The Fitness Thread


Usually a couple of hours of Muay Thai kickboxing mixed with some weightlifting. I lost 25 pounds in 4 months, but I still carry a lot of muscle mass. I’ve regained some of that lost weight, and now I’m cutting portion size to help.

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I’m currently trying to lose 20 pounds so I am eating an IF diet under 2000 calories which is no fun.
I do Karate and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and try to jog and do bodyweight exercises a couple times a week.
That said if I ever get a gym membership I’ll probably start weightlifting again.


I started running back in around May, and it feels really good. It helps that I’m kinda built for it and have always used my legs quite a lot (e.g. looong-term fast walker/stair skipper :wink: ) After a while, 5k wasn’t too bad and now if I want to I can do a 10k consistently. Having said that, my last couple of runs played havoc on one of my knees so I’ve taken a break for a wek or so. Plus the colder weather doesn’t lend itself to runs as easily.

My upper body on the other hand… I’ve always been pretty skinny and never really put on any weight, so even when I tried doing some ‘work your way to more pushups!’ kinda thing I could never make it that far. I just can’t do that many pushups :frowning: . I don’t know if I should keep going down that line or work on, say planking or core exercises first. Basically I don’t really know how to improve. My diet has never really affected my weight (not as though I don’t eat that much) so it’s a bit demoralising.

Running’s great though, and listening to Zombies, Run while doing it has made it fun too :smiley:


I lost 94 pounds with my primary exercise being playing Overwatch on my exercise bike. I’m still doing that but I’m trying to branch out to other stuff. Especially stuff that has an arm impact. I’m not especially convinced I can stick with anything where I’m not actively distracted.


How do you guys motivate yourself? What do you cook for dinner? What is a good way to start?


Hi there!
I started exercising more frequently after I had to go through back surgery like 10 years ago. I started with basic strengthening exercises but moved quickly to moderate weight lifting and then running. I was doing maybe 10k 3 times a week, 50 minutes. It felt great. Then started doing some CrossFit and that fucked my back again (obviously) so had to move back and start again.
This time I went for bodyweight exercises and it really blew my mind. Back when I was doing weight lifting I did it without a well thought-out plan so my gains were really limited. This time I followed the recommended routine from r/bodyweightfitness and in 6 months I felt stronger than ever before! And way more fun for my taste.
Now I followed GMB integral strength program. Both are good ( one is free), give them a go and see for yourself!!
And exercise is good and all, but if you want to lose weight, diet is key!! Just a change in what you eat, how, and how much may be more than enough for many people if counting calories seems like a chore :wink:


This is tricky, motivation is very hard for me because of my mental illnesses but transitioning has been a great motivator for me, as you’re typically seen as more feminine when you’re thinner and by working out using methods for women I’ve been motivating myself.

For food I like to use steamer meals that take 2-4 mins to microwave and cost like 2-2.50$ each. I try to eat only them and though they are a bit high in sodium have helped me with losing weight.


Oh, i need a thread like this! I’m in terrible shape, to be a bit candid i’ve had a rough year and a half and spent too much of it in bed and eating. Its been difficult to find the motivation or emotional strength to do anything but i’m getting to the point where i desperately need to start exercising before things get worse. I hope things like this can help me find that motivation.

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I work out 7 days per week, usually at the gym. 5 days of weight lifting, 2 days of running is my current schedule. Been going at this pace for 1,5 years now, I only skip days when I’m sick.
I think the best way to get started is to find a workout routine that works for you. Find something you enjoy. And find out if you prefer to go about it with others, or alone. Try different things, see what sticks. And if you’re lifting weights, pay close attention to form and use light weights to avoid injuries.
Also, having goals like losing weight is great, but I personally think a good mindset is to not only think of this as something temporary, but making it a part of your life going forward. Because once you stop working out and want to start over, it becomes so much harder to get back into it.
The whole eating part is a different beast, there are loads of different ideas for what is good or not. But a really good starting point is dropping things filled with sugar. Try to eat simple and clean, find time to cook and learn about the contents of your food. I personally stick to a high protein, medium fat and low carb diet to keep it simple. I replace pasta, rice etc with vegetables, usually broccoli.


Hey there.

So to stay in shape. I run 7 miles 6-7 days of the week. Everyday I run either before or after work. A great playlist is a life saver.

I also workout mainly calisthenics 3-4 times a week. I also try to push myself from 30 minutes to an hour everytime I can.

I also eat well. Well 90% of the time. I need to cut carbs for a month to say I can do it lmao

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I train 4 days a week, centered around powerlifting so each day covers Squats, Bench and Deadlifts individually with the 4th day usually working on shoulders since i’m incredibly weak in that area.

Currently bulking in this block of training
On training days my diet is mostly high carb in the morning meals near training time, as the day goes on I lower the amount of carbs in the meal.
Off days Protein, Fat and Carbs are balanced across all meals of the day.

So nutrition is a huge part of all this so for me I found making meals in bulk helps. It’s easier to keep to a diet if I can just reach into the fridge and have a already prepped meal for me.

The other thing that helps a lot is actually trying to make your meals taste nice so definably learn to cook and experiment with meals you’re preparing.


I run 2-4 times per week, 5ks and up when I’m feeling it. Also do some strength training, at least once per week.
It has helped me lose quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years.

I’ve also started to add some HIIT to my workouts which helps trimming the last fat pockets :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to build muscle is hard. Been trying to build up my chest for weeks with pushups, (incline) bench presses and the like. Progress is there, but very slow.


I did everything in this post and immediately started losing weight a couple months ago. I noticed it really opens your eyes to how big portions are and makes you better at estimating. However I started to dread going to a restaurant or going to someone’s for dinner. So I would say use this tactic to get to your goal fast, then you have to make lifestyle changes to stay there.

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I used to be what I would class as “a runner”. Did one marathon (never again) and would regularly run 10k, 10 mile and half marathon races. It’s the only exercise I can do/want to do (outside of Football but that kinda stopped when I got into running) Hip surgery and then the arrival of my little boy have meant yesterday was my first 10k race for well over two years. It went fine, I really enjoyed it and realised I missed the races. But man oh man it seems very difficult to get a proper comeback going post-surgery. Having a child obviously takes up a lot of your time, but I didn’t realise quite how much. Going out for an hour or so for a run is a ludicrous notion right now, at least on any kind of regular basis. It’s not as if I can get up earlier and go out when we are barely getting enough sleep to function on a daily basis.

He is brilliant, but as a soon-to-be person in his forties, I feel I need to get back to my previous fitness, in order to have the energy the Boy requires/deserves. Yet there seems no way to do that in a 24 hour day, without getting even less sleep and therefore limiting the effectiveness of any training.

About two months in after his birth I thought maybe I was just making excuses, but he is now nine months old and I am starting to accept that maybe I just won’t get back to running outside of the odd 10km race. Until he has left home anyway…

That turned into a “state of my life” post, didn’t it.


Yes, it is a lifestyle change for sure. Realize this is not for short term but long term. It is also ok to have a cheat meal from time to time. Life is about balance. That doesn’t mean have a cheat day(s). You don’t want to end up back at square 1. I have one cheat meal a week and it helps with cravings and preventing me from binge eating. Btw this is not really a direct response to you but kinda following up on what you said.


I’m glad a thread like this is finally here! I train 3 - 4 days a week depending on my programming and powerlifting is my main uh…sport. I also try to do highland games but I need to make some implements for more practice!

Consistency is the name of the game and if you like doing something then keep doing it.


I was out of the gym for a month due to moving (although I was definitely using my muscles), and my diet sort of went to shit. But, last week I found my dream gym and I’ve been back to it, slowly getting back into it so I don’t kill my body. Back to eating right as well and I feel so much better.

I’ll been doing StrongLifts 5x5 along with some different mobility warm-ups until after 11/04 (i have a 24 hour event that weekend), then I’ll be doing the SOFLETE program again, which is amazing for the endurance events and obstacle course races I do. It’s basically a really smart and well programmed Crossfit.


Keep at it. It took me forever to get some definition.

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Lots of runners it seems. I don’t do HIIT very often, as it makes my legs sore.

Been doing calisthenics to exercise my abs. I’ve recently hit a good progress point with my l-sit. No more hamstring pain.


Just getting back in exercising regularly after breaking my hand playing ultimate frisbee. I was out for nearly 3 months and lost a ton of endurance and strength. I also gain nearly 10 pounds due to not watching my diet.

Fortunately, I got cleared at the end of September, so I’ve been officially back for about 2 weeks. On one hand, it feels great to finally get back to playing/running but I’m rusty and slow. I’ve been working on trying to get back into shape but of course I aggravated a muscle I pulled back in May.

Anyway, I ended up downloading MyFitnessPal which has been a huge help. I’ve nearly dropped the 10 pounds I gained over the summer and am now working on the other 10 pounds I’ve been meaning to lose.