The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


I also want to repeat something from earlier discussions: gambling-like experiences don’t have to require you to pay real money in. Their addictive qualities can cause negative effects without requiring an endless burn on your money (by precisely replicating the endorphin cycle of classic gambling via the elements of chance, winning of something you value, and constant progression towards that next gambling-like spin with ever more things to win that you value).

When the game is designed to look like gambling when doing the major acts of progression (the 5-10k credits for completing a race are not significant towards buying that next house or super-car, the 250k credit wheel roll is as are the higher end cars that spin by on the same wheel, including those which can only be unlocked this way) and everything else feels quite light so that it emphasises time spent over how you spend that time or how much focus or improvement you bring to that time then it’s making me wonder about the decisions made to tune how everything works.

It’s far from unique to FH4, but when we discuss this game then it’s something I’ve only come to find more fundamental to how I engage with the game as I’ve put more hours into seeing everything on offer. If I do write about the game (actually collecting my thoughts) then I’d probably pitch around the slightly loose way every system appears to engage with the greater whole and just how much of it feels “floaty” because of it. Not the driving, that’s more fun than it has ever been and a great time, but the systems for progression and even just how it marks what you’ve done in the world.


I feel like it’s worth considering how GamePass plays into this too, and might play into future Microsoft releases. The goal of the wheelspins in Forza is to increase the amount of time the player spends playing the game, and like, missions accomplished I have something like 3 days in this game? The end goal economically is likely less about microtransactions or selling DLC and much more about retaining GamePass users by keeping up that skinnerbox, on top of the games as a service aspects that come along with the weekly change of seasons and continued updates. At the very least GamePass changed the way they sold the Ultimate edition of the game (adding the 2 expansions into the Ultimate edition this time to sweeten the pot so to speak).

I’m curious what future releases will look like from Microsoft with the goal being retain GamePass users and not necessarily selling copies. Horizon fits right in as it is.


I created a Kirby livery for the P50, because somehow no one else had done it yet.

It’s downloadable, so if you want it search for it on the gallery!


That’s wonderful!


You are doing the best thing


Ah, that makes sense. I haven’t stumbled across that particular icon yet, somehow. Thanks!


Learned some stuff about tuning. Gave my R32 some extra horses & it’s looking crisp. Tweaked & balanced a bunch. Babby learned to shift manually & smashed a couple high scores. The king is (slowly crawling his way) back baby! :muscle: :crown: :sunglasses:


Really enjoyed the last installment and was umming and ahhing whether to grab this, the Xbox gamepass has proven to be an amazing offering, 2 weeks to get as much Horizon as possible before paying about $12AU for a month of more Horizon, it’s almost too good a deal I feel like there’s some hidden catch somewhere.

Anyway I’m up to Spring and getting to the point where the map is almost too full of things to do that it’s making me disengage from being overwhelmed.


The patch is out so that new Chapter of the Horizon Story is available. Not checked the route creator but that’s also in there too. One day of playing it during spring before the summer arrives.

(Also, because I can’t not see these things: did they randomly decide that Street Race events go fully gold, including The Marathon final event, while every other type of event only gets a gold border and the dual branches for completion? Is there some meaning behind that choice? Is this game actually just an ARG and everything has a hidden meaning when we work out all the tiny differences between systems?)


Jesus Christ, I just got properly spooked in this game. I took a blind corner on the wrong side of the road at speed only to almost come head on into one of those big tractors. Thankfully I hit the rewind button in time.


If you’re going to have a Pagani Zonda, you might as well make it DOUBLE EXTRA.


Remember when I said I found the best car?

I lied

because this is the best car


Fully gold means you won the race. Gold border means you completed it. Pretty simple, OR IS IT?


I can assure you this is something you might suspect (it would be the reasonable thing to assume) but also it’s 100% not what’s going on at all. You can amble over the finish line 12/12 on a Street Scene event and it goes all gold for “completed” while winning a Road Racing Series event against an unbeatable AI with assists turned off gets you that gold border (which also just means “completed”).

The Horizon Story icons start out like the PR Events (getting 1-3 star ratings at the bottom of the yellow icon) as you get through the story (and built up that star total) but once you get all the stars (so 30 stars total as they’re all 10 events) then it turns into a solid gold icon with no stars under it (unlike PR Events) but with a single star in the slot that has a cup icon on all the other icons that have the dual branches!


Tapping to remove the spoiler blur makes this all the better. Boom!




Dang. High-centered on a thirty foot wall. Hate when that happens.


So, the last couple of days, my work lock screen (win 10 has some rotating feed of background photos) has been slightly crumbling old English looking castles on lakes with wintertime sunset lighting, and each time I sit down at my desk it gives me this deep “I should be playing Forza” urge. Sigh.


just call me t h e d r i f t w i t c h


Rented this game too, and it took me awhile to get into it but I’m in the middle of Winter now and getting a good groove going on. Getting a better feel for the cars and generally enjoying myself. I like that you can customize events (I raced Lambos cross-country which was fun because I was basically just sliding the entire time, never in control of my car, while almost never letting off the gas). They’ve built up the car customization/sharing stuff up now; I basically just search for “cartoon character” whenever I get a new car and slap a dumb anime vinyl group onto every car I get. I do wish you didn’t have to go back to the festival site to change car appearance though, but I do get why limitations might make that a necessity.

Only thing is I have a problem where sometimes my car won’t turn right, and I’m not sure what the problem is. In first-person mode the driver doesn’t even attempt to turn the wheel right, so I wonder if it’s my xbox controller? I’ve had a couple other problems with it (right stick has like, no dead zone anymore, X button registers taps as holds sometimes), so maybe that’s it, but I’m bad enough at the game so maybe I’m just not braking hard enough before turns? It never happens for left turns though… I think I’m just trying to convince myself I don’t need to buy a new one.