The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?


Let’s talk about FFXIV here! Excited for the new expansion? Frustrated with current content? Want advice, or to find fellow Waypoint folks? Just want to post selfies of your character? All of the above and more!


Honest question: I’ve been burned out around the start of Heavensward. :sob: I’m trying to get back in, but there’s so much content ahead of me!

Besides MSQ, what else should I concentrate on to get back on track?


Dajh Katzroy from Cerberus saying hi (I’ll be moving to Ultros soon)!

I tried to be as close to Sazh as possible, but the name was taken ;~


Hey! I’m Rel’a Mpago on Siren~

I’m really excited for stormblood, especially since the benchmark showed some pretty cool stuff? If the Ala Mihgo part of the benchmark was meant to show like, what they Want that zone to Feel Like then I really think that it could be a pretty fresh area? I’m pretty hopeful generally though because even if the stuff isn’t Great I’ll be able to do a lot of new things with my FC and try to get them all through Unsynced HW stuff at least.


Same name here on Balmung

I’ve really slowed down my xiv playing since 2017 is ridiculous with good releases, but I’ll kick it back up once SB hits, sittin on max tomestones and still too anxious to actually raid for gear :alien::v:


You’ll be able to start 4.0 without finishing the existing MSQ (they’ll have recap cuscenes or something similar), so I think you just have to have a class at 60 and you’re good? I’m far from an expert on this, though, I’m just a casual player


If you need to level, palace of the dead can offer some pretty easy and quick leveling, also daily roulettes.


Ameline Grinnaux from Lamia here! Ready to don my fancy hat and Red Mage with the best of them


Forgot to mention, I’m Icy Mommy on Ultros. Currently levelling Summoner, think I’m going to main it for 4.0


Kresh Veldran on Sargatanas. Hyped for Stomblood and Red Mage, but I’ve had no motivation to play lately. I keep wanting to finish leveling up some classes and to finish my relic for Dark Knight, but grinding out the sands step two months ago burned me out, and I never recovered. Hoping that drive comes back in the next few weeks so I can get that done before Stormblood.


lol, that’s the same thing that made me stop playing the game; the Anima weapon is merciless :hugging:

Once I’ll finish that (and I will!), I’ll see to become an omnicrafter. That’s not hard, just… tiring.


oh whoa really? I didn’t hear this! I’m probably 10 hours or so from finishing the MSQ myself


I need to finish my second Anima and my level 60 SAM gear set and then my Stormblood prep will be complete.

I just need one more accessory and then save Scripture tomes for a weapon.


Yup, I’m looking forward to some red mage action.


Just got back in like a week ago, POTD has been a godsend for leveling my lower classes.


I just started catching up now. I never keep my relic current as long as I’m regularly raiding. The nerfs they always do on the tail end of release patches are so significant, it’s pointless.



I’m so far behind. I finished the 3.55a story, but haven’t touched it since 3.55b came out. My husband jumped back in a few days ago and I really want to get back in there with him and come up with a checklist of things to try to accomplish before June, but I’m still trying to finish P5. I think I’m getting close!

Hopefully I’ll be back in soon! If any of y’all are on Gilgamesh, I’m Tojat Ostornsyn!


What’s the go-to strat for this now? Anything specific or just running it over and over? I still have a bunch of classes below 60.


You can run Palace of the Dead until you’re bored to death.

I’d suggest mixing things up with a fate grinding and the different roulettes you have available.


Noir Katze on Faerie but probably moving to Lamia before Stormblood. Not really playing now cause I’m i262 on ninja which is over prepared really though I’m considering going back to clear some extreme primals before launch. I look forward to Stormblood but I’m not hyped really. It seems like basically Heavensward again with no real huge necessary changes so my expectations are fairly low. At the least I guess I’ll get a little bit of enjoyment out of it.