The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


But all the sheep got out thanks to cars barreling through their enclosures and now as they run wild the government remembers that sheep outnumber the human population in Britain and start taking them as a serious threat to her Majesty’s kingdom.

If we’re politicizing Forza I want the next Horizon game set in a developing nation and delve into all the troubling goings on that happen when real race festivals do that. Have one of those annoying festival organizers making deals with narcos like the Dakar has to do.


Friends. I have raced a hovercraft through the countryside and it may be the most gleeful thing I have ever done in a video game.


The fast travel discount board on the top of the church is somewhat tricky to get to… until a danger sign unlocks a huge ramp right next to it. Then it becomes really easy.

Just saying, this might be pertinent information depending on what order you attempt things in the game. Might even influence the order in which you’d want to attempt to complete things. The game might have liked to make it clearer, especially as there is a very possible (but requiring some careful steering and the right vehicle spec) way of doing it without the ramp so it’s not obvious that one will magically appear.


Ugh yeah, I was trying to get that one and looked up a YouTube video to see they put a ramp there when you complete enough danger signs.

There is a lot of missing info like this on the edges of the game that I wish were explained in some fashion. The openness of the game is wonderful, but has left a tons of systems underexplained


The way the hovercraft clumsily blows through everything in its path and bounces around on its own hoveriness is really oddly pleasing to just be in the presence of.

Unrelated: I love that LaRacer’s top 10 list is kind of total shit. A quarter of a way in I just started imagining the angry comments I’d write for each pick. She kind of brought it around when she said Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed is the best driving game as I refuse to interpret that choice as anything else (still a stupid copout though; she should have said Rockstar’s The Italian Job, the actual best driving game).


Hear me out on this: what if there were areas where you could get out of your car and take selfies with the crowd (canned animations, no control) while keeping the skill chain going?

Also, what if we could press a button and exit the car to do the emote next to it? How much more fun would the forzathon stuff be (btw I do think its already a lot of fun)!


Let me ghost ride the whip cowards!


Fuck cars I only take pictures of scenery now


Whoa, that bridge/acqueduct is gorgeous! Nice photo.


Get rid of that forgettable Jay loser and replace with him an Oaklander (or possibly Jeff Gerstmann) giving me shirts and sweet kicks* for doing sideshows on Edinburgh intersections. For heavens sake this game doesn’t even give you points for spinning brodies!

Roundabout sideshows!

*The fact that the shoe selection doesn’t include driving shoes was such a colossal mistake.


My son watched me play some Forza and asked to try it out. His approach to Forza mirrors his approach to Breath of the Wild: While I am saving my credits – because I might need them someday for something really special! I am SENSIBLE – he is buying every car his 8yo impulse id says to buy, and off-roading across the map from event to event, just tearing ass across the countryside. And he just passed my progress!


You could definitely have convinced me that that last one was an actual photograph. Wow.


game pretty


Really good stuff!!!


I’ve never been much of a car person, but this game has me hooked so hard…and I probably wouldn’t have given it the time of day without Game Pass. So I went from “maybe I’ll pick it up when it’s on sale in the future” to “well, I guess I’m gonna pony up for VIP” in the span of about a week…so yeah, MS is definitely successfully manipulating me with this Game Pass scheme…and I’m not really too mad about it. This is probably my GOTY so far.


GamePass has been so good at expanding the discourse around games. As a longtime Forza fan, I’m really surprised how big the response has been with FH4 compared to FH3. I have to imagine a lot of it is driven by people downloading it on a whim. I’m way more optimistic about the Xbox platform than I have been in years.


Cool economy (my recollection is when these glitches are found that Turn 10 / Playground basically never go through the logs and claw back funds so people are getting hundreds of millions in credits and thousands of levels from this so might as well forget all the sinks they added to the game to try and manage the economy).

Give us an “unlock everything” button Playground!

Edit: And speaking of glitches - really love these “Season PR Stunts” (the speed traps etc where exactly one thing is flagged each week with a well-beyond-3-stars new challenge) and how they turn… off… while you’re trying to complete them. Such a good feeling to finally get past that required total and watch as… nothing happens because the thing has vanished so there are now zero seasonal “PR” challenges active.

The Xbox Achievement for doing this has the description “Complete a Season PR Stunt and receive a reward”. Who knew that it was the second part that was the real challenge!

The Achievement system can deny me, but me and the in-game thing both know I deserve a reward I’m apparently never getting.


What a game! I haven’t had much time to play anything in a while as I have a 3 month old so gaming has become a rare treat. Anyway this weekend I boot up FH4 and low and behold my girlfriend falls in love with the game, we take turns a piece of playing and she does all the cross country races and barn finds. Not only is it great I can play the odd race whilst my daughter sleeps, it’s also the first game I’ve seen my girlfriend love, she never plays games usually (I’ve seen her play halo for a minute cos she lived it as a kid) but this has gripped her for real, so much so I received this at work today…

Might not be a big deal, but the fact she played it alone and was so excited made my day!


Sorry I’m spamming this thread with my bullshit lol but seriously I can’t get over the photomode. I loved taking pictures in FH3 but this is next level.


This game is the best