The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?

Finally wrapped up the MSQ content and raids. Maybe it’s because I played FF8 recently, but all the music in the Eden stuff is just great. Love to just hang around a camp site while that weird-ass overworld music plays! But for real, I’m going to be upset if E12 doesn’t include “Liberi Fatali”, and the whole arc doesn’t just end with Ryne and Gaia being cute together in a spaceship while “Eyes on Me” plays. (Wait, I just thought of something: [FF8/Eden Spoilers] We’re probably going to learn in the last set that Ryne and Gaia are both orphans and went to the same orphanage, aren’t we?)

I also just love how much more anime this game is getting. Between the cutscene in E8 and everything with the Weapons being just a UC Gundam plotline, they’re really making the non-MSQ parts stand out on their own super well!

Ligeti, why did you have to go and say that? You have set such high expectations for this plotline that now there’s no way I can EVER be satisfied.

Still on post-Heavensward stuff but I did the Ivalice raids in the meantime. More FF Tactics focused than I expected, which isn’t a game I especially familiar with, but the FF XII stuff was neat. The raids themselves were fun and easily the most challenging content I’ve seen. I ran Orbonne a few times specifically to try and get the Balthier set; the Cid fight in particular was real bad the first few times but even when my alliance all died in one run, we still finished the fight just fine. And I was fortunate to have some people in a few runs who we’re explaining things to us new people. I’ve found Orbonne to be super fun once you know what to do lol.

I also got lucky and got the Balthier top and bottoms in one run. Very, very happy about that. :slight_smile:


Since the topic was raised here before (and because Zepla is easily my favorite person in the FFXIV YouTuber space), I wanted to share this video for folks who might be new or trying new things in the game and are worried about how others might react.


This is astonishing.

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Yesterday my FC ran an event to help level up folks who have never done Eureka content before. I went in with a positive outlook and left with a bit of a headache. I’ve played FFXIV for years and I’ve NEVER run into that level of toxic asshole players before until Eureka Anemos.

It was all of my worst Final Fantasy XI memories coming back to haunt me. The grind, the petty trolling, and yelling in global chat. I was told that once you reach the the level cap it’s not so bad but yeesh.

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Moogle Treasure Trove events got me like

Seriously, I’m running it right now and bored during the cutscenes. help.

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Just have your phone ready to look at or listen to music or a podcast or something. It’s a very mindless and tedious grind, but the one advantage of it being such a mindless and often hands-off grind is that you barely have to pay attention to the game at all, so it’s actually kinda less tedious than some grinds.

Yeah Praetorium is nice because I can straight up watch tv while doing it. If you want something more active and faster, Rival Wings is a good time!

Praetorium is for when you want to make a snack without stopping.

Yeah, over the weekend I did many Praetorium runs. I listened to a podcast or watched a youtube video while going through.

I also tried out Hidden Gorge for the first time. It’s nice to earn Wolf Marks and Moogle Tomes at the same time but it still doesn’t feel great to be steam rolled because your team has zero coordination.

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I would love to see the Main Scenario Roulette replaced with a single-player version, and its XP bonus divvied out to every other roulette to compensate. I know MMOs are about doing simple things repeatedly to achieve a reward, but MSR is an egregiously bad example.

I’ll be very surprised if they don’t turn those two dungeons into single player instances when they do the ARR rework in the next patch. It’s their best opportunity to do it, and it really feels out of place compared to how they handle story dungeons later.

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Not to mention – considering just how many MSQ Roulette groups are there purely to get instances done as fast as possible – it can be a huge bummer for a new player to play those dungeons for the first time and be stuck with an impatient group while having no idea what’s actually happening. (In my first Prae run, I was so busy catching up with everyone that I didn’t see I was supposed to grab the Mech key and ended up missing pretty much everything until the next cutscene)


Unless they’ve said something else since they detailed what that patch actually entails MSQR is staying as is. The 5.3 rework is removing about 13% of the quests, adjusting the xp so you can hit 50 on only msq and shortening some of the quests that aren’t removed. Its significant changes but mostly ones that remain within the existing structure of what’s already there.

Have they said that was the entirety of the rework? Because my impression was that was basically just a taste of what to expect. But maybe I’m wrong.

My understanding was that was the major scope of the changes, aside from crystal tower now being required and flying unlocking for ARR after prae.

I’m actually approaching the end of Shadowbringers. I don’t have any deep thoughts on it right now except that I think it’s very good and FFXIV overall might be one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time (while also being very hard to recommend because of how much of a commitment it is lol).

Also have RDM nearly to 80 and DNC at 79. Going to go back to BRD next.

Among other things, 13% is just the number of quests that will be completely removed. Many quests in addition to that will have steps removed or adjusted/abbreviated.