The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


I do love the night in winter, you get these crisp blue skies at dawn & dusk. Maybe the prettiest season for it.

Speaking of night, I gotta go to bed! This game is a bad influence on my sleeping schedule.

Good night. :sleeping:


When you beat your own personal best Skill Chain it brings up one of those quick leaderboard 1/2 cards at the bottom of the UI. It seems to compare you to people in your Club or Friends list but doesn’t have the “press back to show leaderboard” thing. Do they have a full leaderboard (in a menu you can navigate to) or can you only see the comparison when beating your PB??

(The number of systems that seem to have these weird inconsistencies in this game is amazing - like they built 100 systems and wired them all up subtly differently so you can never quite know what to expect.)


Makin the game spooky cuz October’s still here


Winter nights are very good (even if it was just 20 C in the middle of the night here so not exactly feeling like winter is possible in the UK yet).


Winter not possible yet? Hahaha just you wait, we’ve had a good summer so it’ll suddenly drop to 5C for the next 6 months to server us right for enjoying it


Do yourself a favor: get your hands on the Peel P50, spend that 60.000 CR and upgrade it as far as it goes. Probably the most pointless sandbox fun I’ve had in the game to date.

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:


The look of subtle terror in that last image is totally appropriate.


I was online for a brief period and I ran into our own Gottrahmen this afternoon and hijinks ensued.


It’s-a you!

The BMW Isetta is my latest project, it’s also very stupid and uncontrollable!

I was taking the Morgan three-wheeler for a test and it turns out it soars through the air like a silver bullet! Guess I’ll go use it to do some danger signs. :rocket:


I have an Isetta and a P50 I haven’t done anything with yet - clearly I need to make them Xteme and head online sometime!


I did a one-on-one game of King at Bamburgh Castle in the P50 and won. Hard to control, but hard to catch as well!


This buggy is fuckin’ siiiiiiick


Played this game all day Saturday.

My friends called me in the evening to see if I wanted to play Destiny 2, but I told them I was out.

I wasn’t out - I was playing Forza.


When you’ve played any racing game in the last 10 years



Other than gymkanna videos, what does he actually do?


I do think he is a professional rally driver, but most of his fame seems to be from those videos and brand deals with every extreme sports sponsor under the sun. Nothing against him, but man his brand is all over every game and it’s a little tedious haha.


I think I’ve played enough winter to decide that it’s my least favorite season. All of the open world stuff is just easier to do in the other seasons, so I’m just grinding races and influence while I wait the week out. What does everyone else think?


Completely agree. I keep looking at all the cars in my garage that I want to try out more and then realizing “well, that’s gonna handle like garbage in the snow” and then sticking with the same few. Harder to get the momentum and traction you need for the stunt jumps and speed traps too, so I’m just waiting to try for three stars on a lot of those. I do really like messing around out on the lake though, definitely gonna miss it when spring rolls around.


Totally agree. It’s also hit about where I’m polishing off some of the open world stuff so any impairment comes exactly where I’m having to lift my game to meet the challenges that I hadn’t managed before. Having 7 days of looking at two 2-star speed traps that will complete that event type (with a super-spin reward for doing so), knowing that everyone I see on my leaderboards have done it with a paid DLC car I don’t have access to and coming just short in the cars I’ve tuned for speed makes me think about the extra little boost I’ll get from different weather conditions.


I do agree that winter does have its charms. Bounding through the snow in a Warthog never gets old as well. I just think Playground should get creative with the winter events. Maybe stuff like slalom or car curling could be incorporated?