The Game Awards Discussion Thread


Sonicfox won best esports player and God of War may have had some problems, but it kept RDR2 from winning GotY. that’ll do boy, that’ll do. :nail_care:


Since Hitman 2 was not nominated for anything, I really don’t have a dog in this fight. I played and love Celeste, but I’m way too cynical to hope that the Game Award would go to such indie titles. Still, from everything I heard about Red Dead Redemption 2, from the terrible labor practice during development to the way too elaborate control, it would be a disservice to this industry if it had won here.


Seeing that gave me Chaos Legion vibes in a major way. It was one of those middling but cool ps2 era experiments that managed to find a small cult following. There’s a PC version too but it’s not available outside of buying old cd’s.


I was surprised to see someone in giantbomb’s chat be shitty too. I think it was only one person though.

That fucking devil trigger song sure was great. It was like if 4kids needed to make a intro for Hellsing or Witch Hunter Robin.


It’s kind of nuts that there’s a category called “Games For Impact” and it’s not a category exclusively devoted to fighting games.


There is Best Fighting Game category, there is just not the whole ritual of someone going up the stage and take the trophy.


I would fight a war for SonicFox if needed.

As much as I loathe the format, YEET! ItB with the strategy W?
Entire Discord was fairly positive Battletech was taking that one.

(Seriously though, how many awards were done before the show ‘started?’)

Why, if it’s an award show, are awards rattled off like 3-5 a minute, then ads are 95% of the content, for massive games that really don’t even need it. Like - I get that they’ve gotta make money to operate, but I feel like most awards shows are about the awards, not profit? Which this felt like? Unless they’re getting REALLY bad deals on ads, or treating the “world premier” videos (see: ads) as… It’s just… It’s so bad.

Trying to imagine if the Oscars was just a bunch of trailers for the upcoming Marvel and Star wars movie, with a speech from a creator/winner/actor/etc. once every five or so awards.


I stayed up late in the UK to catch the game awards. I was in it mostly for the cringe, which Mr Keighley definitely brought all on his own. Best moment was Sonic Fox but honestly I fell asleep towards the end.

Also is anyone else annoyed at why video gamedom keeps using the word narrative when they just mean story?



Sorry I just started playing the expansion and now I’m even more upset.


damn you’re right this SHOULD have been nominated