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Favorite Characters

The GILMs are alive with the sound of accordions and CRIMES…

What characters connected with you this year? Which casts brought you into their world and propelled you through the story? Who were the NPCs that you were always eager to return to, just to learn more about them? Maybe you resonated more with a character because they felt like a closer representation of you, or maybe you simply liked their design.

Whatever the reason, characters give us something to latch onto in the virtual spaces we play in, whether they are there with us or have simply left behind their footprints. Here you can nominate the games that included the characters you liked the most this year. It could be a single character that stood out to you or a whole cast, the question is purely which game featured your favourite.

We’re giving the floor to you now! Make your cases, listen to each other’s arguments and be sure to bold the title of your nomination. Alright, gang–we’ll see you in the voting round!


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Pyre: the Nightwings
The thing that pushes people through the game even if they’re not into the sport. Exploring this world and hanging around with these characters is maybe the most important part of it, with the Liberation mechanic causing you to agonize over who you want to reward, at the cost of possibly never seeing them again.

And that dog has a mustache.


Night in the Woods

But seriously, I don’t think any other game this year can really compete with the how real these characters are. The dialog is phenomenal and so true to how people actually talk to each other. I was/am Mae, I know people that ARE Gregg and Angus and every other person in this game. They aren’t just NPCs, these are people.


The Nightwings as a group were amazing, I would also nominate from Pyre, Oralech, the game’s villain who (not really a spoiler) turns out to be more nuanced than that.

His writing was incredible, really brought to life a character that could have been a total paper cutout. Specifically, there’s a moment when it is revealed that he was a doctor before he was sent to the downside, and it was him who acted as the former Nightwing’s combat medic. He asks specifically if Ti’zo’s horn is healing, implying that he was the one who helped patch it up.

Not only are his scary moments great, but his moments of sympathy are written incredibly. My personal standout from the game by far.


Pascal from NieR Automata
A constant thread throughout the story of Nier:Automata. I always wanted to learn more about Pascal and the village. Some of the late game events that Pascal was involved with are still haunting me months later.


We should note! For favorite characters you’re nominating the game , not specific characters or groups of characters.

We did this so you can talk about either a single character or a group of characters or maybe the whole cast without having to choose.

Feel free to talk about all the characters you love! But your nomination is going towards the game and not one single character or cast of characters.


I’ll nominate Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Much of what I love about the MachineGames Wolfenstein series comes down to the characterisation. It’s the most human B.J Blazkowicz has ever felt, and he’s certainly not the only member of the cast that shines. The New Colossus in particular is full of new and returning characters that I loved every minute of when they’d appear on screen. Whether it was Super Spesh ranting about conspiracies, the introduction of Grace, or the brief moments of respite Anya and B.J got to spend together. Some of the strongest character moments aren’t even in the cutscenes but in the small hub area that acts as downtime between missions, or in the little collectable materials you can find throughout the game. They rarely ever felt like throwaway pieces of characterisation and instead gave me more meaningful insight into the cast and the world.

The moments in the cutscenes or when you’re exploring the hub area were almost so good that I’d be disappointed whenever I was returned to playing a shooter campaign. The brevity at which The New Colossus was trying to reach its conclusion meant that there were a few threads that never got the time they deserved, and some omissions like the lack of any decent commentary on the lives of indigenous folks (especially given America’s relationship with them) are disappointing. I’m hopeful MachineGames will get the opportunity to address some of those threads when they close out the series, and I’m ultimately really looking forward to more of the strong characterisation that I’ve come to love the series for.

Oh and the game also did a pretty good job of making want to shoot a whole lot of nazis.


Goro Majima from Yakuza 0.

Maybe not the most consistent character, but he has a fantastic arc and is super entertaining at all times. In a game full of larger than life characters he stands out as the best, often overshadowing the main character of the series.


Nomination: Persona 5

If your looking for best characters in a game Persona 5 is the one to look at. You got the goth doctor who is happy to experiment on you while questioning if she is welcome to help others, Futaba the hacker who struggle to find a place in society while try to forgive herself for the wrong doing she felt she did in the past. Makoto, a journey of a strong woman, Yusuke, the struggling artiest, and the Bernie Sanders of the game Toranosuke Yoshida who does his best to put the people of Japan first while trying to move past his wrong doing in politics.


The only real issue I have with Majima in 0 is that his transition from how he is in this game to the rest of the series barely tracks. They pay some lip service to trying to smooth it over, but him wearing his signature jacket and haircut at the end of 0 feels super wrong, even though for fans of the series it’s him finally becoming who he’s been for like 15 years. But that’s more or less irrelevant to this one game, where he’s incredible for 98% of it.


Nier: Automata

All the characters in this game are great, from the main androids to the robots to even the operators. I can’t think of another game that has made me feel for fictional people as much as Automata has.


My nomination is going for Night in the Woods.

I love these characters so much. It’s been awhile so i might not be able to articulate as well as others. But they are so well written and i just went out of my way to find every opportunity to see more dialogue to help flesh out even the minor characters.

Also MaeBea do CRIMES


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus had some of the most uncomfortable, most heartbreaking, most heartwarming, and most hilarious characters of any game this year. It didn’t offer me the same personal resonance as NieR and it didn’t always hit the charm of Zelda, Pyre, or even Persona, but I’ll be damned if BJ’s monologues up through his major personal revelations halfway through the game weren’t the most haunting, humanizing words I’ve ever encountered in first-person shooter, let alone from someone who by all rights wouldn’t look out of place in the generic cesspool of “buff, white, straight male protagonists” that plague the industry.

Oh, also, it’s the only AAA game I can think of in recent memory that has an explicitly diverse cast on just about every axis that doesn’t seriously fumble on it. I can’t wait to read more takes on how these characters were written/performed and continue educating myself on the topic, but this commitment to diversity alone is reason enough for me to throw all my support behind this nomination.


To me the end of 0 read as the START of Majima becoming what he’s known for, the moment he decides to change. He isn’t quite there yet, not even when he encounters Makoto again. But he’s made the decision to change who he is and has begun the journey towards that.


Butterfly Soup takes some of the most recognizable, familiar high school archetypes–the quiet kid, the class clown, the delinquent, the nerd–and imbues them with an emotional and practical specificity that feels utterly real.
For more info: A Game About Queer Girls Who Love Baseball and Each Other


Nomination: Yakuza 0
Majima gets a strong arc to the point of feeling like the real protagonist, but Kiryu also has so many small moments and wonderful reactions as well. Yakuza in general has a really likable cast but 0 is them at their best.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ incredible moments and sequences only have as much emotional impact as they do because of the cast of characters. Thanks to the top-notch writing and voice acting and the scenes that play out when you visit your comrades in the hub world, these become a crew of people you care deeply about. BJ as the protagonist has a unique relationship with each one, but even more touching is seeing how they all interact and joke around with eachother on a regular basis.


Thirding Pyre, and nominating Jodariel Sandra specifically.

I’m gay and angry. There ya go!


Nomination: characters named Makoto… wait, that’s not what we’re doing?

Holistically I would lean Persona 5.

The social link characters are all probably as good as they’ve ever been as a whole, the antagonists are adequately antagonistic (they still reach caricature status, but that’s something I’m willing to allow in a series built on some sort of pseudo-Jungian themes), and while I know some people wax and wane on some of the main cast, I think overall it’s the best group this style of Persona (3, 4, or 5) has had–although I played the game in Japanese, and I’m willing to bet that helped a bit. Could have used a Kanji-type, and the writing failed to integrate Haru in a way that seemed natural, but I liked enough of what was there. The twins are no Elizabeth or Margaret, but eh.

Wolfenstein is obviously there as well, but for as awesome as Super Spesh (best new character) and Grace are, most of the rest aren’t from 2017.


Tales of Berseria is the best Tales game, and one of the best JRPGs I’ve ever played, largely on the strength of its cast. Sure, they’re all basically anime stock characters, but they’re extremely well done. Unlike most party-based games, it genuinely makes sense that all these characters are working together, rather than just being dragged along in the wake of the main character; rather than just being a band of misfits, they’re a collection of people who start out working together to advance their own goals and end up being genuine friends who care about each other and I am a definite sucker for all of that.
i also enjoy that Velvet and Eleanor are definitely married and Phi is their son and this is 10000% canon, sorry, i don’t make the rules i just enforce them