The fun world of video game/anime/hip-hop/pop music mashup parodies


So one of my nerdier hobbies is curating a playlist of fun YouTube mashups like this surprisingly fitting combination of Kendrick Lamar’s Humble with Pokemon music:

It’s been popularised by SiivaGunner (a parody channel of popular video game soundtrack uploader SilvaGunner) who likes to give real-sounding YouTube titles for video game tracks and use that to lure people into accidentally hearing the song they were looking for mashed up with Gangnam Style. Here’s some great versions of those:

The Wii Shop Channel but it’s actually Hotline Bling:

The Pokemon Gold and Silver Lucky Channel song but it’s actually a mashup of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” in the Pokemon soundfont:

A frighteningly natural sounding mashup of Undertale with Soulja Boy:

(If you’re interested in my YouTube playlist of like 45 of these songs you can find it here.)

I made this thread because I know this music scene has a pretty big fan community and I’d love to hear what other people may have collected. Anyone have some to share?


this chunnibyo x kendrick mashup is a legit banger and i’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

also gerudo valley mashed up with busta rhymes

and of course

and perhaps my favourite pair:


This is the only such mashup I know, but boy I like it. Glass Animals + Yuri on Ice


Anime Guile’s theme

Anime Jackson 5


All good videos so far!

Some of the videos are impressive mega-mashups, this one has about 10 things happening in a single 1:30 minute video: