The Flawed 'Sea of Solitude' Has a Director's Cut, And It's Basically a New Game

Even the most basic video game takes years to make, and by the end of that process, most developers will tell you they would have done things a lot differently. The fruits of those lessons, however, are typically carried forward into the next game. It's rare a developer gets a second chance at the same endeavor, but Sea of Solitude's release on Switch, dubbed The Director's Cut, isn't just a portable version of a story about mental illness. There's a brand-new script, a new cast of voice actors, tweaked gameplay, and altered cutscenes. 

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What a strange story. It somehow evokes maximum ambivalence at every turn. The original game is criticized for its clumsy approach to mental health themes, then they get the chance for a do-over but it’s Quantic Dream of all things that swoops in to grant it. Lacking a review of the Director’s Cut (a loaded term now for reasons beyond their control), as well as being unable to get comments about QD’s problems or from the VA who was replaced, this feels like 2/3 of the story that Patrick wanted to write (not his fault either!). I am so baffled.