The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?


I am still screaming right now !!

I’ve been leisurely trying to complete Stormblood, and all the QOL changes is going to make the experience a lot better. Especially cross-world friends registration and whispers


Here’s the full piece:


Guess I have a reason to level up bard now but what I’m more excited about than anything else is more Hildibrand. Sure wasn’t expecting the Heavenward arc to have that much of an effect on me.


Iiiiit’s patch day! Any folks on Balmung who would want to run the Ivalice raid later?


i am very fucking excited to grind up for several hours from my current average iLvl of 289 to the required iLvl of 300 for this new dungeon :upside_down_face:


Oh, also, figured I’d throw this out there:

I have a small (3, sometimes 4 people) FC on Balmung that anyone is welcome to join. We have a small house in the Goblet in a great location, overlooking the new-and-improved central plaza, right next to the marketboards if you’re into that kinda thing. Feel free to PM me or post here if you want in and I’ll send you an invite!


I really need to finish Stormblood MSQ!! Stardew Valley on Switch has caught my attention in a big way…


I was absolutely delighted to see a FFXIV thread here! Figured I’d check in and see what the community is like here with regards to the game. Seems everyone is a bit spread out across the servers?

With 4.1, we’ve now got cross-server friend lists within the same data center. It might be a good time to perhaps get a party finder together for dungeon runs, raids, roulettes… Heck, even the friend lists are cross-server now!

I’m based on Hyperion. If anyone is on the same server or the Primal data center, gimme a shout. ^^/


Primal data center player here - Ultros server.

I’m a pretty casual player. I tend to do the story content, level up crafting/gathering, do most of the dungeons a single time, then quit for a few months until there’s enough new content to keep my attention for a while.


Giant Bomb free company is on Primal (Ultros).


Only learned yesterday that XIV has a free demo that let’s you get up to level 35 and decided that was good enough reason to maybe take a crack at this game… However, I haven’t played an MMO since Ultima in, oh I think, 1999?

What are some very basic things that would be good for someone who knows next to nothing about contemporary MMOs and doubly nothing about how Square/FF approach the genre. Can I just wing it and have fun or do I need to do some advance planning? Tried doing some basic research and reading online but all the guides I encountered were a bit overwhelming and seemed written for people who wanted to min/max stats or play this game very seriously.


Basically FFXIV assumes you’ve never played a video game before period, let alone an MMO. The first 50 levels are a very slow and extended tutorial. You’ll be hand held probably a bit more than you like but it also means you can do basically whatever as long as you listen to the game. One thing to note is that one of the classes you can be (Rogue, which becomes Ninja) isn’t available in character creation. You have to do a sidequst at level 10 to unlock (or level 15 if you pick a class that starts outside Limsa Lominsa).


Honestly, that is extremely reassuring. Thank you!


To echo what’s already been said, the game is pretty good at easing new players into its mechanic, especially nowadays with all the new-player-focused features.

I’d recommend taking a visit to the Hall of Novice at level 15:

It basically consists of role-specific tutorials using bots to help you get a feel for the basic party mechanics. Plus, you get some decent starting gear for completing it. ^^b


Latest letter from the Producer got released!

It looks like they’re slowly introducing a glamour system more akin to WoW’s and I can start offloading a bunch of shit in my retainers’ inventories.


Thank goodness! My retainers are sick of carrying my many outfits. I’d say that’s actually what’s eating up my inventory the most; glamours. (Totally worth it, though.)


I decided to pick up Stormblood because it was $12 bucks on Amazon. I’m still hella behind cause me and my friends stopped playing around Heavensward. Anyone playing on Excalibur?


Patch notes! Patch notes! 4.2 drops on Tuesday 30th! Here are the preliminary patch notes!

Highlights from my skimming:

  • New MSQ content as usual, Hildibrand stuff coming in 4.25
  • A healthy dollop of buffs for Warrior and Black Mage
  • “Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account.”
  • Chocobag saddles! Effective inventory space increased by 70
  • The new (additional) glamour system!
  • Enemies won’t slow you down with Heavy whenever you’re travelling by on a mount
  • New raids and associated gear
  • Tomes of creation - the weekly cap is gone and duties will offer more of them, ilvl330 gear will be easier to come by now
  • Tomes of mendacity now appear to be the Super End Game tomes

Personally feeling a little conflicted about the glamour system. I’d be glad to offload stuff I’m only keeping in case I want to use them as glamours, but I’m really not super hot on the conversion being irreversible.


I used to feel the same way about the new glamour system until I bit the bullet and converted the items I normally use for glamour. The plates really changed how I interacted with glamours in general, in that I make way more now because it’s more convenient!

I do think that 200 item limit is a bit low… I’m not keen on losing an item because I have to destroy it to make room. Also more than 10 slots for outfits, please!


guess we should rename this thread “Ready for Shadowbringers?”

or “ready for blue mage” but apparently a lot of people are disappointed in something which frankly seemed implausible to implement in the first place. anyway i love this art and i can’t wait to try it

Also here’s a summary of the 4.5 Announcement Live Letter