The Forza Horizon 5 Thread

The last one of these threads proved to be a huge hit around these parts when Playground Games last released their beloved open world racer. So why not do it again? How’s everyone liking Forza Horizon 5? It definitely seems like more Horizon, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

How are folks liking Mexico this time around?

EDIT: Just to echo a comment below, there is in fact a Waypoint club, named Driftcourse [WAYP] for anyone looking to get into shenanigans with the community!


Some screenshots to get this thread going.

This game is really pretty on a Series X.


I’ve just gotten started, also on my Series X, and I am utterly in love with 5 already. As you say, it’s gorgeous, but it’s also already so much bigger and more varied in terms of its setting than FH4 was (a very very pretty game, but it was 95% “pleasant green hills” really). And the work they did on improving engine/exhaust sounds has really paid off too I think.

And a big shout out to the game’s expanded character options including three pronoun choices and everything being totally unlocked to a gender presentation! And I just saw that this time around they’ve also got a picture-in-picture sign language interpreter option? What a rad idea for the folks who could use that!

Continually impressed by what Playground is doing with this series.


If you’ll all indulge me in a bit of preamble: I’d been considering getting a Series X via Xbox All Access but whenever I looked into it the only retailer here that has the service was out of stock. Last weekend, on a whim, I happened to check again - and, well, this weekend I’m playing Horizon on a Series X.

It really is an absurdly good looking game. Nothing else I’d tested so far really screamed ‘next gen’ - it was a bit of an anti-climactic upgrade. Forza looks like the pre-rendered video in an ad that has “not in-game footage” in small print at the bottom of the screen.

The inclusive character options are very good. Between this and the Halo Infinite tech preview it’s nice to see prostheses available for character creation. I’m sure it would be a lot of work in terms of the cutscenes but I would have loved to see a wheelchair user option, especially considering Playground’s inclusion of Hoonigan cars etc and the Hoonigan folks often work with Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons, who uses hand controls to drift.




This game looks absolutely amazing - my only wish on Series X is that they would have found a middle-ground graphics mode. The Quality mode looks sooooo good - the level of detail is just stunning. But 30FPS in a racing game is a bit difficult for me to stomach, even if the motion blur is well done. I tried for a few hours and just couldn’t get past how much more sluggish everything felt (including menus).

According to Digital Foundry, the performance mode mostly stays at 4K, the level of detail is just reduced across the board. I would have appreciated a mode that dropped resolution down to 1440p while keeping the level of detail of Quality mode at 60FPS.

Also, I took the liberty of making a new Waypoint club, (It’s named “Driftcourse” just like the one that was made for FH4) and folks are more than welcome to join it - it’s open to anyone!


I’m in! I’d been wondering if there was/would be a Waypoint club.

On the performance/quality debate I started in quality and I’m probably going to stick there. I was watching a Jeff Gerstman video where he talked a little about it and made the same point - he’s playing on PC, but couldn’t imagine 30fps for racing. Outside Forza Horizon I play very few racing games these days so I don’t have much to compare to, though I imagine I’d feel spoiled if I went to 60fps and tried to go back, so I’ll hide in quality mode for now!

Anyone else with early access having online problems? I’ve definitely managed to do some matchmade modes but I’m also getting constant disconnect warnings and haven’t been able to get in the Forzathon store.


Yeah, getting constant disconnect notifications. Hopefully they can get those worked out soon.


Same here. Can’t say I’m surprised this happens with any online game at release, but annoying nonetheless.


I’m having tons of fun despite some server woes. Gonna look into joining the club, but I’m not sure how many simultaneous ones it’s possible to join.


I’ve had the disconnect issues too, but it seems like it’s maybe evening out today.

I started in Quality and I’m staying there. I don’t find 30fps in Horizon games to be an issue at all, as everything still feels great and it looks really smooth and pretty.

Also, it’s nice to be back in the Driftcourse! So glad to see the new club spring up.

I couldn’t keep this shot for just the club feed:


Oof, all the excitement around this one really has me wanting to get a copy; can’t justify full price for a new game right now though, so I’ll continue to get my driving fix with Horizon 4 for the moment (still have to buy that last house!). Hopefully around Christmas I can get a good deal on 5; it’s looking gorgeous, and I love a good open-world racer.


Server woes do seem to be improving, but I continued to be stumped by lack of access to the Forzathon shop. Since it’s where you can trade points for time limited items I was a little worried! Apparently it’s just disabled for now - there’s a decent run down here of known launch bugs for anyone else having problems

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I’ve been really enjoying the game so far despite not being someone who has ever played a Forza game or even a big enjoyer of arcade racers. The thing that’s been keeping me from playing more so far has been the readability of the map and events and just how intimidating and unguided the map really is. Doing an expedition is great and cool and then I’m out and I’m left wondering wait do I want to do the closest event? Should I be trying to do the star rating mini events? The lack thereof of substantial fast travel early on is definitely hitting me in that I’m left like “Do I want to actually drive all this way for this race?” Extremely fun to actual play so far though.


I started playing yesterday, when it came to gamepass, and I’m enjoying myself so far! The racing is as ludicrous as ever. In Forza Horizon, every level is an ice level! The open world nature of the map makes for some hilarious crashes. In one race I drifted too hard on a turn on the volcano and went flying off the road. I cackled for minutes as I watched my car tumble down the mountain, rewound, and watched again.

What has been kind of a bummer to me is seeing how little identity Mexico has as a setting in this game. I haven’t been anywhere on the map yet that has felt like a real place, let alone a place in Mexico. There’s vague allusions to real world places, like Maya ruins or brightly colored houses, but they end up feeling so lifeless and empty. I contrast this with Edinburgh in FH4, which had an excellent sense of place, and then I’m just sad about what could have been.

Also, why is there so little Spanish language music on the soundtrack? As far as I’ve heard, there’s been no reggaeton, no cumbia, and even no rancheros, which seems like the music most associated with Mexico internationally. I get that licensing is expensive, but I can’t imagine any of that would cost more than some of these EDM producers and indie rock bands they got.


I’ve been playing Forza 5 quite a bit over the last two days. I think I prefer Forza 4 just over reasons of national pride as a Brit and I think the seasonal changes were more dramatic but 5 is definitely giving me the same joy as that game.

I’ve been mostly driving jeeps with Jurassic Park colouring and it’s led me to hope that they are making a Jurassic Park DLC. I mean it’s set in Central America so it fits all the biomes. Just let us drive around the island wrangling dinosaurs, being chased by T-rexes, jumping the raptor pen and doing the ‘Nedry Run’ in a torrential storm. They did do that Fast and Furious crossover for Forza 2 so they have that relationship with Universal. That new Jurassic World movie is presumably out next year too. Come on Geoff Keighley make the announcement. If we all believe it might make it real.

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Started playing last night after work. Loved FH4, and I’m happy that this game seems to give me the same good vibes when I see the map and all of the stuff to do. This is a great Podcast game for me.

And, I’ll echo what everyone else in this thread has said regarding the visuals. Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever played a game that looks this pretty. And I’m playing the game on a Series S, so it’s capped at 1440p. I can’t imagine what this game looks like in 4K.

I’ll join the club a little later today. Not much of one for straight multiplayer. But if you see me online (MarMar0326), who knows?


I’ve found the map filters super helpful, otherwise the number of events depicted is overwhelming! I’ve basically got it set to “new” (apart from landmarks like festival sites, houses, etc). This means events I only get one or two stars from disappear from the map and I’ll maybe want to revisit them later, but for now it cleans things up a lot and I can focus on seeing new stuff.

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I’ll just add too that I don’t think we’ve fully seen what the seasonal changes are going to be like in actual usage - I’m super curious about it. We’ve all been on “Spring” so far, as far as I know. They said something prior to release about seasonal changes being distinct to various regions of the map, ie not just “it’s winter so it’s all snow and stuff,” so we’ll see. Curious to see how it turns out.

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