The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?

Ishgard restoration is going to kill me, I’ve just been grinding it out after work nonstop and I’ve already gotten my culinarian 72 levels and made over 2 mil on the market.

This shit rules

My main job is only level 57 - would you suggest I hold off on levelling gathering/crafting (I’ve done A Bit of botanist and weaver) until I hit level 60 + whatever the plot point is I can start doing this?

I’d like to participate in the Ishgard restoration event. Too bad it’s impossible to get into the zone on a crowded server like Leviathan.

I know the devs have acknowledged the issue but it’s still kinda annoying. They were so good about having zone instances in ShB. I wish they could have implemented it here.

Yikes, you can’t get in at all? Or just for the Fate?

Yesterday evening I couldn’t get in at all. I was waiting for more than 30 minutes before I decided to go do something else.

I’m assuming the rush will die down as time passes but still :<

I hear they have temporarily shut down crossworld access to the Firmament so now is your chance! (Unless my info is wrong)

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No, you’re right. Firmament access is now locked to your homeworld.

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Glad to hear, I’ve been in my firmament a couple times the fate has come around, and the amount of wanderers that showed up each time is staggering.

There is something truly eldritch about the experience of traversing a space that LOOKS empty, and seeing character models load and unload within a 2-foot radius of you as you pass them

If you can’t get to it yet, then probably. The catch up time for DOH/DOL leveling is way faster than it used to be (where two leves, if not one, can easily get you a full level), and the Restoration collectibles give a ludicrous amount of xp if you’re able to stock up on mats and do mass turn-ins. Like, I had BTN and WVR in the low 50s yesterday, started doing Firmament, and got to the mid 60s with both in just a few hours. Just make sure your gatherers and whichever crafters you want to level are at least level 20 beforehand.

Epic of Alexander Spoilers

Y’all, they put a Voltron in this game

Yesterday I practiced Hades EX with my FC. I have negligible experience with extreme content so trying this was a rude awakening.

After two hours of practice the whole group could get to the 2nd phase of the fight relatively reliably. But then we wipe within moments of starting Phase 2 haha. Everyone had a sense of humor about it so it was a fun time even if we didn’t get the clear. :slightly_smiling_face:


This fight is uncharacteristically long and difficult compared to most EX content so don’t let this discourage you. What you’re describing is typically what most groups get on their first attempt.

If you wanna build confidence with something a bit simpler, Innocence and Titania EX are both fairly simple fights that still require lots of coordination on specific phases. By comparison, Hades is as complex as 4 of those fights stapled one after the other.


Are y’all going in blind or did folks watch a guide?

We all watched a guide before hand. I watched the Mizzteq guide twice and poked through a written guide. There was a huge gap between knowing what was going to happen and executing movements correctly though. Darn those exploding pancakes!

I was also at the minimum iLvl (150). I imagine the damage checks are easier if everyone is at least at 160.

DPS checks do get a lot easier at higher ilevels yeah, but keep at it! Luckily the final phase is the easiest one imo, so if you can get there, then you can clear!


Well it took me millions of Gil and 3 weeks of going absolutely hog wild but I did it!

All crafters from 0 to 80. I started when Ishgard restoration came out. Now I’m gonna take a crack at making some HQ facet crafting gear (I have absolutely no idea how I’m gonna do that it’s so hard).


Hi folk! I’m new here but I’ve been listening to Waypoints for a while now. I’ve just got a bit of Alexander in Duty Roulette and I was thinking, I can’t wait for Austin to get to that quest line. It has giant mechs!! Also Rival Wings does too. But Alexander’s quest line is so lovely. Gave me tons of feels.


I still haven’t gotten around to finishing all of the Alexander fights but it’s on my to-do list! There’s a lot of old raids and optional dungeons that are still waiting for me which is a nice feeling? Even though I’ve finished Shadowbringers there’s still something new (old?) to do around the corner.

I understand that, I am happy I am mostly caught up with the “big” content (like MSQ) but I still haven’t finished a lot of smaller things.

Also, funny coincidence, talking about mechs, the FFXIV instagram published this today:

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