The Games I Remembered From 2021

When I initially sat down to write this list, I was almost certain I hadn’t played 10 games this year. My personal gaming time had shifted significantly to be a social endeavor whenever possible, so it felt like I had barely played anything else in 2021. This wasn’t helped by the fact that on a good day, I have a fair amount of trouble keeping track of time. This has been true for most of my life, but this year exacerbated that particular trait to an extreme degree. The monotony of daily life during a pandemic made the days blend together into a particularly smooth slurry of hours at my desk, swapping between a work computer and my personal computer, living life mostly within the “cozy” square footage of my apartment.

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Very neat way of presenting your games of the year Cado! I definitely feel that weird time warp these past few years and have taken to writing down the games I’ve played in a notes app. I still can’t believe I put so much time into Pokémon Unite either!