The future of Stadia isn't looking great

The last 24 hours have seen what feel like two nails in the coffin of Stadia. Jason Schreier detailed the internal struggles at Stadia and then it came out that in addition to shuttering their in-house studio Stadia has also cancelled all it third-party games.

While none of this is terribly surprising given Stadia and Google’s history I am a little sad. It would have been interesting to see what developers could have done when working with a platform that offered some unique constraints and opportunities. How would they have worked around latency? What could they have done with the truly persistent online spaces that can be created when everything is server-side.

I was personally very interested in game streaming. I’m perpetually behind in terms of hardware and don’t really replay games once I’ve finished them so streaming could have been right for me. But everything about Stadia from it’s pricing to the looming threat of shutdown by Google (RIP google reader) made it unappealing. I’m curious what Luna and Xcloud will learn from this debacle.

Also people should stop putting Phil Harrison in charge of console launches. This is the third one he’s fucked up.