The Game Awards Were Much More Entertaining Than Expected

On Monday we made our predictions: At this year's Game Awards, we'd finally see the new Avengers game, we'd get a 15-30 second trailer for a new Dragon Age game with Solas voice over, and we'd probably be more bored than entertained by the proceedings. Were we right? Well... Not exactly, yup, and, shockingly, not at all, in that order.

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I see you out there.


Just clarifying for Austin, Josh Sawyer isn’t on The Outer Worlds in any more than an advisory capacity:

It’s not my favorite moment (that would be SonicFox), but one of the most telling moments was when Ed Boon walked out on onstage to introduce the “Best Sports/Racing Game” award, and the community Twitch went “wait that’s a real category?” – followed 2 seconds later by the MK11 announcement. Oh Ed, you kidder.

… then they came back and announced that category for real.

When your award categories sound like parodies, maybe that’s a bad sign?


And, the winner of this year’s coveted “Most Pixels” award… is…

Gotcha! Thanks much!

The 2Milly lawsuit… man.

On one hand, the history of American popular music (including dance) is absolutely the history of theft from black artists and 2Milly absolutely deserves to get paid for his work.

On the other hand, copyright law exists for the benefit of Disney, and the idea of legal precedent being set where an individual dance move can be copyrighted makes me suck air through my teeth just a little bit.

Chord progressions actually can’t be copyrighted (though lord knows people have tried to pull that shit) and if that precedent was ever set by the courts, it would be pretty devastating for musicians, even if the individual case that set the precedent was morally justified.

Honestly, I don’t know if there is a real solution here that feels good without much broader changes to how the law works.


Funny thing about Nintendo’s trolling style Smash Bros. commercials, the first one didn’t get me. I mean it’s polygonal Ryu vs. polygonal Ken on Switch, which can only be Smash instead of a Street Fighter game. The second one however, did feel like a piece of commercial for Animal Cross until a wild, or underwater Mario was pulled into the scene.

As for Joker, aka the playable protagonist of Persona 5, coming to the game as DLC, I would not get my hope for a Person 5 Switch port too hope. I mean think about Solid Snake and Cloud Strife. The former’s outings on Nintendo platforms were MGS: Ghost Babel on Game Boy Color and Twin Snake on Game Cube, both years before the character appeared on Brawl, a Wii game, with his MGS2 look. And yet no Solid Snake outing on Nintendo platform ever again(Snake Eater stars Big Boss, thus its 3DS port does not count.). The latter came to For Wii U and For 3DS almost half a decade ago, and I doubt Square Enix putting FF7 up on Switch has anything to do with it. They probably just woke up one day and decided “Time to charge them lot of FF7 along with other older Final Fantasy games again.”

natalie’s winding story about dragon age had me laugh-crying so hard that I woke up my partner. the breadcrumbs, I eat them up.


I was, and if there were more releases, would still be, big into Dragon Age and I want to scream corrections about all the stuff they got wrong about the lore in that DAI spoiler section.

That damn egg made my kickass elfquisitor look the fool, he TOOK. HER. FUCKING. ARM. and he killed cool dragon Kate Mulgrew. I’m gonna murder him in this game that won’t realize because life on Earth will die first.

Still the last days of the planet, I will wander the wasteland to find Alexis Kennedy and have him spill what that game was going to be about.

Where’s our Dragon Age thread? I still wanna complain.

Also because after Bioware’s official forums shuttered, and the ongoing great Tumblr exodus, there is like no Bioware community right now.

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My understanding from what I’ve read on other sites is that the precedent that dance moves cannot be copyrighted is pretty firm.

Apparently this is about the way Epic create their emotes- do they create them manually with the video as inspiration, or do they trace them frame by frame from a copyrighted piece of work (a music video). It’s the same idea that you can’t make a photorralistic sketch of a photo as a way to get around the copyright of the original - in this case being the music video, not the dance act itself

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Hey, if you wanna make a general Dragon Age thread, I’d be down. It’d be a good place to post about my billionth attempt to beat Inquisition

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This is actually something that’s been disputed thanks to the likes of the legend Martha Graham and… [unfortunately] Toni Basil. You can copyright and trademark dance movements, but they have to be established as “choreography.” So dances moves typically aren’t seen as copyright-able, but they are treated as a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, those cases take FOR-EV-ER to argue.

Hello Waypointers, first time long time.

I heard the pod and decided to add a bit more context to the SonicFox [almost?] humble brag. It’s always been a noted thing in several fighting game communities that when compared to other competitive game genre’s [FPS/Battle Royale/MMOs] that fighting game players and tournaments – for decades, made less money.

SonicFox is a trailblazer for a lot of reasons, but one that gets overlooked is that he’s one of few established players that can afford to financially help others. An unfortunate rarity.


The way Austin’s Ashen talk started had me very worried for a while, so it was a releif to hear that it’s apparantly That Good Shit. Completely sold me on it, very excited for when it finishes installing.

I’m still listening to the podcast, but, I’ll be honest, I tuned out of The Game Awards after Red Dead won Best Music because a) it was like 2:30AM or something for me (hosting an awards show in the wee hours in Europe time is a lil rude!), and b) I was just so tired of seeing Red Dead sweep awards. I think watching the full thing would have left me higher on it, but literally the only thing I enjoyed in my time watching was seeing Lena Raine on the stage playing keyboard.

I would really like them to look at how these are structured to make the churn factor of the sweeping recent release a little less boring to sit through.


Natalie’s passion has inspired me to finally try Dragon Age: Inquisition, after having bought it on sale forever ago.

Do I need to play other DA games first?

Not really? You won’t get some references, but then again, the primary antagonist of the main game was introduced in Dragon Age 2 DLC that virtually no one played.

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I just got to the end of the podcast and :pray:



You may want to read up on some of the lore and the companions of the first two games but that’s it, really.

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