The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


This is my first Forza game. I love that I can slap 5 different Hatsune Miku stickers on a 1986 ford and make it faster than a Ferrari.


The Wheelspin gave me a supremely comforting car with the grace and color of a Fall leaf drifting down from the branch.

The Autumnal Lambo!

If Horizon is throwing out perfect seasonal cars then I’d like an Arctic Silver or Navy Blue 911 for Winter.

Also: New Canon; Screaming from the ForzathonLIVE blimp was all Lord Shaxx was up to before the whole Guardian thing happened.


It’s been a while since I last played a racing game (admittedly it was the Fast and Furious expansion/demo for Forza 2) but I’m so glad I chose Forza over Ass Creed. I made the wisest choice. Just played through Autumn and have moved on to Winter. I was really into the dirt events, but I did my first cross country race last night and I think that’s my favourite event now. There’s just something about tearing around the British landscape in a 4x4, makes the street races a little boring by contrast… The only way this could be improved is if I could tear around in a Halo warthog…

Couple of things though. I set my name as Charlie, and it’s real weird to hear people and my satnav talk to me as if I’m a real person. It’s a small touch but maaan… this is what the future feels like. Also, I’ve played previous Forza Horizon games and am always slightly put off by how nice all the Horizon people are - I mean I’m just tearing around in cars demolishing all those 100 year old stone walls and everyone’s treating me so nice. I’m an asshole.

Has anyone got the 007 bundle? Does it come with any missions or just the cars?


there are races associated with the 007 stuff and, unfortunately, theyre not clearly marked as such. They just show up as normal Seasonal Championships that I imagine take you to a “007 Car Pack: Buy Now!” screen if you didnt happen to have the content.

The races themselves dont have anything to do with James Bond as a franchise or character. The one for Autumn was just a 3 race championship that kind of arbitrarily required you to use the 007 Aston Martin DB5, but was otherwise just a normal set of events.


Whoops, I totally overlooked this thread! What a crime!

I’ve been really enjoying my time with the game. It’s my first Horizon game, after playing Motorsport 7 for a while, which was my first Forza game.

One thing I was slightly surprised by is that the driving is genuinely a bit different. Way more forgiving, a bit arcadey. Still realistic enough to be great though. I had to get used to it for a bit but now I actually like that it’s a bit easier, makes for a slightly more relaxing road trip feel vs the tense, stressful racing of FM7. Makes total sense for what it is.

Here’s my latest discovery, the '82 911 Turbo. (spot the tv show reference)

Very simple B class tune, makes a great car for just cruising around. Super smooth. :slight_smile:


Same on the cross country races. They are definitely my favorites, with dirt races being a close second. And for the low price of 800,000 CR (or you can look at the auction house to possibly get it cheaper, that’s what I did), you can make that Halo warthog fantasy a reality…can confirm that it’s a ridiculous amount of fun. All I’m missing is the Halo car horn to really wrap it all together.


Seriously that’s like one of my favourite things about this game haha


So I’ve been having an issue with trying to do the hyper car rental missions during the fall, specifically the Pagani and Bugatti missions. They have some incredibly brutal turns at the beginning that burn several seconds on the rain-slicked roads. I might not be able to three star them until the summer it seems.

I know there’s a whole bunch else to do in the meantime, but it feels sort of crummy to have to wait 3 weeks for summer to be able to three star those missions :confused:


The halo horn dropped from a wheel spin for me. It’s pretty sweet.


The static challenges (the stars for the story events & the PR stunts - weird how the game calls out “business” for one of the stories with the small daily payment clawing back an initial expense while all the others don’t do that; makes me think they plan to do much more) combined with seasonal weather and handling is… maybe they should have rejiggered everything per season (which I’m pretty sure they’ve not done from what I remember of summer vs current autumn - have to assume that once summer rolls back round the leaderboards will be on fire while some of the 3 star targets will be a right pain in winter snow).

The weekly season championships just being collections of 3 existing events is a real disappointment as they put so much focus on them that I’d hoped this was going to involve adding new routes every week via the season stuff. The word “new” here is really somewhat of a stretch considering a lot of this is actually talking about things in the game cycling into some time-limited slots. And the new stuff like the #Forzathon challenges are not exactly blowing my mind (“Complete 3 Daredevil stunts” for a daily challenge is not making me think of the word “new” either, even if the Weekly challenge is a sequence of four of them and with a vehicle restriction and a touch of flavour text).

They say that the first big update will add a route creator for us to build out routes of our own but I really hope they at least look through some of the popular ones and steal them to make the weekly season events into genuinely new drives.

At least it looks like the Story stuff is getting expanded rapidly (with 40 events in the game so far so assuming British Racing Green gives another 10, that’s a pretty fast expansion of narrated/cut-scened new things to do arriving a month into release). I wonder if that’s going to be the normal cadence or just a one-off that will come back around for the two paid expansions?


Turns out that taking a car from the 1930s with 65 horsepower and shoving new engines, AWD, turbos, and every upgrade under the sun until it’s got something like 1,300 horsepower results in a vehicle that’s a tad squirrely to drive. :smiley:


Winter looks so good in this game.


As a Colin, I am infinitely thankful to the late Colin McRay for assuring that every racing game forever has my name recorded and properly pronounced.

And there are no cops around. I know it wouldn’t work for you to get chased down for speeding but there aren’t even random cop cars driving along the streets. Did Horizon just buy this whole stretch of Scotland? Is Edinburgh now a company town for this neverending car festival? Cause, ignoring some but not all of the implications, that actually sounds really rad.

And you can buy castles! I know, that’s kind of an actual thing; I’ve seen the British real estate that makes my American ass alarmed that such and such historic property isn’t completely owned by some government heritage branch and can be bought by any old moneyed rando but I’m still stunned that 10,000,000 credits gets me a castle and a barn find rumor.


On the government heritage branch, they do actually control the properties. You can’t just do what you want with them (I think the flavour text for one of the cottages in the game also references this, that even adding a satellite dish would not be possible because listed buildings cannot have their external visuals altered without permission).

A lot of this game looks like it comes from the catalogues of listed buildings; unsurprising as that’s the theme of the UK’s countryside architecture - especially as Edinburgh is pretty iconic as being relatively light on post-war construction, the “New Town” being a 1767 design and the city is filled with literally thousands of listed buildings. If they chose Birmingham or similar as the city to represent then it would have a very different feel.

As for the lack of police… that’s weird when in the city and maybe that stretch of motorway but as for the rest of the game space: lots of rural UK is like that. I grew up near Uffington White Horse in the not particularly rural (as in about an hour and change commute from being in the centre of London) rural England and I’m not sure I saw a police car ever in the village or surrounding area or any sort of law enforcement or private security. In more recent times they added speed cameras and sent people letters about speeding so even police hiding with a radar camera was only a temporary blip (which was mainly limited to roads around towns anyway).


I just unlocked a mission on the coast, the emblem has a pelican on. I am excited… Saving that for tomorrow.

As I’ve been tearing around this idyllic version of Britain, I been gaining this creeping suspicion that this is actually a vision of a post Brexit Britain. Withdrawn from the EU, with little manufacturing base and the withdrawal of foreign investment, the UK government is forced to allow this forever driving festival attracting rich car enthusiasts who are basically given permission for all their dreams to come true. Want to be a stunt driver in a movie? Want a free house? How about the goal of buying a castle. I wouldn’t be suprised if this game is set in this big dome - like the Truman Show or Westworld. Outside the world is just this dystopian nightmare but the Forza Horizon festivals are these domains for the super rich that preserve a idealised version of how the world used to be before the skies were scorched black.

I did unlock a Porsche 4x4 last night and one of the custom paint jobs makes it look like a police car. If no one else is going to take the law seriously, I may have to restore justice to the roads myself. Mainly by playing online and telling other players to pull over so that I can read them the rules and regulations of the roads. This is how I will get off.

Remember loving NFS: Hot Pursuit because the only thing better than a turbo charaged Zonda, was a turbo charged Zonda with flashing read and blue lights and a siren.


I’m wondering what the expansion for Forza 4 would be.

If it’s a expansion set in Milton Keynes I’m going to be pissed.

But also secretly thrilled.


I done that event the other day and it’s pretty cool, it knows exactly what it’s doing.

I’ve seen some realistic looking police cars online but not ran across anybody role playing as Police, Camera, Action! which is a shame.

In regards to DLC I really have no idea what they’ll do. I mean I’d love to see Liverpool represented in game but I imagine Welsh Rally racing is more likely, maybe a street racing scene in London, some boy racer stuff in Newcastle maybe?


Get excited for that event with the pelican emblem…it’s some good, dumb fun.

And as for expansions, I would really love it if they are committed to keeping it as a UK game, to make a Northern Ireland area. I just got back a few weeks ago from a vacation in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the idea of racing along the Northern Ireland coast just sounds too great.


Just a retail park at night and a bunch of neon lit hatchbacks outside a McDonalds playing Grime or Basshunter.

I’m fully up for setting up a ‘This is the police, please slow down’ group on discord.

I’ve done the Causeway coastal route a number of times, it’s beautiful. Even more so when it’s rainy and windy. The weather changes by the minute in Northern Ireland. It’s probably my favourite place in the world. Would fit in nicely with everything in the game so far. Especially if they could amp up the weather conditions, with the sea battering the roads and maybe even the wind affecting your steering.

I’ve loved all the showcase events so far. Did the Flying Scotsman last night. Feel so damn patriotic. Brings a tear to the eye. Not even kidding.


What a beautiful sight that would be. Lets be real though, a dogging mechanic is probably more true to life.

Be interesting to see if there is an RPG community in Forza, and what it consists of