The Fun Drama of F1 Racing and the Bleak Reality of Presidential Races


Wait, what is FORMULA 1 RACING doing on a Waypoint podcast? Well thanks to a slow night for Danielle's EMS work, she fell head-over-heels in love with Netflix's new Drive to Survive series. Listen to Danielle and Natalie get caught up in the drama of tire changes and team budgets in the most lavish motorsport in the world, while Rob tries not to hog the microphone or get everyone to sign up for F1 TV. Meanwhile, the gang has been trying to figure out their exact level of dread for a Biden presidential campaign, with help from Jamelle Bouie's column on "The Trouble with Biden". And oh, there is trouble.

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If you’ve never used one, impact wrenches are as fun and cool to use as they look.


It was so much fun to listen to y’alls be so excited about Formula 1! All the tire fiascos reminded me of that time in 2015 when Williams put the a wrong tire on Bottas’s car and had to have him immediately pit again to fix it, causing him to drop for 4th place to 9th. And on the topic of cute F1 boys, Brendon Hartley (a driver from last year who, sadly, did not retain his seat) has a real skater boy vibe that is quite good.

And hey, thank you for committing to talking about candidates because trying to sift through that on my own has been capital-e Exhausting so this seems a good way for me to keep up with it at least someone without wanting to immediately give up and lay down on the floor.

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There is no Center in a Neoliberal society. It exists to prop up Capitalism and the Liberals, aka the Democrats, will always drift towards the Right because Left policies seek to regulate and limit the Free Market. There are no real Leftist candidates. Bernie has good positions and I support him but to consider him Left would be a disservice to actual Leftists. I miss his fire-spitting talks from the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t know if it was being in congress all those years combined with age that softened him up, but he definitely isn’t as damning of the establishment as he used to be.

I admire that he calls for grass root activism, though. He probably saw that the system wouldn’t reform or dismantle itself so he’s working on compromise to give the working class safety nets so they won’t be crushed before seeing a revolution and give them a piece of mind and time to get involve in activism. He’s simply part of the establishment at this point and, if he wins, will be inheriting all the baggage from the previous administrations. He will continue America’s imperialism and exploitation of the global south, because that’s what capitalism demands. The Left is so fragmented and rife with in-fighting, so it’s going to take a while for any kind of Socialist/Communist revolution to actually gain enough strength and momentum to replace Capitalism

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I too have become pretty excited about the fast racing cars for the first time in my life thanks to Drive to Survive. I think what did it for me is all of the storylines that Drive to Survive presented actually gives me things to be engaged in while keeping up with the races. Red Bull vs. Renault especially seems super juic to keep track of.


It’s cool that everyone at waypoint is, just, getting into all the things i like this week, I fully welcome this future.

F1, to be clear, not Joe Biden


Give us Momcast you cowards!

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Surely there are less environmentally destructive sports to support than one which romanticises the internal combustion engine?


Here is the link to the SHIFT+F1 primer episode for those looking to give F1 a shot


All of this seems to be a lot of f-one.