The Fitness Thread


I do a program called SOFLETE, which is like a programmed CrossFit in that each days builds on the last, but it’s still that mix of lifting and HIIT stuff. I’m just glad I finally found a gym that has all the stuff I need for it, but I don’t have to pay the CrossFit $$$. My old gym was a rec center, and I had to make a lot of substitutions with exercises or equipment, now I won’t have too!


I wasn’t planning on running that quick for that long but I’m pretty competitive after being in a swimming club from a young age until the end of highschool so I picked up the pace to match those around me. It was fine up until around the 19th km when I felt my energy fall off a cliff. If I were to do it again I’d make sure to train for a distance longer than the 21km so that I’d have energy left in the tank.


Best experience I had recently when running was a 10km that was run to this album start to end.

Felt over the moon at the end - recommended!