The Final Fantasy XIV Thread! Ready for Shadowbringers?


i think unless messing with and learning every class seems fun to you (its my fav part of the game so i was fine with paying a sub while i messed with everything without progressing much) id mess with each one just to get a good feel for what you would like playing most.
it might not be that big of a deal since most people seem to stick with what they started with but me n my sibling ended up changing alot so our first month was alot of experimenting. even more for my sib (like 4 subs or something) cuz they got over their fear of healing n ended up maining white mage instead of a dps which was at like level 18 or something


Ahh, Arc, you’re really selling Faerie server to me!

I’ve been on Leviathan since 2014(?) and the only reason I chose that server is because my legacy lgbtq LS from FFXI chose it. In early 2016 our FC was disbanded and we were absorbed into a different lgbtq-friendly FC but even after all these years I still don’t really vibe with them. It’s a tight knit group that logs in for scheduled raids and I feel like a weird stranger asking them to run old content. Most of them are also on PST (I’m on EST).

I’ve always been super behind on content (still doing Heavensward). I feel like I’d play more often if I had a community I could truly engage with. Joining the Waypoint CWLS seems like a step in the right direction though. Looking forward to grouping up with, y’all.


Leviathan is one of the Big Servers, isn’t it? What’s it like there?

Also I wish I could make a mid-thread poll asking which starting city everyone likes the best. I want scientific evidence that Gridania and its terrible aethernet system is the Worst and Ul’dah is the best.


after spendign the last 2 years with gridania as my return point i have changed to limsa and oh my god this is SO much better


limsa is my fav in both layout and aesthetics, uldah i love the outdoor areas but dont like the indoors, gridania is just decent and a pain to get around.(kugane is my home point though,but my lowest class is 57 so i dont really have a reason to be in low level areas much anymore)


I’ve had no issues on Leviathan. There are always tons of people around, even in low level areas. When I play weekday evenings it’s always very lively. It’s nice to never wait more than 10-15 minutes for duty as dps. In dungeon pick-up groups, I’ve never run into a toxic players (but I feel like ffxiv doesn’t draw that type of crowd?). People generally seem pretty chill and understanding.

But I’ve been playing on and off for years and wouldn’t say I’m exactly tapped into the server community/goings-on.


Limsa as free teleport because of the no loading screen market, Ul’dah as recall because I joined the Flames for Nanamo and Raubahn, but aesthetically I like just hanging out in Gridania the best. I’m a sucker for having some nice greenery around while I craft.


I just started playing this game and Im loving a lot of parts of it, but there are some major things I find to be a bit troubling. I think a lot of the narrative with the “beastmen tribes” feels very violent and colonial. And I wanted to know if this kind of theme continues throughout the whole game or if it gets a better after the first story arc.


ehhh i wouldnt say it gets much better but it does get less focused on. now it feels like they are around just to summon a boss fight. and i do think arr just kinda pissed me off in general more then the stuff later besides like, a few things in the new expac that i find abhorrent.


Not to directly counter the above but I’m in the road to Heavensward and Yshtola literally calls everyone out for causing problems with the beast tribes and pointing out they are all trying to protect themselves from the various human factions and maybe shit wouldn’t be so bad if everyone respected each other’s territory, Merlwyb, goddddd.

By no means is it trying to be wise and progressive about issues but I don’t get the sense it’s blind to stuff either.