The Fitness Thread


Nice idea. I do a 24 hour race each year (in a team, I am not insane enough to try solo though each year I think about it. For about five minutes) which is similar I guess. This year I basically walked the third lap (five mile loop) due to lack of fitness but I have loved it each year as its not a normal “run the distance” challenge. Maybe if I did obstacle races etc I would feel the same way.

School a long way off for the Boy though!

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Love running and have been doing it for years. I find it’s a great way to get out of a bad mood, however if I can’t find time to fit a run in I can get worse than I was before.

Generally go for 2-3 runs a week with an average run being 10km with a pace around 4:20 per km but if I have time (and I’m motivated) I’ll push it up to 16km. The way I approach exercise is that I only want to do what I’m willing to keep up my whole life. It’s why I won’t go to the gym or anything to push myself further as I have no intention on devoting that much time every week.

I run alone but earlier in the year I participated in a half marathon and finished in just under 1hr 30mins. Pretty stoked with that performance and managed to break my 10km record in the same run.

Definitely recommend it as great exercise to get into and when I started I couldn’t run 200m without having to stop from panting and exhaustion.


I recently began to get bored of running and am laying off of bodyweight exercises and lifting due to some joint pain. To fill the gap I purchased a stationary magnetic bike that I have been using 5-6 times a week, usually in the morning. I typically do around 1 hour at various resistance levels. I find that on average this equates to 12-15 miles and 600-800 calories burned.

The part of using the bike that has been especially enjoyable is that I can actually play a game while exercising. I have played through the majority of Bloodborne while on the bike.


You could do the r/bodyweightfitness routine. It has progression, and includes all your major muscle groups. Core work like planks are good for improving running. I don’t know that it will help your push ups if you arms are failing you. If you consistently have trouble with improving strength, your diet may be the issue.

If you are having a hard time putting on weight, counting calories helps there too! You probably eat less than you think you do. When I was super underweight, I had days when I would eat what I felt was a lot, but then eat like a bird for a few days after. Myfitness pal is your friend! Good luck!

On that note. I need to get back to running and counting calories. I used to be able to run for about an hour, now 20 minutes is a killer again. I did couch to 5k and started to transition to 10 ks, but lost focus. No good. My knees started aching during runs, but active stretching before hand helps a lot. My wife also got a run coach, so I’ve been siphoning knowledge from her.


Took me years of not liking gyms until I found about crossfit and olympic weightlifting like 3 years ago. I won’t get better looking until I completely fix my diet (slowly working towards it) but boy, did I really love when something resembling pecs took the place of former flaccid moobs and shoulders starting filling the t-shirt sleeves.

Also, there’s something magical about almost passing out after breaking your own deadlift PR (did two weeks ago @140Kg) or having the whole class cheering so you can finish squatting that last rep.

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Yo, that is an awesome pace! Congrats!


Sorta a key thing for me too was finding a sport or style of exercise that I enjoyed.

Like I used to do like zero exercise and when I finally started doing powerlifting training and competitions I found it so much fun it’s motivated me to keep training.

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I’ve been training in the martial arts almost as long as I’ve been gaming. Started in the traditional arts (Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Judo), then moved into more “sport-like” arts (competitive TKD, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, etc.). These days I get in 2-3 classes per week. I’ve also picked up a serious yoga habit (2-3 sessions/week). And I walk to and from work everyday (~2 miles each way).

I get bored with most gym workouts because I need something much more technically focused. I also recently had knee surgery (from a BJJ injury), so I can’t run anymore or do anything too high impact. It’s a challenge, but I’m stubborn and slowly figuring it out.

And for those focusing more on weight loss/control, portion size and limiting sugary drinks (soda, beer, juice) is key! Eating habits have a way of creeping up on me, so every so often I stop drinking beer and target 800 calories per meal, and within two months I will lose 15-20lbs and drop an inch or two from my waist!


My current 1 rep max:

Squat 385lbs
Conv deadlift 425lbs
Bench 225 (i suck at bench).

Current avg weight is about 184lbs.


Yeah that is really good. Even when I was properly fit I was doing 1:45 for Half’s. Really good running to get under 90 minutes.


Well, in my case sugary drinks were luckily never ever in my diet. I recently limited alcohol to just once a week maximum strictly on social ocasions (so no more beer at home!) and stopped completely with the salty snacks. I’m now working on portion control and giving up on sweets for good, which is not as easy.

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I keep thinking about trying some Crossfit but it’s so dang expensive. It’d be good conditioning and I think I would broadly enjoy it, partially because based on most of the gyms I’ve seen I’d be the slowest but strongest person in the gym.

There’s one by me that teaches “The Power Lifts” which is useful, too: Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, and Medicine Ball Squat.

oh if we’re gonna just post our lifts, my gym bests are 445/265/505 @ 230. I need to do another meet soon and make those official.


Yeah, having to pay for the license + especialized equipment + certified coaches for small groups makes things expensive fast. I’m currently paying 100€/month for unlimited access to the box so I can’t complain but it might be too much if your finances are not that good especially seeing the push for low cost gyms (with low cost facilities and no coaches) for dirt cheap.


I work out at home so it’d go from $0/month (we will ignore how much I’ve spent on stuff…) to like $150/month, and that’s a big dang jump.


Wow I did not think crossfit gyms were that expensive.
I pay like 25 a month for my gym since they still have me down as a student membership.


Crossfit is a Very Popular Brand that’s organized around group workouts so it’s gonna be expensive for the next few years until the next fad comes along and most of the gyms go out of business or re-work their models.


I’m so fortunate to be a member of a gym that basically has all the equipment a CrossFit gym has but they don’t do CrossFit and don’t charge CrossFit prices.


4:20 per km

very dank pace

(jokes aside, that’s awesome!)


Mine at least is run by ethical people and the owners know everybody by name. It’s not the biggest or the flashiest (in fact it’s rather small) but unlike other places that popped up later following the money, mine has very professional coaches who are in turn powerlifting or oly competitors, and aside for crossfit they train people for competitions as well so good form and a 4h starting course to learn the lifts are mandatory.

You can even get “time out” or be required by coaches to unload the bar if you’re not doing exercises right, and there’s a quick 5-10 min mobility and stretching session after each class. Neither of that happens in most other boxes I’ve visited, so no wonder people think it’s a dangerous sport. It’s true that, being a high intensity training, it uses to attract a very particular type of douchebag that gives us all a bad name but at least coaches try to keep them under control.


Yo…I love this thread. I run a split 5k five days a week with lifting during my intervals. I went from 152 at 5’3 to 118 and am now working my way back up to 125. In early September I found out I have discoid lupus. The steroid I was prescribed made my heart act wonky and I ended up losing 8 lbs in the same number of days. I’ve been on a break since. I’ve continued to eat as well as I possibly can, but preparing for a cross country move has made ordering out happen a little more often than I’d like. Hopefully I will have more fruitful posts after the move.