The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


I am obscenely angry when ever I see those stone fences being demolished. I mean do people have any idea on how difficult they are for farmers to upkeep?

But no all the Forza people are like - great racing bro, you’re real good at this. Here’s 6 more races. Have a house!


While in Ireland, we went on a bus tour of the Burren region, and our guide told us all about how those kinds of stone walls are constructed, and how long it takes to make them. Ever since, I feel terrible each time I accidentally smash through one.


I don’t know much about the masonry needed to build those walls, but I know every time I’d go camping, my nan would bollock me and my brothers for playing on those types of wall in case we damaged it. So I imagine the upkeep is ridiculous


Ok, I’m officially in the Driftcourse and my new goal is to become the Waypoint Drift KingTM.
I did Ambleside today, if you see my score on the leaderboard you know what to do. :wink: (Dirt road drift zones are wack & don’t count imo)


I don’t know what’s happening to me, but yesterday I went into the tuning stuff and started tweaking the tire pressure on my Forza Edition Peugeot to get the grip just right when I do dirt road drift zones. I guess that’s just who I am now.


Drifting is definitely where Forza demands people buy the upgrades to unlock the tweaks and then mess with those sliders. Really glad to see the Drift Club in the game that basically shows you what a pre-tuned drifting car feels like. I think previously that without seeking out drift FAQs, I’d not even have known what a drift car was (vs just getting into a stock high-end car and using the wheelspin in lower gears to approximate it).


On my way up :muscle:


Damn, I just did that one haha. Don’t have time anymore tonight, but watch out… :eyes:


This glitch is making races extremely easy


Luv 2 get a Win10 Store update for a Forza game that you find out about as you load up the game and it’s wiped all your video settings. Who needs those, time to try and remember where all the settings were before the tiny patch moved the game to a new subfolder in the hidden UWP area of your PC.

If only someone had figured out how to not do this, maybe 30 years ago. :angry:


Any super basic tips for drifting? I just downloaded a drifting tune for the MX-5 and have no idea what I’m doing. The car can barely move in a straight line.


I think the music for this game was mentioned earlier in the thread, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to this gem all day. Feels so appropriate for a day of cruising through a countryside.


I got my winter car all tuned and ready for tomorrow!

That shade of silvery blue is the perfect color that I always wanted on a Porsche when I was looking through the catalogue when I was nine years old. It’s a '82 turbo and in a perfect world it’d be 997 Carrera 4S so I wouldn’t have to modify the drivetrain but hey, this has an old aircooled Porsche engine. This car will kill it in winter so long as I never stop driving so it doesn’t freeze.


My Autumn photos definitely have an aesthetic that basically has nothing to do with Autumn as a season. Can’t wait to develop a new one for Winter!


Hmm, hard to say because I mostly do it intuitively, also inherited some of it from playing FM7 which is less forgiving. Most important thing is getting a good angle and then controlling the throttle to keep it there. There’s probably some decent videos about it on youtube. It’s hard! Just takes a lot of practice.

I can kind of recommend doing your own tuning though. If you download one you can’t adjust anything to preference at all. I’m also definitely an amateur, still don’t really know what I’m doing, but I think it helps you get a better grip on the car you use. My most stable car right now is my '93 Nissan Skyline GTR, the Nissan 240SX is also very good, both with the rocket bunny widebody kits.

As for tuning, just go for a reasonably powerful engine, don’t need to go overboard with it, you can always add more if you need it. My Skyline is only tuned to A800, not super powerful but the most consistent car I have right now. I’m still figuring it out myself, getting the gearing set up right is still mystifying to me. Most important is differential to 100, tire pressure to whatever works for you (lower for very powerful car, higher for weak car etc.). I also think stiffening the rear of the car works well.

You can probably just look up a build on youtube and copy that to start with and go from there. :slight_smile:


I’m by no means an expert either but this is the easiest way to get a car sideways in my experience. Get Racing Springs Drift Suspension and Anti-Roll bars, tighten both of those in the rear of the car to your liking (don’t go too tight or the car will literally be undriveable.) Pair that with a powerful engine and the rest is throttle control.

If you’re using a RWD car it might also help to adjust the camber of the front tires negatively (so the tops of the wheels face into the body of the car). If you do this, when the car goes into a corner the camber will shift so the whole tire is in contact with the road. The inside front tire maintains more grip while back swings out and it’s harder to spin out (theoretically. I still spin out a bunch)

I gleaned a lot of basics from just reading the explanations in the Tuning menu, too, specifically when it comes to tuning the Differential, but thats more understanding what happens and not why.


Thanks for the camber tip, I did briefly look into that with Forza 7 but never really got to grips with it, I’ll experiment with it some more!

Do you actually use racing springs or did you mean drifting? I’ve never tried drifting with a racing suspension because I assume drift suspension is the way to go 100% of the time.


I’ll be honest I’m mostly going off my FH3 experimentation, and that game didn’t have the Drift Suspension option, and only Racing would offer you full tuning of suspension and camber, so I’ve basically defaulted to Racing and adjusted from there. I kind of forgot Drift Suspension was a thing. :grimacing:

So, yeah. I’ll amend my post because Drift probably is the way to go, and would probably offer a better base for tuning than the suspension designed to keep you gripping the road rather than going sideways.


I think I kinda suck at drifting so all this advice is super helpful! I will probably focus on beating all the races, and getting cars off forzathons (also saving up for that house that gives you double forzathon points), and when I feel like I got most of this under control I will go deep into the tunings and stuff to try and get better at drifting. Honestly I knew I would like this game, but I had no idea I would get SO invested into this stuff.


Heh, I have felt that drifting feels easier on Automatic in FH4 than it did in 3. I remember turning on manual for 3, immediately feeling overwhelmed, and then giving up the game.

Thankfully 4 feels a lot more friendly in letting you drift with just good handbrake and e-brake control.