The Forza Horizon 4 Thread

I love lego and Forza 4.

I should do something about this.

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The LEGO expansion is pretty good, but there are a couple of caveats. One, there are no building mechanics, and so it just feels like Forza with a LEGO skin put on top (there is plenty of smashing though). And two, the expansion only gives you four “new” cars, which are all just LEGO versions of existing cars in the game. I get not having a ton of cars, but four does seem paltry. Especially when there’s not a good off-road choice among the bunch. A LEGO Warthog isn’t too much to ask Microsoft!

I think Megabloks own the rights to Halo construction toys sadly…

I know this because I have spent too long considering whether I want to buy a megabloks Pelican but ultimately relenting because megabloks might get mixed up in my precious lego.

And that can’t happen.

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fwiw I think the LEGO map is super well designed. Because it’s all fantasy you get the best parts of the off road desert stuff from Horizon 3 and the windy rural European roads from Horizon 2, with a little bit of the Urban stuff you get from Edinburgh in Horizon 4, but all of it is just a little bit better and each biome works really well in its little self contained way.

I think the actual LEGO aspect of the thing isnt great though. The four cars are cool to see but theyre nothing special, and theres no actual building.

EDIT: my dumb brain is still holding out hope for a Toyota return. With GT: Sport getting a Toyota update and a new Initial D Arcade version out this year Toyota seems interested in licencing their cars for games again.

I just want to drive an 86 again.


The Lego map did a good job to remind me just how much I missed the map from Horizon 3. While it was sort of a mishmash, it was a delightful mishmash of biomes and development.

But yes, the Lego expansion, new map aside, isn’t as fleshed out or lego-y as it could have been.

When are Bionicles coming back?


Bionicle’s coming back next year, if you beleive the teasing from the OG series Writer Christian Faber:

(If you’ll excuse my slightly off-topic interjection)

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This is off topic - but thoroughly appreciated - information!

Though a bit more on topic, it does make me rexamine the expansion, it was clearly made with the one Lego series of sets in mind (speed champions). The LEGO fan in me is a bit sad that more LEGO cars weren’t incorporated. There are so many cool technic sets for example!

I suppose there weren’t many hot wheels cars in that expansion either, but they weren’t as sorely missed because real cars integrated into that world so easily. It feels weird doing drift challenges in a LEGO world in my realistically rendered subaru

Yea, the tonal dissonance between Forza cars and LEGO aesthetics makes the limited vehicle selection stand out more. Plus, some of the challenges seem impossible in the LEGO cars. Some of the trailblazer gates in particular seem to demand some heavier duty off-road hardware to get even close to three stars.


My compromise for off-road has been pretending the Ariel is some sort of fancy LEGO car, considering it’s mostly pipes. But that becomes a hinderence given how I tuned my Ariel causes it to careen into space at the slightest of bumps


I just accepted the dissonance at some point. You wont catch me drifting in something as grippy as the Lego Senna or F40, so I have to live with how weird it looks for a hyper-detailed RX-7 to drive through Legoville.

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Hey, this is only tangentially related to the thread, but Forza Motorsport 6 is free for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold Account right now–and you can get absolutely all of the DLC and car packs on top of that for £3.99.

The game’s being delisted on September 15th, so it’d definitely be worth picking up now if you’re even a tiny bit interested.

I just got back from the Concours d’Elegance and now I want to play Forza again. Let me tell ya, a real Lambourghini Urus is way more impressive than it’s underwhelming appearance for that expansion.

Horzion 4: a good substitute when you want to chill and play Dirt Rally but dont have time to install your Steam copy of Dirt Rally.


Some more shots from tonight’s FH4 Rally and Chill session

Horizon 4 really is a great goddamn game.


Gosh, I played a ton of DiRT 4 and if I could get that game with FH4’s visuals I’d be very happy.

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tbh FH4 not having a time trial system outside of Rivals (at least that i’ve found) kind of sucks because it would be a pretty good substitute, though I still think DiRT probably has a more detailed off road driving model.

At the very least it would be nice to have some rallying photos that look like an event is happening without having a whole grid of other drivers around mucking up my shots lol

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I’m kicking myself for not getting the FH1 Rally Expansion before it got delisted. It actually looks really nice with the Xbox One enhancements and from what I understand the DLC is a decent rally experience.

Omg I didn’t know. So DiRT 1 is like a top 3 game all time for me personally. I love rally racing. Dang, if FH had a rally mode with time trials I probably would’ve bought an xbox 1 last Christmas instead of my ps4 with spiderman. (I only had the $200 to budget so it was system bundles or bust for me).
Nothing in games is better for me than rally trials. Dirt 2 and 3 didnt work as well for me as I have no truck with that gymkata stuff. I haven’t played a dirt game other than 1 in years cause my poor gaming PC is too sleepy to handle games. Maybe I’ll save up and get an xbox 1x next year when scarlet comes out and use it as a dirt rally machine. Or maybe a distant uncle will die leaving me lots of money and I can build a gaming PC again.

Just a heads up, the DiRT Rally games and DiRT 4 are all on PS4 and are a lot more back-to-basics rally racing than 2 or 3. There’s no gymkhana if you don’t like that stuff.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t get an X1 (it’s a really good system!), but there are options on PS4 to get your fix.

Thanks. This is one of those situations where I played DiRT on PC so mentally it was a PC series. The idea of getting them on PS4 honestly just did not come into my brain.

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