The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


Has anyone tried the Mixer streaming on PC?

I had it streaming the demo as FH4 before release (appeared in the Xbox app and Mixer website as FH4) but currently the release game seems to be mislabelling itself as “Live” (a category for video streams?) when I try to stream it. No idea why as I’m setting it up exactly the same way via the Xbox GameBar (and I can’t see any place to edit the configured game).


Spring has Sprung!


Springtime, my droogs.


With the reveal that the barn find for Spring is a Ford GT I’ve had to upend all my plans for the season and instead do the most old man car collector thing and slap a Gulf livery on the GT and get in classic car races.

Though I guess if I’m playing an old car collector now it means I need to get this car on a ship and get it to the other side of the world in time for the Concourse D’Elegance.

Laguna Seca or bust!

Also, spring is pretty and I keep forgetting to name all my pics of Fords with fordza.


As soon as I saw the back of that GT40 Mk 1 I had the same thought. Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of it.


I found it. The best car.


I faced the rubberbanding in those classic car races and yelled “who would dare drive something faster than a GT?!”


This game has the weirdest systems of accomplishment and as a result i have the weirdest relationship with the game.

Forza Horizon 4’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t want to be in your way when you play. It doesn’t want to bother you with having to use different cars and it doesn’t want to bug you with giving you a need to win any races. Just play a race and whatever place you get is fine. Want to get a faster car or tune you current? Well then we would just raise the level of the competition so everything would just be an offset waste of time.

The game makes almost no difference of winning a race and finishing last. So there’s absolutely no reason to even try to do good. They have stripped the competition-aspect out of simple car racing.

This gives me an almost complete lack of accomplishment that i don’t ever think i’ve felt in a game. There’s a lot to do in Forza Horizon 4 but no reason to do it. I just drive around feeling numb with the game audio turned down so i can listen to podcasts. Everytime i quit the game i feel that i have no reason to go back into it.

The game is good in almost every other way. But the lack of reason is almost unheard of in gaming.


I’m a big fan of games that meet you where you are (so it would initially seem like I’m really enjoying the decisions made for FH4) and yet the glaring way FH4 actually doesn’t do that is that there is no attempt to incentivise anything beyond the legacy systems that still exist and yet are so clearly not the point of anything here.

You still get a credit boost for changing the assists and this would be thought of as part of the package of ways the game incentivises playing at your limit. I’ve written at length about how the series (starting with Motorsport) did exactly that for me but when you remove the link from finishing and credits earned then the assists are basically just a multiplier you set for no great reason to moderately change how many credits you get at the end of the race (because where you finish sure doesn’t) and it’s all pointless because the vast majority of your earned credits come from levelling up and so on to unlock gambling rewards. And as the simulation damage doesn’t affect any other driver and the courses seem to have been designed without even considering anyone would enable it, some of that stuff doesn’t even seem to have been ported forward with due consideration (so you can get a bit of a credit boost that doesn’t matter by enabling an option that means you always come last if the course has a jump in it because you’ll slow down while all the AI still run full-speed).

The open-entry and auto-tuned cars seem like it’s meeting you where you are until you race any of the seasonal or weekly events that are limited by class (or even specific car for the weekly stuff) and you realise that the game is actually pretty useless as correctly finding cars to fairly compete with you. It’s either easy (even on the highest AI difficulty) or literally impossible without scaling them back as the AIs either have weird boosters or are tuned in a way that means you’re never going to compete in what you can to the event with. Don’t even get me started on how much the AI cheats online - we focus on the few Showcase events for their pure rubberbanding AI but the rest of the game is not exactly free of issues with actually giving you a suitable challenge and not cheating (unlike previous games that have seemed generally better behaved outside of Showcases and especially in the FM games). And the results don’t really matter anyway as everything is only classified as completed or not so it doesn’t push you to experiment anyway. Just as well as so many of the cars are locked behind either only being rewards from gambling or being something that’s easiest to get to via random luck of the gambling.

It’s such a fun game to play and world to drive around in but it’s all got the smell of oxygen to it. You can feel the casino even outside of the explicit gambling elements. The constantly rising numbers, the way they’re linked to being in the place and inhaling that air rather than challenging yourself. Even the PR events and their leaderboards feel more vestigial now the seasons mean we’ve just had a week where basically most of the leaderboards were impossible to really dive into because the conditions were worse so you’d do better to just wait for better weather and get a real top score later on. Oh, and the times you’ll be doing those things for the #Forzathon Live stuff which are all about just repetition to boost the total rather than actually getting a high score.


A message from the discord:
@Gottrahmen this sounds like a challenge to your previous records :open_mouth:


I was out for winter, but now that spring is here… :muscle: :crown:


Feeling cute might delete


If you want a challenge, there are hundreds of speed traps, drift zones and speed zones that all have arbitrary and unchanging goals to suit whatever you are actually looking for (something that doesn’t smell of oxygen?). Some of them are pretty damn hard as well.


Yep and most of them should be done in summer because that’s when you can actually compete with the conditions set up correctly (winter was a wash for polishing off the last few speed PR events for me and then spring comes around and suddenly they’re trivial - this does not feel like a great design decision to bundle all the leaderboard and star challenges in together rather than break them out per season). Also that’s more analogous to the GT license tests in how restricted they are in what’s tested (vs having a proper drive).

Why can’t you see which races on the map you’ve “completed” (raced before) and which you’ve actually done well on? Why not break out each season so you can see you’ve “completed” those PR events but be able to drill down and see four seasons of leaderboards and challenges - that would even add replayability to each of them as you could go back each season and find a new challenge there suited to the weather rather than them being static and exhausted if you play heavily for 1 week.

Why are you expected to level to 20 on the Road Series (to unlock that big final event for the series) but there aren’t enough events and as it is currently set up you’ve got no idea which ones you could improve on as they’re all just ticked off. On that topic, surely Rivals could be tweaked to not always break out the influence to the Rivals progression but give you no progression in the track type (and car type) you’re competing in? That way you could race the track and get a bit of Road progression because it’s a Road track (while having the challenge of improvement and leaderboards from Rivals)?

It’s all part of this feeling that despite the obvious quality of the game, the gears are not quite aligned and you can hear things not meshing quite right. That hopefully via the two big expansions or for Forza Horizon 5 (a launch title for the next Xbox? We’re starting to get into that sort of expectation if we think console could launch late 2020) there could be a more radical redesign of how all the different systems that have been put into these games work together. Something that feels fresh and cohesive that builds on top of all of these individual systems (so time of day and weather and season are all deeply integrated into the challenges of each event and feel like a progression of difficulty and extremes - the way the sun can blind as it sits low in the sky on a corner when things are just so but the game never knows that because the systems aren’t deeply connected).


So I have a question for anybody who knows - there’s, like, a button I see on one of the pause screens that I think says “business income” or something? What is that all about? It’s always empty.


One of the four story modes (Yellow map icons, eg LaRacer or Stunt Driver) is called World’s Fastest Rentals (in Edinburgh). To start it you have to pay 100k credits to “buy” the rental location. After doing that you get regular payments from the business.

It’s the only Story that’s a “Business” but presumably from how they set it up, there may be more coming later (in a patch or as part of the DLC expansions).


You seem incredibly picky, but I’ve never played a Forza game before and haven’t even touched a driving game in years. Of course there are a lot of things you can point out as bizarre design decisions, but its all good fun to me and the feel of the driving is what I’m enjoying


I mean, that’s kinda one of the main avenues of critique. Especially when very familiar with a long running series or genre. Like, discussing the intricacies of how things fit together (or don’t) doesn’t reduce the enjoyment of anyone else.

Especially on places like Waypoint where there have been detailed discussions around gambling-like experiences and their negative effects on people, it seems sensible to discuss a game where the majority of what feels like progress comes from a literal prize wheel (and exactly how that contrasts with the other systems of progress in the game).


Of course, just came across as a bit contrarian. Regarding its gambling, the seasonal 007 events are the only blatant micro-transaction I found. There is no need to put any real money towards anything because it rewards you with so much stuff already, albeit in a luck-based format. I know you can buy more spins, but I’m already overloaded with them every time I play.


Forza games are notorious for adding microtransactions in later. Given the history of the series it’s worth examining how the systems around the core of the game help or hinder the experience.

Nobody is questioning that this game feels good. Hell, most AAA games are compentent when it comes to minute to minute play. It’s often more important when critiquing a AAA game to examine how everything around the minute to minute play alters or derails the experience. In the case of Forza Horizon 4, the game leaves a lot to be desired.