The Ghoul Gauntlet: A TF2 Halloween Tournament

Hey everyone! I’m proud to announce a new event happening this October!

The Ghoul Gauntlet, A TF2 tournament with a twist. We play competitive formats, but on Halloween maps. That means there will be ghosts, skeletons, and boss fights that will be factored into each match.

Below we have a survey that will help us gauge interest, as well as help us tailor the rules and the map pool. This includes what formats people want to play, what kind of hazards, and more. We will be taking surveys until July 30. After that we will announce the rules and open team registration. So stay tuned for more info!

UPDATE 07/22/19:
Happy to announce that after going over the survey, this tournament will be a No Restriction Sixes Tournament. That’s 6v6 with no class limitations or weapon bans.
Team registration is now open until September 20th. So get your team and apply today!


Next to each option is a wiki article if you’re not sure what something means or not familiar with a mechanic. Except for No Restriction Sixes.

No Restriction Sixes (also called MM6s) is a new format created by the RGL. It’s 6v6 but there are not class limitations or weapons bans. And it can be played on a wide variety of game modes.

Later down the road, there will be PUGs to test out formats and maps. If you would like to participate in those, come join the Discord and get the TF2 role. Again, we’ll have more info in the future so stay tuned!

Were these meant to be single options only? I would’ve picked multiple formats if I could.

Also I picked highlander (9v9), though I know that has a huge numbers demand. If we were to pick that, would people be up for using some bots or anything? I don’t remember how good or bad TF2’s bots are so I’m not sure if that’d be a good time.

Yes, these were supposed to be single options on the survey. If there is a demand for multiple comp formats, we’ll definitely take it into consideration, but for now, we’re sticking with one. This is due to the amount of resources we have available right now.

As far as bots go, we can’t use them for this tournament. Even on official Valve maps, bots are not programmed to respond to the hazards. During some boss fights, both teams can’t do damage to each other. This is meant to encourage folks to focus on the boss. Bots are only programmed to shoot at the other team. During a test run for Ghost Fortress, the bots would just ignore the boss and fire at each other, despite the fact that they coudn’t do any damage to them. It caused the match on some maps to play out much longer than usual.

Ah sorry to be clear I meant for like 1st and 2nd preference reasons, but I can see why you’d want to make it clear that we’ll only be doing one style. Thanks for organising this!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update. After some testing, we have decided to remove 4v4 from the survey.

The reason for this is because eight players isn’t enough to do damage to the boss. Monoculus and Merasmus have a lot of health and players only have two minutes to defeat them. When these bosses spawn, a cease fire is called and the timer will stop on king of the hill maps. This means that the bosses are effectively pausing the game for two minutes because they simply can’t be killed by eight players.

In fact some maps will not spawn the boss until 10 players are on the server and assigned to teams. So because of this, we have removed 4v4 from the survey.


This sounds like a ton of fun! Can’t wait to participate


yay!! if anyone wants to play some low stress games to get back in the swing of it, there’s a fair number of folks on the Waypoint discord who play it regularly, along with the Fortress Friday event video_gh0st hosts every Friday.


Team registration is now open!

We are also looking into doing some Highlander action since the votes were so close. So if people are interested, please let us know and we’ll add some HL matches along with the MM6’s format tourney.

Time and date? Don’t want to commit if it turns out I can’t make it :sweat_smile:

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Depending on the number of teams that enter, we’re looking at doing matches every Friday and Saturday in October, with the grand finals happening on the 25th or 26th. This is due to resources and time that we can dedicate. Doing it all in one go would take several hours.


what time will the matches be? ive got two prospective team members who are in high school and want to know if school will conflict with the tournment schedule

We’re looking at late afternoons and evening, 5:30pm CT or later. There should be more wiggle room on Saturday and Sundays though. So if you needed to reschedule a match, you can let us and the other team know what time would work for you and we can go from there.

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Hello everyone. We need to talk about a few things that happened during last night’s Fortress Friday stream. It has come to our attention that a racist spray was used during the event. The spray had a racial slur written in another language. This is a bannable offense as it’s unacceptable and goes against our rules and goals. We ask that everyone who participates in Waypoint Community events to read our rules going forward. We are taking the necessary action to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And going forward we will take action, including disqualifying teams from the Ghoul Gauntlet, and/or removing them from our community spaces if a person has violated our rules and goals.

Fortress Friday and other Waypoint Community events, are meant to be fun and casual for all skill levels. In order to keep it fun and even for all, the server will automatically assign you to a team every map. Given the specifics of the slur we encountered we would also like to ask for folks to keep it english only in the in-game chat and on Twitch.

Finally, Fortress Friday will be making a brief hiatus after August 9th. I’m starting a new job next week and will be busy settling into a new schedule. We’ll have more details later when Fortress Friday will make a return, but we’re looking into more community events in the future.