'The Gardens Between' Is a Deeply Chill Puzzler That Won't Break Your Brain

Over the past week, in-between Sunday football games and my daughter watching cartoons, I’ve picked away at The Gardens Between, a delightful puzzler where time moves forward when you walk forward, and backwards when you—well, you get the idea. It’s a simple concept executed well, with solutions to everything staring you (maddeningly!) right in the face.

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I really support people giving a chance to this game, it’s got this kind of child-like feel to it that’s hard to describe. The puzzles are generally low-stakes but the feeling of completing them is really wholesome, and the connection between the two main characters, while free of dialogue, feels so genuine. I’m amazed by how well they’re characterized by just their mechanics and play and their silent motions towards each other. It captures this spirit of intense childhood friendship that I really admire

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