The Forza Horizon 4 Thread: Please Drive on the Left!


Ah yes, this is what I call it when I take out my favourite drift car (which doesn’t have a snow tyres option) and accidentally turn onto a dirt road during this season.


That would be cool. I’m super curious what their plans are for expansions, given that horizon 3’s expansion was all about snow, which we’ve got more than enough of now. They’ll have to get creative. I don’t think they quite realize just how much I’d pay for some snowmobile DLC or something wild like that


So I downloaded this game as part of game pass and put about 4 or 5 hours into it today. I just got to winter and am having a lot of fun in my converted VW bug. My main thing I’m kind of trying to figure out is how I should spend my credits. Like, should I invest a little bit here and there to upgrade my starter cars? Should I buy a nicer car or just wait on the roulette? I guess once I’ve made it through the first seasonal rotation I’ll have a better idea of the scope of the game, but I don’t wanna burn money early on.


The first big money I spent in the game (you can get enough for upgrades quite easily - also note that the spins are core to getting those credits, far more than the small reward at the end of each race so levelling up for those spins is where the credits flow in; even the rare car drops sometimes have big credit rewards inside the perk system so that random drop can contain free credits if you spend the points on the car to unlock it) was on the home which allows fast travel anywhere.

Edit: As I knew I’d want to spend that big money, I generally avoided buying stuff and just lived by the wheelspin early on to save up. I guess you could play buying cars early but as most of the leaderboard stuff is prohibitively expensive, it didn’t seem like I’d do well to try saving for them (and I got enough range of vehicles from the freebies and random drops early on to never feel like I was missing out).

By the point in the game where I had enough for the house, I’d found many of the fast travel discount boards and driven a lot of the roads so being able to teleport back to base to install a new car part or browse the auction house then teleport out to an event was really nice quality of life (especially if you’ve just driven up to an event). Also I’d kept a Mixer window open for a bit that boosted my level (as soon as I hit the connected world/weekly season) and so gave me spins which enriched me and gave me some more cars. After getting all the boards, I could then restart the open-world stuff like speed traps and danger boards by teleporting to the start of a run up for free, which I think is huge for actually trying to 3-star a lot of those (and also for having way less downtime in the #Forzathon Live stuff).


I like winter because it’s making me play around with other cars more. There’s no real point in rolling out an RWD Mid-Engine monster. It’s a good time to play with the Rally, Saloon and Hot hatch classes. Especially since I found a barn find perfectly suited for the weather. I love how the Radio hints and the condition you find the Audi Quattro are all references to the original BBC Life On Mars.

I think the game could be a bit more explicit on “Some cars are better suited to different seasons” though because I saw a lot of players ghosts using something like the Aggera and just struggling to get around while someone in a 97 Civic was running rings around people with a S1 tune and Snow Tyres.


I think I’ve played most of the game in winter and I really like it, I was basically just able to drift around the entire world in my 4X4.


To me that definitely doesn’t beat the hints and reveal that the Mini Cooper is explicitly one that crashed while filming the sewer chase scene in The Italian Job.


I’m pretty much on the same page gameplay wise. While I like the frozen lake and change in driving physics, it gets to be a bit of a slog at a certain point, makes it hard to do the things you want to do.

Having said that, I absolutely love the visual change. I often find myself getting lost in the country until suddenly I recognize a specific corner or landmark and realize where I am. Feels completely different, and looks gorgeous!


I don’t have much to say really, but this game is pretty and recently took my first photo


I love how a lot of the Barn Finds are references to either the famous cars of the country the game takes place in or the media that country produces. I got the Italian Job reference with the Mini but probably missed a tonne. Definitely missed the reference for the Quattro.

It makes me want Forza Horizon Canada, though I dont know how many famous automobiles we’ve produced lol.


Ah yes, the infamous history of Lancia cheating with sheer admirable Italian audacity to beat Audi because its RWD rally cars weren’t actually good enough in the snow. If only I had a pit crew on the side of road to switch my tires between snow and slicks in the middle of the race.

Edit: Or how they cheated by salting the roads the night before, or when they made their roll cages out of cardboard to meet regulations but lower weight. Truly there is no greater display of cheating then rally racing.

Edit 2: Or how they hadn’t produced enough of their rally car to count it as a production model so they filled a parking lot with the 100 they’d built and had the inspectors check those while saying they had the other 100 at a different parking lot. Lancia then took the inspectors out to a lengthy Italian lunch while other Lancia people drove the 100 Lancias to another parking lot to successfully fool said inspectors.


I don’t think I understand how fast travel works. Can you explain more? I’ve smashed a few of the boards but don’t know about the house or anything.


I think there’s a house perk that lets you fast travel to any location on the map rather than just the Horizon Festival and other houses, but I haven’t really made enough money in the game to purchase any of the really expensive houses so I’m not 100% sure.


So fast travel from the menu system can get you back to the festival base (second tab of the menu, biggest rectangle). But you can also do it via the map, initially to the festival (which costs money when done via the map, amazing consistency!) and to any homes you own (the first of which you buy via the tutorial for free but all others are costly). There is a home in the mid-East of the map (Fairlawn Manor) that unlocks fast travel anywhere, so any road on the map can be travelled to instantly (which also means any event that starts on a road rather than the middle of a field can be travelled to instantly). Initially each fast travel (at whatever stage of being unlocked) costs a few thousand credits but once you’ve hit all the boards, the price slowly reduces with each board until it becomes totally free.

So the house (which costs 2 million credits but refunds some of it via RNG with 10 super-wheelspins so 30 random rewards which can be credits) means fast travel becomes much more useful and bashing all the lightning boards on the map makes it cheaper and then free once you’ve hit them all.


For how mashugana the economy in this game is, that house really provides a great return on investment.


I got super lucky today and got a Forza Edition Aston Martin from a regular wheelspin. Also, the 2016 Jeep Trailcat is so much fun for running around in the winter. Just got to spring, so hopefully I’m close to getting put out into the open world to do my own thing. I’m finding that the cross country races are my favorites so far! I’m still really upset that there’s no way to actually buy clothes with credits. As a fashion guy, my heart breaks with the defaults shirt options. I’m hiding as much of the horizon shirt as I can right now with a hoodie.


Who says? I’m still out here living the RWD dream, dammit!


I was just driving around in a Civic listening to Timeless FM when Clair de Lune came on and I think I reached a level of chill I didn’t know I was still capable of reaching.

This game is special.


This game is so goofy and good.


I see your Morgan three-wheeler and raise you a Willy’s Jeep that does 200.

140mph off the ramp and a 907ft long jump.