 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Is a Chance to Enjoy a Game Once Ruined For Me

Warning: The following piece contains some major spoilers for Final Fantasy VII.

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Off brand memory cards! If that ain’t a millenial artefact.
I have such weird feelings about FFVII. I did everything you alluded to in FFVII. I don’t remember how many hours I plowed into that game, but I beat Ruby weapon, which kind of requires you to get level 99 and max out your materia and all those other post-game goals.

But Aeris fell flat for me. The plot and story seemed to play both Tifa and Aeris as dual potential interests for Cloud, and I was a Tifa stan from the get go. The huge impact she had on so many other players just baffled me.

But I also didn’t stick with JRPGs that much beyond 7. I really enjoyed 8 but haven’t finished another one since. I hope you enjoy the remake. I don’t think I’m going back for another run at this game.

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Remember game demos? Remember when that was a thing? The Prey demo was dope, but like, the last demo I remember before that was for Bioshock 1. My preorder for FFVIIR was mostly just to reward the people responsible for actually making a gosh-darned bona fide game demo.

As for the game itself, the enemies all kinda feel like the RPG equivalent of bullet sponges and Barrett is a lot, but I was a Crash Bandicoot kid, so I feel like I need to see what the fuss is about.

FF7 is one of my earliest true JRPG experiences and I’m still a huge JRPG fan to this day, but Aeris didn’t leave much of an impression on me either. (There is also the fact that the JRPG I played immediately afterward was Suikoden 2, which I thought was better in almost every way.) I just never felt like they did much to make her a memorable character worth getting attached to. If not for “the thing” I have a hard time imagining she would still be talked about today.

If there’s one thing I hope from them expanding the FF7 Remake story is that she will actually get the development and screen time she needs for me to care.

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Funnily enough, that’s largely an artifact of the english translation. The japanese version has her positioned alot more as a “street-smart” kinda person with a great deal of emotional intelligence, whereas some of that comes through in the english but alot of her traits get a bit ironed out into “she’s nice.” It’s kinda like how Barret was written to be more or less Solid Snake in Japanese, and turned into Mr. T in the english. I think her death hit harder for alot of japanese players due to having her be stronger character there.

But yeah, i agree, i am very curious to see what they do with the localization on take 2 as they have to balance several dif versions of these characters exisitng to dif markets.

Barrett’s Localization had interesting fallout, cuz afterwards the writer was given criticism for his portrayal of black folks, criticism which was largely based in the us version of the character. He didn’t really get what he did wrong and just took it as him just not knowing how to write minorities and so decided to just not do it again until like, final fantasy 10 with Wacka or 13 with Sahz. Not that the original script was flawless of course but It is interesting to consider how another writer’s interperation of a character could have such an impact.

I’m more into the music of the Final Fantasy than actually playing Final Fantasy.

From what I played of the demo, I think it needs more of the FFVII victory theme.

Ah the heady feeling of a battle won, experience points accumulating and gil.


Great article. I had a similar experience. I was deep into FF7 (well past Aeris) when I let a friend borrow my PS1. He called me a week later to tell me he beat FF7 and then proceeded to describe the ending over the phone (while he was watching it!). I was annoyed, until I got my stuff back and realized he had grinded my FF7 characters up into the 90s! I had a ton of fun playing with the high-level characters and was easily able to beat the game myself and see the ending.

Sadly, it wasn’t the same. So I started a new game. But I still occasionally played with the old save file (…you can probably see where this is going). When I was about 40 hours into my new save, I stopped to play a bit on the old save, and muscle memory from the recent 40 hours caused me to SAVE OVER my new game, losing all my progress. I still carry that scar.

Thus was the early days of save management, before I learned to make multiple saves. It wasn’t until that infamous FF Tactics fight that I truly learned the lesson. To this day I still haven’t legitimately beat FF7, but I did start a new playthrough this month. 2020 is the year I finally beat FF7!

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I had this game spoiled for me as well but it was from a magazine review. I have no idea which one but I’m sure it wasn’t EGM or Gamepro. It might have been one of those Playstation magazines that focused on only Sony content.