The Forza Horizon 4 Thread

I would buy a new one if I were you. I guess you could always return it if that’s not the issue, but it really looks like the input isn’t registering at all.

yeah, guess I’ll keep my eye out for a sale. The only thing is that I haven’t noticed a problem in other games though, and i have no idea why.

How is everyone finding the online stuff? Are you in a PvP Team or just getting together for convoys and casual play? How do you find the PvE/vs Drivatar stuff?

I’m… not really finding that much in it personally, but also that means I’ve not even felt like trying to invest in a Team or the ranked stuff because the more casual things just feel slapdash in a way the solo isn’t. Like the current seasonal off-road in muscle cars thing. 4 events that are fine, except there isn’t a spec restriction so you load into a random pool with 5 other people and are they A spec or S1 or even upgraded to S2? Then the Drivatars are picked to match only the game is not really designed for multi-class races at all (especially as collision is on for these casual co-op races!?) so it just becomes a bit of a mess. A third of the group quit at some point and that’s at least preferable to people who don’t even drive and don’t quit and so just boost the other team’s score and make it basically impossible to win the series.

Meanwhile, it seems like the “unbeatable” AI for these races has been massively tuned down (or the other players in the team are knocking them off the checkpoints as they seem to disappear into the distance if you ever actually drive properly - not even well). And this is meant to be one of the easiest hoppers of online to jump into to have some fun with races?

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I’ve been doing this one as well and have completed it successfully several times, but I agree it’s kinda weird and sometimes your team gets in the way. I had to really set up my car for it properly and do the whole event like 4 times before becoming any good at it.

What pisses me off is that I’ve met the goal (finishing first against unbeatable drivatars) both for each individual race and the overall standings, and the reward just doesn’t trigger. The rubber banding gets pretty bad sometimes too, it’s just a bit of a mess. Fun concept, and once I got the hang of it actually pretty fun to play too, but kinda shoddily put together.

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I finally figured out what events I like the most: cross county. In the course of the story, I got to try a little bit of every racing type and really enjoyed the cross country races in my VW Beetle buggy, Jeep, luxury SUV, and my Ferrari truck that is now painted like Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow. I immediately did every single event and got to the finale which was a blast! I’m really sad that I finished the progression, but I’ll be interested in seeing which I do next. I didn’t really like the rally style racing that much, but it may be because my first car I got for it was tuned weird and a little slippery. All I know is that I using the VW Buggy to just ramp, spin, and break through the countryside has been my favorite part of the game so far.


While you were busy with your enigmatic drift club I was a blight on both resources and beauty by doing cross country races in supercars, only some of which were AWD.

Also I discovered that in the summer, the south river dries up from about here all the way to the water and makes a nice improvised rally course.



I love that the CPU decided to go along with you down this self-destructive path of supercars on cross country races.

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Unrelated: Also;

I don’t even remember what I hit but that’s my other Aventador flying backwards at over 200 mph roughly 50ft off the ground.

And total rambling: Are Lamborghinis male? I’d assume so since they’re all named after Spanish bulls.
Really giving y’all a sense of how affectionate I’m getting with my herd of Lambos.


The computer players. I assumed you were racing against the computer not other players in those races.

Odd choice of terms, but yeah, in any race with free range of cars, the AI will all drive cars in the same class. In this case, Italian supercars through pastoral Britain.


Luv 2 watch the AI pick any car from that free range to compete with that matches what I brought along. I guess it’s my fault for bringing along such a weird spec option of… the Forza Edition of a car (ie one the devs spec’d and must expect people to bring to events for the bonus they attach to them).

(How did none of the AI pick the same car I was in? Surely that must be the obvious way to generate fair competition?)


I spent the afternoon making this livery for my NSX and I’m really happy with it! Feels nice to have a unique looking car! :slight_smile: (I didn’t make the logos, thank you community vinyls! :pray:)


I did the cross country supercar extravaganza again because it’s very fun.

Fun fact: if you refocus the camera on a different car in the race and hit the fix cosmetic damage button it’ll fix the damage on the car you’re focused on. Focusing on that red Hennessy is also how I got that nice fake fisheye blur on my slower moving car.

Also, I went back to the south river and I guess I’m choosing to live here now with, I guess since it’s Britain, the Faerie Queene. Knew I made that Britomart license plate for a reason.

AKA Don’t talk to me or my Lambo sons ever again.


Yeah I did the supercar Cross Country thing too. You never feel like you’re quite in control, in a good way.

How will I know when I’m satisfied?

Ah, that’s more like it! Finally polished off those last couple of drift zones after leaving my trusty Nissan 240SX at home. My final pair of monsters:


After putting off the inevitable for a month I got Forza working by ditching Trend Micro and switching back to ESET. I didn’t want to try it because I didn’t want to buy a new AV solution but here I am, driving on the left.


It wouldn’t be a Forza without those amazing bugs but this one is just surreal. Especially as it appears to have started to show up on a lot of systems just after a patch which notes

  • Fix for traffic cars not spawning sometimes after a Barn Find cinematic.

Good news everybody! We fixed a bug where traffic didn’t come back after a barn find. Bad news: some people now get absolutely no traffic when connected to online in a game that defaults to auto-connecting to an online session whenever you start the game.

Driving round and seeing not a single AI car and just some actual people (who always ghost as you get close to them as normal) is… quite something. Loading into the game and quickly teleporting to the motorway to see that dense traffic, only for it to vanish as the game connects to an open lobby/freeroam. Having to go into the offline mode just to complete a daily challenge to Near Miss because you need traffic to do that and there is literally not a single AI car if the bug strikes.

So I maybe had my favorite session playing this game today. I recently realized that fast cars are not for me, so I got an legendary C-class Jag, painted it burgundy, maxed it out for C-class, and did every single street race I could find. I also tried using the Xbox One spotify app and playing my own music instead of what’s in the game. It’s not perfect since you can’t mute the in game music. Even when you turn off the radio station the music plays immediately before and after races. But still, listening to Honey by Robyn and stuff by yaeji while driving around in a class Jag was such a relaxing experience that I needed today.

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Yes, clearly the real escapist fantasy of Horizon isn’t speeding and destroying stone walls because it’s a weird dystopian car festival world, but doing all that and getting away with it solely because you’re a Jag owner.

I’m so upset I missed summer by one day to get this car and this beautiful design.

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