The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?

I don’t think the writers have said, but it’s definitely plausible that that was one of their reference points for the absurdist slapstick of the Manderville quests–there are some more overt nods to JJBA elsewhere in the game (most blatantly with Jandelaine the aesthetician, but also with some much later dialogue and cutscene poses I won’t spoil).

Regarding recent playerbase growth and server congestion:

As producer, the responsibility for being unable to predict the current influx of new players falls to me. The days before an expansion’s launch are supposed to be ones of excitement, but instead they’ve brought many players grief, and for that I, personally, am extremely sorry.

For years, we have watched devoted players from around the world stream their time with FINAL FANTASY XIV, and now, we sit in awe while new fans join their ranks. As we enter our final push in the development of Endwalker, it is this constant flow of positive energy that motivates all of us on the development and operations team to carry on. Nothing can compare to the feeling we get watching you enjoy playing the game we’ve created.

We are aware of the burden we have placed on our player base, and are working diligently to lighten it in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to develop measures to combat server congestion, and will keep you up to date with any and all developments in this area.

Thank you once again for your continued support!


they’re doing maintenance tonight (2-6am GMT) on the EU servers to… make them let more people log in at once or something, so that’s exciting

I mostly play in the Daytime so largely have been unaffected by this but it’s still kinda wild. apparently the JPN servers are all just normal lol they don’t care about a big wow streamer moving to ffxiv I guess