The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


So my way around taking photos with the watermarks (on PC) is to take a screenshot by pressing win+Printscreen, or pressing home on the Xbox controller and selecting the screenshot option. In the Xbox app you should be able to find the capture directory and if you took pictures in HDR there will be two files, one jpg, on jxr (which I think has the HDR data?)

And I just checked, the screenshots are in 4k!

So I need to look into it more, but at least on PC I think there are means to edit HDR screenshots you take of the game. At the very least this is a way to get screenshots you can edit further in Photoshop or paint or whatever!


This video settings being reset thing was a problem in FH3 on PC as well. Sad to see it still hasn’t been fixed.

Never found a solution to this in FH3, and I haven’t found any solutions for FH4 either.
It’s a bummer, but I’m also not going to stop playing on PC because of it.

On another note, never was I more disappointed about Toyota pulling out of Forza than when I realized I wouldn’t be able to drive a Trueno and play really bad eurotrash while doing a wild drift.


This was literally 90% of my time with FH 3 and I’ve basically compensated with an RX-7 modelled after Kyoko’s:

Sadly Horizon 4 doesn’t seem to have the Groove Music Custom Soundtrack support 3 did so I’m sorely missing this:


Ah, I’d not checked the Xbox capture (I just used the nVidia Share stuff to Alt-F1 grab the entire screen for native res captures but only does SDR without the Ansel special hooks in the game - sometimes I’m just capturing video so can scrub through the footage to grab a few in-progress shots).

Good to hear they’re doing HDR grabs - Jpeg XR is a MS tech so I guess that’s why they’re doing that over OpenEXR (an ILM open format). I might have to do some poking to try and work out how to import that into my preferred image processing workflow (old Adobe Lightroom). The issue with editing SDR shots after the fact is they’re quantised to 8-bits (along that classic gamma curve) so any additional processing leads to banding/information loss (which is a huge shame when the game is internally processing an HDR image with >8-bit info and often working with a linear space before the tone-mapping to the screen).

Edit: Hmm, and the MS Photoshop plugin is just that (so no support for Lightroom from a similar era). *Me opening a JXR in Microsoft Windows 10 Photos and trying to edit it*: How can you hate this image this much? (this is clearly not handling the 16-bit HDR info correctly)

One weird thing: the Xbox capture grabs 4K screenshots for me. That’s kinda expected as I’ve got a 4K screen but internally the game is rendered at 3200x1800 (because my 1070 isn’t quite up to 4K60). The nVidia Share captures 1800p native shots, not the 4K upscaled output. Presumably they hook into different buffers to extract the screenshots.


The Winter Porsche is back spinning sweet broadies in the untouched pow-pow.


I would make this an animated gif but I suspect it’s actually less bandwidth to just embed a video.


Way to go everyone. I’ve finally been pulled onto the anime car bandwagon.

I would watch the hell out of a Dakar anime though.


This is the most cool symmetrical little house in a game where you can own like 15 houses and two castles and it’s the only one I want but alas

I also think that the 1993 Skyline GT-R is becoming my defacto Winter Car. Thing handles OK off road and sticks to asphalt like glue.


Love the winter wonderland that is, uh, Britain?

But seriously, winter is so much more fun without having to change winter tires, shoveling your driveway, or dry skin.


I want to play this so much but every time I try and launch I get the splash screen and then nothing. This seems like it is happening to a fair number of people but none of the solutions worked for me.

I spent way too much time troubleshooting it without any progress when I could have been playing Hollow Knight. The event log clearly shows the Forza executable crashing for no discernible reason. Disabling tuning applications, OBS etc. didn’t work for me. I basically tried everything short of reinstalling windows, including four separate 62GB downloads. I’m just going to have to wait for them to patch whatever issue is causing this. Waiting is the hardest part.


I had a similar thing, it was an audio issue for me, I changed to a headset connected directly to the back of the motherboard from headphones plugged in to my monitor, turned off spatial sound, and made sure all my audio drivers and stuff were up to date (also windows updates), after that it was fixed, if you haven’t tried any of those it might work!!


OK I legit just spent about an hour inside a single scene taking different photos. Rob was right about the living impressionist painting stuff.


Thanks, I’ll try plugging my headset into the back instead of the port at the front when I get home. Unfortunately the audio driver’s for my motherboard haven’t been updated since 2017. I’ll try disabling all audio and if that works I’ll have to consider a separate sound card.


Don’t mind me, just on my way to crashing into a murderous willow tree…


Damn, Mr. Weasley upgraded his whip with a roll cage.


I know this games so pretty that it’s already on everyone’s shortlist for best graphics but I really appreciate just how properly dark the nights in this game are.


That’s not all he upgraded. It was a D class when I got it in a wheelspin, and it could barely get up to 40mph…It is now an S2…the thing can FLY off jumps now…almost like magic…


Dusted off my X-Box and got it out of storage for the first time since I stopped playing Forza Horizon 3 and have joined the Driftcourse.

If you see someone driving really badly in a car with a Pikachu skin, that’s probably Ash Jr. If it’s driving really badly with a regular paintjob it’s me. As someone who grew up in Australia and now lives in the UK the last two Horizons haven’t exactly been exotic driving locations for me, but familiar is fun too.


So, weird question. I’ve unlocked the whole festival seasonal thing. How do I just race people? Is that what team adventure is for?


Finally got some good winter duds for my avatar!

I kind of wish there was a way to take photos of your character in photo mode outside of the car. Like if there were beauty spots but where you can just kind of chill next to your car for a picture.