The Fitness Thread


General fitness thread. Hello folks, how do you keep up in shape? Also, for those already fit, lend us your expertise. Let this be a place for all of us to become fit. I wholeheartedly recommend it.


Yessss I’m v glad this thread is a thing now because I’ve really been meaning to get in shape

Anyone here into running? I’ve been trying Couch to 5k, but I’ve had a lot of trouble w/consistency. Would anybody be down to do an accountability-type thing for the program?


I can definitely say if you’re too busy with work outs, you can still find time in the day to do a set of push-ups or sit-ups on the floor. It’s cheap and a good way to build some muscle. Though cardio is probably more important in the long-run, so if you wake up early, get some stuff done before the day really starts and get in a short jog when there’s some sun.

As for diet, start by cutting out soda. That will help you in a mountain of ways you’d never expect.


I don’t go to the gym, but I do bodyweight fitness exercises. I’ve also been trying to gain weight.


I actually got slim by running. I was obese before, then I ran. Two months later, I was on my way to slimdom. I got so thin I had to stop running five days a week.

At first, I ran without any direction. Then I read that you should start small, so I targeted 2.5 km for a week. After that, I added 500 meters weekly. I capped off at 5 km.

You should start by running on a very slow pace, a pace where you can hold a conversation without running out of breath. You’ll gradually find that you’ll speed up as time goes by.

Consistency is key. Always run. Don’t let anything stop you.


If time is an issue for people like it is for me, HIIT on a treadmill is great to burn some fat and build some endurance. I used to run but I got bored - HIIT is quick and super exciting. 25 minutes is more than enough I’ve found.

I’m trying to get back into lifting but it’s hard to find time for both, although I can 2-3 times a week usually.


Post-wedding and home buying I gained a lot of the weight I had gotten rid of a few years ago.

I’m still finding a challenge to get workout time in due to the amount of household chores I have to do daily. I’m gonna try to start doing more bodyweight exercises though since I can do them anywhere, but some days it’s either exercise or meditate and meditating has probably saved me a breakdown or two.


HIIT is great. I do it on a field though, sprinting at 100% effort a short distance. My lungs give out way before my legs.


I’ve been wanting to turn a new leaf in terms of physical health, but it’s just difficult. Self defeating thoughts, fights with cravings, and doing mostly on my own always brings me down. I’m hoping after my week vacation I can get to it, and stick to it- I want to so bad. :<


Buy a kitchen scale. Download MyFitnessPal. Use an online calorie calculator and setup MyFitnessPal to those calories. Workout about 3-5 times a week with either weights and/or cardio. This will not only make you lose fat but gain muscle. The more muscle you gain the better your metabolism gets.


I use the Nike fitness app to give me a varied workout so I don’t get bored.

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Nike Fitness App Android

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I run a ton, or did (40-90 miles a month depending on the month), till I gave myself turf toe cuz I didn’t see a tree stump and hit it hard. It’s still getting better so right now I am doing TRX Routines and using an exercise bike while doing weeklies in Destiny.


Something I use is a lot of Joanna Soh vids. My fav is this one.

It’s very simple and short but intense and can be done in bed. I used to do this every day then 50 jump squates, 100 lunges(Alternating), 50 pushups, 100 reps(Alternating) with 10 lbs weights, 50 situps, each day. It takes about an hour but back when I was doing it, gave me great results and felt a lot more energetic and overall stronger and enduring. It also helped me lose weight since it has decent cardio and expends a lot of energy. I need to get back into doing it.


Throughout the day or consecutively? That’s a lot of reps.


I do it consecutively but if it’d be easier to do throughout the day I’d recommend that. I just easily forget if I don’t do it all in a row.


Yeah, consecutively is too much for me. If I’m doing standing lunges, I don’t usually count. I just go for 10 minutes or so.

I can’t do very many pushups. I don’t do them often.


nice monthly regiment that i do

with about 5 miles of running a week sprinkled in. I’ve found that this has kept me in an attractive, bulky (but no too bulky) frame.

i should add that each trip to the gym is a manageable 45-60 minutes.


Probably my OCD is why I do so many, I get very obsessive over my body/etc. But Joanna Soh’s stuff I’d definitely recommend. Lots of very simple short workouts some of which you can even do in bed, which I used to have to do due to how small my room was. You can always do less straining versions of stuff too like cutting down the time from 5 to 2.5 minutes, and work up to more.


I’ve been trying to gain weight recently, after being underweight for a long time.

But I need to put down ~3.5k daily (thanks, height) which, for someone used to eating once, maybe twice a day, is a helluva lot.


I know how you feel. I’ve been drinking protein shakes of around 1000 calories. Still feel like it isn’t enough.