The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?


As the fake FFXIV fan who only interacts with the game for the cute art, this class is a solid 9/10

e: also I changed the name of the thread because my power cannot be contained, although the idea of this referring to Stormblood in perpetuity is very funny to me


I need to catch up on the MSQ :dizzy_face: definitely interested though


I’m leveling Dark Knight (and ignoring MSQ oops) for funsies and man, what a fantastic class and 30-50 job quest. I’m really hoping the lady responsible for that has a prominent scenario writing role or something on the new expansion.


I’m meh about Shadowbringers tbh. I’ve hit 56 as DRK and I find it to be pretty boring at this level and I don’t have much hopes for it getting better. PLD is also not exactly entertaining to me, but it also has about 50 billion cooldowns to use as useful tools. I’m also the outlier of my FC in that I don’t like the DRK 30-50 b/c I have a real clear-cut image of who I want Memori Mentomori of Siren to be as a character, and “secret dark side that laments your altruism and that you’re ‘being used by people’” ain’t it.

Hopefully, the actual content of the MSQ will be less pushy about things, but I’m kind of concerned about the themeing around it. Hopefully they’re using Light and Shadow here as opposing forces, rather than straight up meaning Good and Evil, b/c if I have to spend an expansion committing war crimes and being branded a criminal (again) , I’m just gonna skip every cut scene tbh. Also, Thancred is boring and that’s just facts.

BLU is gonna be a really fun class to play with friends once everyone has it leveled up and we’re not trying to run content as 4 Blue Mages. I agree with @hideokojima in that it’s a class that would be impossible to make the way everyone wants and still have it balanced for actual content, so what they did with it is fine. BUT! They need to fix a lot of the way solo content in this game works for leveling it to actually be fun. FATEs in ARR need to get the same treatment they got in SB, with EXP bonuses and the Forlorn Maiden added in for buffs. Battle levequests need a bit of an overhaul, with the biggest sin being the /beckon leves. Beast Tribe quests need to be set up like they were in HW and SB. They need to be made so they’re doable when your Job starts (Lvl 30) at the very least. Not being able to actually do them until you’re level 45 is a fucking terrible idea.

I’m honestly 100% more interested in what they’re going to be doing mechanically with classes than what the story will be. Hotbars for this expansion have been a mess and traits have been widely underutilized as a way to remix the mechanics of certain moves. PLD has too many cooldowns that feel superfluous (e.g. Tempered Will, Bulwark), DRG has a rotation that is sincerely and honestly too fucking long even when you’re not doing your opener, and healers have to take 9 out of 10 Role Actions because almost all of them are actually good and useful (Not you, Break).

My hotbars ain’t got no business looking like this.

We’re not even going to talk about Riddle of Fire and how it’s the anti-thesis of everything MNK is supposed to be as a class. I’m looking forward to seeing how they par things down and fix Role Actions tbh.


Okay I’ve absolutely drained World of Final Fantasy of content so I’ve only gone and downloaded the free trial for this thing yall keep talking about.

Frankly astounded that nobody had taken the screen name CaptainFantasy. Chuffed.

Also, what do I do. How do I do it. What is this videogame.


Level your class via leves and fates until you hit 15, then hit up the Hall of the Novice for free armor and accessories that you won’t have to replace until at least level 25. Then do a mix of leves and fates and sidequests until the trial slaps your little tater tot hands and tells you you can’t do anymore things without the full game.