The Forza Horizon 4 Thread

I realized late last night that my twitchy Destiny config on my Xbox elite controller was doing me no favors in Forza. Made some adjustments—- much better! I’m having fun so far and joined on to Driftcourse so maybe will see y’all on the road.

Anyone else feeling the seasonal events (and how they actually have restrictions on their default blueprint for car class/perf tier) are somewhat laying bare how not-great the “find a range of cars that are good competition for me” algorithm is right now? Doing the weekly challenge and driving up in the 1992 Honda NSX-R to find you’re up against cars that may have about the same perf index but that are not at all the same class of vehicle. Then you rock up to a seasonal series and the car class is fixed and the algorithm looks for others cars and basically gives up…

This seems to happen all the time and I might as well be doing mirror races for how well the algorithm picks opponents. The seasonal stuff should be the hot ticket, the “living game” hooks that make sure everyone stays engaged (so they can sell DLC or a version upgrade or keep Game Pass players extending that subscription). The game clearly can find other models than the one you drove up in, so why am I constantly driving in a pack of twelve where eight (or more!) of us are all in the same (not best of class) vehicle?

Edit: in light of what I just wrote about FM7 & pushing DLC breaking the magic circle, imagine my joy at how FH4 welcomed me back to the game as I looked for some escapism…

FFS Microsoft! This makes it very hard to talk about all that I enjoy about this when you’re cataloguing every unforced error in the playbook.

Oh, and in a possible correction to what I’d written before: some of the ambient challenges (as I called them) are starting to appear in my game world before I’ve unlocked them. But not consistently. I literally drove through a drift zone that does not appear on my map and got a leaderboard/stars result for it but still cannot see it on my map (previously I’ve seen the map unlocks make a challenge appear down a stretch of road that definitely had no speed cameras on it before so this is now two different behaviours for how things unlock). Not 20 seconds later I drove past a speed camera I’d not noticed. The message at the bottom about leaderboard position rotates round with an extra panel at the end about how the thing had been unlocked by me driving through it. It’s now on my map. Welcome the behaviour 3!

I have no idea if I wasn’t high enough level before and so by being higher level more of the locked ambient challenges are leaking into my game world but I’m not yet high enough level for them all to be in a state where simply getting that first star and leaderboard rank reveals them onto my map. And none of this, from what I can tell, is really explained.


I will admit that the 'Wheeeee!!!" quick chat is basically what I am always using during Forzathons…no regrets…


I’ve been enjoying FH4 a ton. I usually avoid the main series and only play the Horizon series (last game I played was FH3).

So I don’t remember things in the previous games but here are some things key points for me:

  • One of the BIGGEST factors for me is that the races don’t emphasize winning. Just that you completed it. Sure you get more credits if you win but I like that on the map it just shows you completed it. It really removes this notion of I need to win so all these symbols on the map are gold. Turns the game from a racing game to a chill driving game.

  • The music is on point. Most open world games need to have good music when you are driving between places. FH even more so cause driving is the only thing to do. Having good music, beautiful environments and good driving really make the game.

  • Speaking of music I also love that they always have one radio dedicated to a record label. Last game it was Future Classic an awesome Australian record label (Flume, Flight Facilities etc) This time it is Hospital Records which i had no idea about but i’m enjoying it. Never really liked drum and bass that much, but turning around to it.

  • So one point I’m iffy on is that for most races you can use whatever car and the race will change along with it. I understand the decision since the whole mantra is to pick a car you like and just drive. But I would have preferred a recommended car type of this race. While driving a BMW i8 in a rally course may be stupid fun, I want to drive the course based on what type of cars the designer had in mind.

As someone that barely plays driving games, its just fun and very zen.


This has also been key for me, and has made me more inclined to turn off certain driving assists and race with other humans. Who knows, maybe I’ll do something bonkers like drive manual!

Also, has anyone else been messing with HUD settings? I immediately turned off the influence combo thing and the speedometer. I find that when I rack up a big multiplier I get nervous and screw up my combo, so why have that throbbing number on the screen? And the speedometer just takes up precious screen space where graphics™ should be, so that goes away. I’m this close to turning off the minimap, but it’s too useful in noting what roads I haven’t explored, so that’ll stay on for now.

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I was sort of stressed because I kept waiting for that “finish in top 3” or whatever requirement to appear. You mean it’s not going to? That makes me really happy!

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The seasonal championships (which I think are just a chain of three of the normal events highlighted each week - from what I can work out they’re not actually giving you any new weekly content, just sticking a badge on the events you’d encounter anyway) offer rewards (wheel-spins) for coming 1st against a minimum level of AI and are also restricted in which category (like “retro hot hatch”) and performance tier vehicle can compete.

I think that’s the main “gotta win it” stuff you’ll see and even that I suspect will label itself as completed just by doing the three events and completing the championship even if you didn’t win anything at the end. Maybe some other stuff appears later in some of the progression systems but I’ve not seen any of it in some heavy kicking of the first couple of days of access. I also don’t know what the DLC seasonal events are like because I have no qualifying James Bond vehicles (and yet that championship keeps appearing on my map and seemingly has no indication that it is a DLC event until I drive up there to take part).

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I just want a nice shirt, game. Please. Why.


Too bad the game didn’t give you a horn that went “womp womp”. It can’t even do irony right!


There’s nothing that is quicker to have me careening into a wall than seeing “Ultimate Clean Driving” pop up on my screen.


I went in today and got my autumn on and I am so surprised that this is somehow the first game I’ve played where I thought “Oh yeah, it’s autumn now and the roads are wet and that’s why I’m getting terrible traction. Maybe I should switch to rally tires.” And it’s so cool that that totally worked. That and/or only driving AWD. Autumn is Lambo season.


Every season is Lambo season, as far as I’m concerned…love that AWD.


So, reading these forums and listening to people being so enthusiastic about this game has really made me want to try it despite never really being into the series. However, a combination of money being tight and fear of buyer’s remorse have left me cautious. PSA for anyone feeling the same way: this morning I realized that there is a 14 day free trial of Game Pass that includes Horizon 4 (also a free demo for anyone that already used the trial). I left it downloading and can’t wait to give it a try!


When all the marketing hype around this game was talking up the season stuff I thought it was neat, but it really is such a clear change, both in gameplay and environment. Winter looks absolutely phenomenal and is so much fun to freeroam in, I can’t wait for the next season change.

@mgm195 This is what I did as well, playing it on the Game Pass trial. I’ve got another week or so to go, and I am definitely getting it just for this game alone (although obviously there’s a bunch of other interesting stuff too).

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For people who haven’t done GamePass before, there’s also the current deal (check that it’s still running but it was active about a week ago) where if you activate a month of Game Pass then you get a second month free for activating the recurring subscription part. You can then go in and delete that subscription/payment method immediately (ie it never charges you a penny) and just bank the free month. If you have never subscribed to Game Pass before then you can find extremely cheap (like $2) 1 month keys out there from various introductory offers.

So that’s enough time to play four consecutive weeks and enjoy all of the seasons in the open world (as beyond the tutorial hours at the start of the game, you’re aligned with the server’s season that only changes once a week - it just turned to Autumn).

The demo, for people going that route, only gives you a quarter of the tutorial sections (starts off with jumping through 4 short events in a row to show the seasons, then unlocks the first tutorial section but that’s only one season and a handful of events - it’s maybe 2 hours of content if you really stretch it but does at least give a good indication of if you enjoy the handling model and it runs ok on your PC).


This is now a Forza photo thread (image intensive?).

I wanted a big FU truck and I love dazzle camouflage.

History has told us time and again that the Jaguar E-Type fucks but yo, the Jaguar E-Type fucks.

Also listening to today’s Beastcast with Austin, would someone finally get that those stone walls aren’t old and Roman and/or Medieval. You can hire people to build you a Medieval looking stone wall; that’s a thing people do in Britain. Why else would they conveniently line up with the paved roadways? You aren’t destroying ancient pieces of British history that have lasted since before the Norman Conquest. You’re plowing through the stone wall some farmer paid some rando and their landscaping crew to build so his sheep would be enclosed and wouldn’t damage their wool on a wood or wire enclosure. Would someone in the British games press please tweet to clear this up.


I completed a handful of races and somebody gave me a cool house because I was in their movie. Can I just live in this game??


Meanwhile, Horizon-land Edinburgh is experiencing a doubling of homelessness and under 40s are paying 75% of their disposable income towards rent as millionaire race drivers end up owning several homes (and many cars, garaged throughout the countryside).

Alright for the 1% with their Horizon wrist-band! :scream:


At least construction jobs are booming repairing all the low-lying rock walls I’ve destroyed!