The Game Awards Discussion Thread


yea, that too! I mean, it’s confirmed to be Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky’s project, so that’s the Fallout 1/2 heritage established… and Obsidian’s last big budget game was, well, New Vegas.

there’s a lot to be excited about. plenty of reasons for caution as well, of course, but Obsidian have made a shockingly large proportion of my all-time favourite games, and this project - based on what little we know so far, at least - has all the necessary ingredients to become another.


yeah, I think it’s just a matter of timing–Microsoft were never going to find a time to pick Obsidian up where they wouldn’t have some kind of major ongoing project/commitment to honour.

for what it’s worth, though, Take Two won’t be making any sequels without Obsidian–Obsidian own the IP. It’s likely that Take Two have the right of first refusal for any future games, though.


I’ve been hearing this rumour for a couple weeks now, but that tweet is definitely exciting to me.

I’m actually expecting Sephiroth or the dude from Dragon Quest 11 if the Square thing is to be believed.

There’s also been murmurs about Metroid Prime, which could mean a MP4 trailer or an HD remaster of the trilogy.


Smash Bros. DLC could certainly happen but i think a lot of the community is taking it like it’s a sure thing since the game comes out hours after the game awards. but that’s just coincidence.

also knowing that sakurai said they wouldn’t start development of the DLC until the main game was finished. so i doubt in the month or so since that last direct that they’ve managed to get any of those 5 characters to a point where they’d be ready to share it. unless it’s like how they revealed mewtwo in smash 4 where they just showed you a 3D render. but that wouldn’t be the best way to reveal a new character imo.


that sounds interesting but I didn’t really like Wasteland 2. Also since this is about the game awards, both detroit and a way out (where does the poop go) are nominated. I guess forced Co op is an idea but eh…

Vote for Sonic Fox


I think it’s more that it’s perfect timing as the character pass currently has nothing really going for it and Nintendo wouldn’t pass up a huge opportunity to sell people on the character pass the minute they pick up the game. Other fighting games usually will tell you one or two characters before launch and give a few teases (Or else the base will just datamine it like they did Street Fighter V and oh boy people were not happy about that Season 1). Sakurai says a lot of things that are technically accurate but more in the internal timeframe versus what we expect. A CGI/small Gameplay trailer for the first DLC like the current reveals wouldn’t be surprising and full Gameplay/breakdown in a later Nintendo direct.


From various accounts around that acquisition. Pillars 2 did so bad that MS were in an “We have to do this now or else there won’t be an Obsidian” and 2K was also considering the acquisition so they could ship this new game. MS did work out an agreement with Gearbox with We Happy Few and explicitly said “We’re not stealing your game. You’re still the publisher” once MS picked up the IP. I’d imagine it’s the same with 2K, maybe with a rider that it ships day 1 on Xbox Game Pass since MS will be partly footing the bill on it while We Happy Few was available by the time that acquisition wrapped.


Yeah, I hope that’ll be the case. It’ll be really unfortunate if The Outer Worlds turns out well, and sets the stage for a sequel, only for that sequel to get bogged down in rights issues between Microsoft and Take Two.


You better order some extra tzatziki to make that wrap go down easier, because I can’t imagine a world where they port basically every single FF to the Switch except for FFVIII and then throw Squall in there.


yeah they’ll probably do a Nintendo FF game character like Cecil from 4 which I think would be much cooler than one of the Playstation era ones.


I haven’t yet played Farcry 5, despite the potentially interesting pitch it had but most of the talk around it put me off. Having said that, could be cool to play through the same game world now ravaged by a nuclear bomb. Might do the thing that Fallout doesn’t do anymore. If someone made a post apocalypse game in the vein of When The Wind Blows or Threads, but I guess it’s going to have to throw mercenary camps in there somewhere also craftable crossbows apparently…


I see your game, you just want a wrap.


You think we’ll get a new tux from Keighley? The blue with no lapel notches is nice but is it time to change things up?


If they are releaving the first smash DLC character I’d expect only a very short cinematic trailer just to announce who it is, without the gameplay choreography that usually comes with it. I’m limiting my expectations to just a standard issue launch trailer though.

I’m expecting to get excited at a few trailers and spent the actual awards show part of this whole charade groaning or tuning out with World of Final Fantasy. I’m excited for what will likely be the gameplay reveal for the Adam Driver lookin’ guy from Devil May Cry 5. He walks with a cane, so I’m interested to see how that figures into DMC’s action stylings. Also stop hiding that Vergil’s in it, we all know he’s there.


I want a wrap but I also want to dream.


Ok, now I want this announcement to be not just Far Cry 6, but that they are finally merging all their open world games into a single shared universe. The UBIOWSGU.

Obviously, a post-apocalypric Far Cry and The Division slot together easily. Assassin’s Creed can have you searching for Pieces of Eden to try to repair the damage. In Watch Dogs 3 you’re trying to infiltrate some secure government facility only to find out gasp it was all a Bellweather plot!

Meanwhile, the astronomically huge amounts of energy needed to repeatedly teleport human beings between cars, planes and boats in The Crew 2, combined with the dozens of nuclear explosions from the end of FC5, leads to a breakdown of probabalistic quantum physics, causing mountains to achieve sentience and recite bad nature documentary voice-over in Steep.


Jesus man, are you trying to doom us all? That sheer level of “content” crammed into one game is sure to break the space-time continuum!


Maybe it’s a grumpy, hipster, Thursday for me, but I guess this is what happens when you aggregate nominations from too many places? It seems like the same few games over and over again, until you get to the categories that AAA games don’t try to be these days. Hopefully the non-award announcement things are worth the hype.


Yeah I feel similarly. Game of the year seems to mean prestige third person open world action games for the most part. Celeste and Monster Hunter are on there so is at least some stuff I like in the mix. Best Narrative is probably the most egregious one, but all the best Narrative games never had a chance of being nominated anyways.

Between J.J. Macfield, Obra Dinn, Celeste and Tetris there is enough stuff I want to root for to keep me engaged. I think Tetris and Obra Dinn have a good chance of winning something, but I’m worried Celeste isn’t going to get anything except maybe Games for Impact, which would be the worst outcome because I would wind up resenting it for blocking out J.J.


This is kinda corny, but I thought I’d go through some of the nomimees and compare what I think will win and what I’d like to see win.

Game of the Year
What I think: God of War
What I want: Celeste
(I never actually played Celeste, but it would be really fun if it won)

Best Ongoing Game
What I think: Fortnite
What I want: Rainbow Six Siege
(Yeah, Fortnite’s become the biggest game in the world over the past year, but the success story of Siege is just far more interesting to me)

Best Game Direction
What I think: Red Dead Redemption 2
What I want: Ehhhhh… Spider-Man I guess?
(I don’t know, this is tricky. I bet every single nominee had at least one bullshit crunch period)

Best Narrative
What I think: RDR2
What I want: RDR2
(Look, Red Dead’s story can get pretty damn messy, but I love it all the same)

Best Art Direction
What I think: Octopath Traveler
What I want: Return of the Obra Dinn
(I think Octopath’s gonna score big with its retro-square aesthetic, but Obra Dinn, imo, is just so distinctive and stylish)

Best Music
What I think: RDR2
What I want: RDR2
(Again, I haven’t played Celeste, so maybe that score is just incredible, but Daniel Lanois and Woody Jackson’s work just blew my mind

Best Audio Design
What I think: God of War
What I want: Forza Horizon 4
(Let me put it this way: This is the first driving game I’ve ever played where I’ve wanted to hear the engine in addition to my own music)

Best Performance
What I think: Roger Clark
What I want: Roger Clark
(Seriously. Guys, seriously. Seriously.)

Games for Impact
What I think: Uhhhhhh…
What I want: The Missing
(I have no idea what this category means, but GIVE SWERY HIS MOMENT)

Best Mobile Game
What I think: Fortnite
What I want: Donut County
(Again, Fortnite’s the biggest game in the world and possibly the game that legitimizes mobile as a platform, but… Donut County’s the funniest game of the year and an insigtful commentary on gentrification that basically anyone can play)

Best Action Game
What I think: Call of Duty
What I want: Dead Cells
(Call of Duty was really fantastic this year, but I know people really really like Dead Cells and it’d be a cool indie success story)

Best Action Adventure
What I think: RDR2
What I want: RDR2
(I’m pretty confident that GoW takes the big prize and Red Dead takes the more “specific” one, but hey, maybe it’ll be Spidey)

Best Fighting Game
What I think: Dragon Ball Fighter Z
What I want: Soul Calibur 6
(I’m an SC dude through and through, but it’s an impact thing, y’know?)

Best Family Game
What I think: Overcooked 2
What I want: Super Mario Party

Best Sports/Racing Game
What I think: Forza Horizon 4
What I want: Forza Horizon 4
(Soccer is for nerds. Cars forever.)

And that’s all the ones I cared to comment on. Thank you for your time.


The fact that Tetris wasn’t nominated for Sound Design or maybe Score is enough to make me ignore the actual awards section of this event, and just tune in for the ads.


I’m not a big fan of the format of the awards.

The Oscars have their own problems, but the focus on very clearly delineated awards meant to highlight various elements of filmmaking is very good, imo. I think a couple of awards along the lines of “best systems design: Single player” and “Best systems design: Multiplayer” could easily replace all the genre awards, and a dedicated technical achievement award would be nice.

Also, like, tighten up the “Best Narrative” category to “Best Script,” come up with a clear definition for what counts as an Independent Game, and fire “Games For Impact” into the sun.