The Game Awards Discussion Thread


Seriously, is it supposed to mean “game that earned the most ‘woke points’”? I’m very confused by it.


Categories I’m most glued to:
Indie Game of the Year
I* want to win, so Into the Breach.
Who will win? Celeste.

Strategy Game of the Year
I* want to win, so Into the Breach.
Who will win? Battletech.

*I’m going to be entirely too prideful about this game until Justin tells me to stop. Will not listen to Matt if he does.


Every year I crack up at Geoff doing a hosting bit and cutting to an interview of himself as if he was someone else.


Someone should tell whoever is running the pre-show countdown clock that the show has started. They’re already giving awards out and everything.


They sure did make a CHOICE with the “Savage Planet” game


My man had Clay Fighter in his highlight reel.


One of the TOP 50 fighting games of all time, according to science


I can only assume Clay Fighter 63 1/3 got snubbed in the video because it is impossible to take a non-racist screenshot of that game.



I cannot beleive this show


Real talk, I’m glad Steve Spohn got to be in the spotlight. I winced very hard last year when both he and halfcoordinated lost to… Dr. Disrespect. Steve Spohn is doing great work


I feel like I should apologize for Red Dead sweeping. I ruined everything.


I’m glad at least Christopher Judge bothered to inject some Oscar Fashion into this Suit Convention.


Haha real talk NOT TOO HAPPY about the red dead sweep


extremely bold choice to give the Milkshake Duck award to someone who already had a Milkshake Duck moment this year


Roger Clark deserved it and I will fight you



I’m pretty intrigued by The Outer Worlds. The fact that Obsidian is just making their own Fallout is great. Those alien creatures ugly tho.


God, I am so happy they’re making a full-budget game



i actually like a lot of what i’ve seen of red dead 2 but i just am tired of seeing the same super big budget games with white male protags win All the Awards. that’s the business tho i guess


So Obisidian basically looks to be making my dream of Mass Effect: New Vegas with a streak of Futurama happen and I can just warn y’all I will probably never stop playing it