The First 'Control' DLC Deepens Its Mystery as Its Shooting Wears Thin

Control feels more timely now than when it came out last summer. Perhaps less fanciful as well: it’s suddenly very easy to understand the cloistered weirdness that radiates from Control’s characters, who you meet while they are besieged inside their fortified headquarters, barred from leaving by a lockdown none of them has the power to lift, and wearing special vests that protect them from succumbing to a psychic infection that struck-down most of their coworkers.

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I’m hoping the AWE expansion (is that redundant? we’ll see) takes place in a more open area. Hopefully gets the player out of the Bureau and in to a field or small town of some sort. I think that’d be a great change of pace.

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I literally had a moment where I thought to earnestly respond to you “they can’t do that, everyone has to stay in their house”. Yikes, I’m losing it.

Yes, please give us some adventures outside the Oldest House.


that’s REALLY funny. sorry you’re going a little stir crazy. basically everyone I see on TV that interacts with another person I’m like “woah, six feet guys!”