The Fitness Thread


It took me a long time to find something that worked for me.

I started buying DDP Yoga which helped me build some muscle but I didn’t really loose weight, plus I’ll be honest it felt like a chore most of the time. it was still good to get active again though

I then invested in an exercise bike which is what really kick started my weight loss. I ended up propping my iPad on the handle bars so I can watch stuff while I pedal away. Giant Bomb videos and anime being favourites. I had to exercise pretty much once a day though and gradually increase the intensity and time period, a few times a week wasn’t really doing it for my body apparently.

Around this time I looked at my diet too. I cut portion size (cause I’ve always been an over eater) and cut out unnecessary carbs (like not having garlic bread with pasta dishes, drinking light beer and just having veggie burgers without the buns but more salad) being vegan this was kind of tough but to loose weight it was worth it.

To date I’ve ended up loosing 3 stone over 2 and a half years (41lbs) going from 16.2st to 13.3st (227lbs to 186lbs) still got a ways to go but for the first time in my life I feel informed enough to do it.

I guess part of it is learning what works for your body through trial and error. Also having any kind of friends in similar positions to help motivate you (like this thread!) is really good to have.


Hmm, I didn’t know that about more muscle meaning a gain in metabolism. Good to know, thanks.


DDP Yoga is a great program! I’d recommend trying it again now that you’re more used to regular exercise, you might enjoy it more. Yoga can really kick my butt even with the high intensity workouts I do, holding those poses can suuuuuuck!


Yeah, my plan was to get to a size I’m happy with then use DDP yoga to maintain/build more muscle.

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I’m envious of you people who can run. I was “blessed” with horribly flat feet, and can’t run for more than 5 minutes without getting horrible shin splints. Problem is, running shoes are very hard to find for me.

The best shape I’ve ever been in was due to a workout program called Insanity. It was hard as shit, but you would definitely see results very quickly.


CICO method and some light cardio throughout the week. I like to call it “keeping the lights on”.


I’m not in shape. :frowning: Weighed in at 234 this morning. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. After weighing myself, I resorted to half a banana, some plain-jane Quaker Oats oatmeal, and some black coffee. I’ve been running recently, but you can’t out run a bad diet (or 16 beers over the weekend).


Download MyFitnessPal and start eating less calories than you burn! You got this!


Anyone who does calisthenics, what do you guys do for chest and abs? Just looking for more variety.


I tend to go to the gym 3 times a week, my ‘day’ job is at a very busy bar so I’m usually already very active on my feet.
I’ve always been tall and skinny so I didn’t think I could gain muscle mass and definition, but…things are actually going pretty well tbh!

I’m nowhere near as strict on myself as some folks I know, and mainly focus on the main compound/core exercises and some weight training. The biggest change is that I definitely do not ache/feel stiff/hurt near as much as I used to! It’s hard to get the motivation to go sometimes, but it’s definitely helped me depression, since it boosts my mood a lot after each workout!

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Hi there this thread is extremely my shit

I’m real big into two things that kinda conflict: powerlifting which encourages me to become The Largest Human Possible and cycling which would rather that I was not so Large

since I ““compete”” in powerlifting and don’t race bikes my priority is generally to be Large and to lift Large Things

I also once lost 120lbs in less than a year so yeah hit me up if you wanna talk about bikes or large iron objects for hoisting or whatever


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good starter Exercise Bike. I’m looking at prices and they seem cheaper then I thought they would be.


in general, the ones where you’re moving a fan or pushing against a magnet or something are better than the ones that get their resistance from friction, but aside from that i dunno. i like to be outside, there’s more stuff to look at :slight_smile:


Outside is good but don’t discount the exercise benefits of a static cycle you can drag in front of a screen. I’ve burned through multiple tv series and kept up to date with Waypoint and Giantbomb video spinning on my bike :upside_down_face: :biking_woman:

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I’m a pretty big runner. I started in High School as a way to reflect on my day and get my thoughts in order. It’s been like my own way of meditation. Zoning out for an hour is one of the most refreshing feelings.


I went from a fanatical runner (a marathon every season) to a dad with other priorities. In my 40s now, the thing that helped me bounce back into shape properly (which only really happened when the kids went to school) was focusing on obstacle and mud runs - they give you all the fun, focus and anticipation of race day but they’re far more relaxed in terms of training and peer pressure (in the events, it’s everybody against the course, not you against everybody / pace group / PR.) Because you need to work some decent upper body and leg strength in there in addition to running, you get a few days a week you can just exercise at home without too much fuss while still building towards the endgoal of surviving the course.

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I love OCR events! I need to do another Tough Mudder soon, the only one I did this year was a Rugged Maniac, which was fun.

I also do GORUCK events, although not so much this year as I recently moved and almost all my events were signed out for around the time we bought the house and ended up needing to move, lol.


I started walking to and from work a couple years ago - going to try to take up cycling for pretty much most things I do next year (post our horrific winter). I throw in a few workouts either in the morning or on weekends. I track what I eat - eat reasonably, but don’t make hate yourself via the food you eat.

The most important part for me has been trying to make a slow life shift, so that I’m actually just living healthier, rather than trying to lose weight as efficiently as possible.


This is the one I got:

It’s served me well and got plenty of use over a year and a half.

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After getting my L-sit down, stuff is back to feeling impossible. I keep feeling like I can ‘cheat’ a handstand by transitioning from tucked sit, but it’s a lot harder than I thought. That, and I’m scared of falling forward and breaking my back.