The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?

The next 8-man trials set has been teased and I am screaming

For clarification: Yoshi confirmed that the new set is going to be the “Weapons” from FFVII

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Finally got to Heavensward last night. The last few scenes of the Seventh Astral Era quests and the intro to HW were pretty damn amazing. Still reading Alphinaud’s dialogue in his old voice lol

Started as a Conjurer/White Mage and played that throughout ARR, unlocked Red Mage ASAP and tried it out for a bit and eventually decided to make that my “main” job. And then today I hit level 60 and unlocked Dancer.

I’ve only done one dungeon with Dancer so far but it is incredibly fun and very intuitive and easy to play, without being overly simplistic (like Red Mage can feel). I still like Red Mage (and it does have my favorite job quest NPCs) but I might go Dancer from here on out and keep RDM and WHM as my backups (I tried the other healers and didn’t love them and I’m not really interested in tanking or melee DPS).


The Blue Mage update is a lot of fun! I’ve been trying to clear Savage raids with the full synced BLU party and it’s giving me a newfound appreciation of the class and the content. It reminds me of back when Orchestrion rolls were first released and they had a higher drop rate if you cleared the fight with Minimum Item Level turned on. They seem to have stopped doing that for most music rolls but the BLU feats are very reminiscent of that, except even harder.

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Looks like I’m about 60% through the Heavensward MSQ. It went by surprisingly fast, probably because the quality of the storytelling is so much higher. Ysayle is a great character.

I got WHM up to level 60, got BRD to 30 and wasn’t really feeling it, and continued with AST and have started to love it. Probably helps that most of its healing abilities directly correspond to WHM stuff lol. Still sticking with DNC as my main and I love it, just the right mix of complicated enough while never feeling overwhelming and having some extra team utility is great too.

Made myself a simple wintery glamour cuz the starting DNC gear does not feel appropriate for the Ishgard snow lol


I just finished Hevensward MSQ last week.

I ended up glossing over a chunk of story in Hevensward. My game flow was one of levelling bard, crafting and gathering more or less in concert. Those ~100 quests between ARR MSQ and Hevensward MSQ messed that up, though it was understandable given the original release timelines.

I finally got to Heavensward and was ready to repeat my cycle of DoW/M, crafting, gathering levelling… but Heavensward broke it. I was being given all of the HQ gear, often before I could even access the mats to make it. While I could buy some mats from either NPCs or or the market board, that’s just not how I wanted to play. So I kept rushing through the quests trying to figure out when the hell things would start to feel in balance for me again with enough mining/ harvesting points accessible that I could happily go back to self-sufficiency.

I actually had to stop playing for awhile because I was getting angry. This just wasn’t how I wanted to play the game. In the end, I got fixated on rushing through to the point that I overshot the mark (not realizing hardsilver sand was already available).

Right now the game feels weird. I craft for the sake of making crafting and gathering gear. I gather for the sake of crafting. I’ve only unlocked one III mastercrafting tome (or whatever they are called). Still, it’s more in line with what I was enjoying from ARR MSQ. Sadly, I have much less time to play than I did weeks ago.

As of today, FFXIV has been featured on not one but two Waypoint Top 10 lists. We made it, fam.


Starting with Heavensward they wanted people to not feel like they needed to rely on people to get HQ gear or to level up crafting/gathering jobs to stay current. I didn’t bother with gathering until after I finished Shadowbringers and it was really quite fun just going back to old zones to gather stuff and do all the job story missions.

Then with Heavensward forward I did the gathering weekly’s for various NPCs to get goodies, so it made leveling those jobs extremely easy.

The Ishgard Reconstruction stuff unlocks with post-Heavensward MSQ and basically trivializes DoH leveling. It’s clear that the devs are moving away from the crafter leveling process as a focus of the experience and instead pushing people to max level very quickly so they can use their full abilities/rotation on actually interesting and difficult recipes.

So it’s not you, it’s intentional. HW started this process and SB and ShB perfected their approach of shotgunning people through the MSQ first and having them slow down to level crafters later. Ten levels (51-60) and five sets of crafted armor for those ten levels is just too much, given how fast you level. Better to just follow the devs’ intended flow and save yourself the frustration.

I’m not sure I will last through to the end of ShB MSQ. I haven’t given up yet, but I’m willing to accept at some that past ARR, this just might not the game for me. I can’t fault the devs for changing the formula, but my enjoyment has gone downhill considerably. I only like dungeons/ raids/ trials in small doses, and have no interest in PvP. XIV never became social for me the way XI did.

On the bright side, I have a lot of stuff I need to attend to in life, and I was putting too much time into XIV for too long.

5.2 sure looks like it’s going to be a lot (Zenos in Amaurot?! Ruby Weapon is a Mech? Best Daddy Ramuh’s a centaur now? We’re finally going to see Garlemald?!)

Obvious Spoilers

Genuinely feels like this game is holding the Crystal Exarch hostage for me. Nobody make a move or the catboy gets it.


I dig Zenos’ new outfit so much more than his Combat Bustle. Also his presence in Amaurot proves that his need to be our boyfriend truly transcends time and space

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I gasped when he winced and held his crystal arm in pain


Finished up Stormblood; I didn’t like it as much as Heavensward but I still enjoyed it. I had heard some things that maybe set my expectations lower so maybe that’s why I came out more positive?

More spoilery takes here:

I still have mixed feelings on the Yda/Papalymo stuff. Both my original and current characters started in Gridania so they were always the two Scions I had the most affection for in ARR. In a way, it kind of felt like (as the more comic relief members of the ensemble) they wanted to move on from them but weren’t sure what to do with them, hence their absence from HW. Going in, people seemed very negative towards Lyse but I ended up really enjoying her story, even if the whole “pretending to be her sister” aspect felt off and unneeded to me. I really enjoyed having her as a constant companion and her voice actor did a great job with the character. Surprisingly, I was significantly more interested in the Ala Mhigo segments while the Doma portion felt weaker. I liked aspects of it (Hien is very cute) but, as a whole, it kinda dragged. The final portion of the expansion was really cool, though the last fight having a QTE was very surprising and had me laughing. Also realized Raubahn’s voice actor is also male Hawke in Dragon Age which is very funny to me, and also further cements my feelings that he’s the coolest of the Grand Company leaders.

Anyway, I picked up the quest to do the Ivalice raid and that intro has me excited to do them, even if my only raid experience (ever lol) is the Crystal Tower stuff, which is super easy to brute force through even with a bunch of other newer people. Still playing as a Dancer (thought I’ve dabbled in Samurai, which is cool). I just love the job’s mobility (to keep myself alive lol), the emergency defense boost and heal, and the constant support buff to another DPS’ damage. It’s really the perfect job for me.


The Ruby Weapon fight is incredible, both mechanics-wise and story-wise. This ain’t Gundam, it’s Evangelion.

Finished all the patch content today, and honestly the only time I wasn’t having fun was E7. Gaius can continue to go fuck himself, and while I feel bad for the adults he indoctrinated as children who are now following up on the worst decisions of his life, I don’t have any sympathy for him and I hope this expansion grants his death wish instead of the Exarch’s.

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Y’all are so fast!

There’s such a long wait between content drops. I prefer to take my time completing the story. I leisurely logged in yesterday, exchanged my tomestones of goetia, got started on new msq, stopped after getting annoyed with how many players would stand directly on top of the npcs I needed to target, and then spent the rest of the evening finishing up the ARR fishing quests.

Love the small but effective improvements to fishing! I unlocked Ocean Fishing in Limsa and I’m hoping I can get the FC together for a big fishing party. Seemed like a fun idea crack open some cold ones and shoot the shit with the crew while waiting to reel in the big one. I also appreciate that it’s open to all player levels! So even our new FC members just starting out will be able to participate. :smile:

Plot stuff from the MSQ’s new dungeon: I know people were speculating that the WoL is part of the scattered soul of Emet-Selch’s old bestie, and could that person have been Venat? Assuming we don’t get a new core character in the story, I can’t think of a good fit other than Minfilia for Hydaelyn’s “heart.”

Also small MSQ thing: the “Urianger can’t swim” subplot continues apace

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The MSQ points out that those who serve as the heart might not be able to exist freely in another state, but we don’t know for sure yet because we don’t know if the Elidibus we’re dealing with and the Elidibus that became the heart are the same. This is interesting because it implies that while the 14th didn’t help summon Zodiark, unless they renounced their title and became Venat, they also weren’t who summoned Hydaelyn, and it was instead this basically no one Amaurotine which I like better. I didn’t think we were ever going to be the Amaurotine that was Emet’s friend but Venat os a pretty good choice for us, and if we have to be anyone else, I hope it’s that guy.

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We interrupt this episode of FFXIV Lore Reasons with a breaking news update: Ocean Fishing is fun as hell. You can participate even at level 1. It’s a wild ride.