The Gamers Who Regularly Stream to No One

Alex has been streaming for an average of six viewers for nearly three years. Alex, who goes by cobaltgear on Twitch, has been streaming mostly pre-2010 games from his California home since 2017. 

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Feeling very seen as a small time (and hobbyist) streamer who hits between 1 and 5 viewers per stream, it can be a little demoralising but it’s very chill when you have a couple of active and regular viewers.
To me it’s not a huge deal because it’s something I do for fun in between other hobbies of art, gaming and hobby gamedev, but I can imagine people who want to make it big as Streamers not growing their audience and giving up as a result.

Streaming, like art or any creative outing can be tough to reach out with, the biggest streamers out there in some way probably stumbled into a huge audience because they latched into a game that suddenly blew up (like fortnite).
Anyway big ups to these folks for keeping at it, it’s cool to have a small and dedicated audience!


To me this is the reason I find the idea of streaming on Discord more appealing. If you have a decently sized server of people with common interests it’s easier to start streaming and have people join in to watch who will interact with you.

I think some of my favorite streams have just been hopping in and watching people work in Blender and while there’s only 6 or so people who join it’s just people trading tips back and forth while someone worked on some model.