The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?


Figured i’d just bump this thread. I started playing a few months ago but I haven’t really been grouping with anyone I know so I was curious where the majority of the community is hanging out (server that is). Also, the live stream from today has me extremely excited for Stormblood.


Given the nature of how servers are, it may be best to think instead on the data center level. Plus the biggest ones have gotten restrictions on them.

Cross server party finder could still net us into some groups. When the time comes, it’d be nice to get along the Looking For Group stuff


But how does that shake out for things like Free Companies? Also my understand was that the party finder is just for dungeon/raid stuff and not any out in the world questing, is that correct? Also, linkshells are likewise not cross server, even on the same datacenter? Sorry for the newbish questions, the social aspects are the parts I’ve spent the least investment in.


I may be wrong, but:

Two players in the same server can use the party finder to find each other in the world and do anything together;
Two players in different servers can only use the party finder to talk in the party chat, and enter dungeons/trials/raids;
Linkshells aren’t cross-server as you said;
Free Companies also aren’t cross-server.

I’m also looking for a different server, at least based in NA for a good latency :v


I’ve yet to see where a consolidated WP presence has landed in the game yet, but most forum communities and websites flocked to Ultros early on and it’s kind of become the defacto place for them. The problem continues to be that it’s become one of the higher population servers and its kind of a pain to make new characters on now.


Gotcha. Thanks for the insight. I assume there will be a lot more chatter once Stormblood is actually out.


i am ready to let my fairy do more healing whilst i dps


Bumping this thread as we’re almost at release day - though I imagine many of you have been playing Early Access. Unfortunately I won’t be getting my code until sometime this week butI haven’t caught up with 3.4 or 3.5 content yet so that kinda works for me.

Apparently some patch reset the HUD because when I logged on for the first time in about 8 months yesterday I had to spend about 2 hours setting everything back up and relearning the game (some of the SMN changes really confused me at first) but as soon as I was back up and running I remembered how much I enjoy this game. Think I’ll be playing it in the evenings with some podcasts on to unwind.

I’ve heard the SMN changes are widely disliked, but as someone who considers themselves a very casual player (despite spending about 450 hours in game) I quite like having one less DoT to keep in mind, and the new HUD elements for Aetherflow are really cool. Plus egi-glamours!

(Playing on Cerberus by the way, if any other Waypointers are on there.)


I haven’t purchased the expansion quite yet, but I did resub because all of the class changes they made (at least for my classes AST/WAR/BRD) sounded pretty good.

I’m hanging out on Balmung BTW.


Finally caught up with pre-4.0 content this weekend (everything except for Dun Scaith, after a failed attempt) and man I remember why I love this game so much. I’ve never been into an MMO other than this one but it just demands all my time and feels so rich and full of stuff to do - I can’t wait to really dive in and devour all that Stormblood content. New areas seem awesome so far.


Been trying to get into ffxiv on off for a while now. I’m excited that Stormblood’s here but I’m so far behind on story content that its like… I’ll see you one day my friend…

Anyway I’m Luna Starfuk on Diablos, lookin for a new FC aswell so if anyone’s got suggestions hmu!


Just started playing & boy am I unsure if I’m doing anything right but I’m certainly am enjoying it.


If you need any tips or help, I’m approaching the 500 hours played mark and it’s one of a very small handful of games I’d actually feel alright giving advice about! (Unless you’re playing a tank or healer class…)


i’m not caught up to stormblood yet myself (still sloggin through 3.3 on a new server) but if anyone wants to know the ins and outs of tanking (especially WAR) feel free to hit me up. Ringo Oginome on Ultros


I’m currently rolling a lancer & the main thing is I’m just never sure if I’m actually doing combos correctly & if I should focus my attention at one enemy at a time when I get ganged up or if I should try to spread that out. I’m playing on PS4 with a controller & find that more often then not I accidentally picking the wrong target I want to attack which makes some encounters more difficult than I think they need to be. I just am not sure if it’s me that’s messing up or the inherent difficulty with using the controller. I’ve also only played about 4 or 5 hours in total.

Edit: Reading the wiki seems to imply I’m playing my class properly with focusing on single targets. Guess I just need to get better at using a controller.


Is this in solo play or instances? Focusing on single targets certainly sounds right to me, and in many cases where it’s absolutely necessary many tanks will mark a target with the ‘1’ symbol to show it needs to be taken down first.

You may also find this useful, I play on both PC and PS4 and serious play certainly has a higher skill floor with a controller, though it’s far from impossible:

Learning soft/hard targeting and all the way to most easily do things with a controller is essential (as is the expanded hotbars on the triggers if you don’t have them yet), you’ll definitely get there. As someone who is def a casual player and was new to MMOs, it’s absolutely fine to feel like you’re unsure, it’s all a learning process! Join a FC and ask for some guidance, any FC worth its salt will have friendly people willing to help you out. :slight_smile:


Thanks this is all super helpful & appreciated.


How’s everyone getting on with SB? Hit the midpoint of the story, kind of itching to get to Omega as many people in my FC are playing it. My goal is to make sure I’m all caught up and geared for the Ivalice raid once it hits, cause I’ve never been there Day One for a raid.


The live letter happened an hour ago and the Ivalice raid is on pace to be absolutely wild

The LL showed Delita and Ramza as well as a ruined version Rabanastre. Also, it’s a real region in Hydaelyn called Dalmasca. We still don’t know if it’s just a region with the same name, or the very same Dalmasca, but it doesn’t seem to be an alternate dimension shenanigan.

Needless to say, my excitement is through the roof. Considering that a lot of the staff, and the people at key positions are fans and/or worked on Ivalice games, I think they’re very much going to go the extra mile to make the raid absolutely memorable.


I was positively SCREAMING when they showed this piece of art.

Like there they are. My favourite fantasy boys. Ramza and Delita. Front and center. No horribly annoying 12 year old screaming about being a Sky Pirate.

I’ve been dying for years to just have something to give me more of that world at that time and boy howdy am I hype af now.

Tbh I’m impressed how much they’re throwing into 4.1 period. The new PVP is basically mecha battles? Like what? That’s gonna be bananas. The best bananas even. But the super duper having me jumping up and down is GIVING BARDS ACTUAL PERFORM EMOTE MECHANICS LIKE I’M SO HAPPY because I play a Bard on the game’s RP server and already write/arrange a lot of music for in character purposes but to finally be given a way to play it out in the game… god, I’m gonna be getting so lost in that. <3